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Canucks game tonight

Tonight BF and I are going to the Canucks/Habs game. I’m beginning to think that I’m Vancouver’s lucky charm, because over the last few years I’ve probably seen 9 or 10 games, and the Canucks have won all of them. Not cool. And even though my Flames beat up on the Habs last night, I’m still going to pull on my Montreal shirt tonight.

I’m also really loving the Calgary retro jerseys that they’re wearing this year. Almost enough to buy one sometime before we go to Calgary in January. It will probably cost me about $150 if I buy it online, but my sister is friends with someone who works for a sports store and can probably get me a good deal. I think she paid $75 for the last jersey she bought.

3 bad movies in a row

In the past week, I’ve watched Observe & Report, Adventureland, and last night I went with a friend to see The Informant (I had a coupon, so at least I didn’t have to pay for it). All of them? Epic fails. All three of them were just awful, but in their own unique ways.

Observe & Report – Oh, Seth Rogan. You really shouldn’t be in a dark comedy. I thought this movie would be at least a little bit funny, but it was just kind of sad.

Adventureland – Kristen Stewart seriously needs to be less emo. And who does Jesse Eisenberg think he is, Michael Cera? Plus, the only saving grace – Ryan Reynolds – was looking seriously haggered and not good looking at all. The only funny part of the movie was looking at all of the ridiculous outfits from the 80′s.

The Informant – It’s just Matt Damon looking like a pudgy middle aged guy. Great acting, boring movie.

Seeing friends this week

Tomorrow I’m going out for lunch with a friend. She’s moving from Vancouver to Alberta. It’s sad – I really like her, and it was so fabulous when she finally moved to Vancouver from my hometown. But, BF> and I will be out in Alberta in January, so we’ll see each other then. I’m not sure where we’ll be going for lunch, but I’m going to budget about $15.

Then Wednesday evening, I’m going for a dinner and a movie with a few girls from my old job. I think I still have a free movie coupon (score!), but I’m going to have to find it first. I’m budgeting $15 for dinner.

I’m already over my monthly food budget, but since I’m not contributing to my Travel Fund as of right now, I have more money to play with for September. Starting in October, I’m going to re-start contributing to the Travel Fund. Whether I use it for travel, or for a down payment, or for whatever, I still need to keep up with my savings plan.

Autumn is officially here

Last week still felt like summer, but it’s definitely feeling like autumn today – my favourite season. :) Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, and spring is too rainy. I love wearing scarves, taking my coats out of storage, pulling my boots out from under the bed, a nice cup of tea, and cuddling up in bed with lots of blankets and pillows. Plus, autumn always smells so good.

Weekend highlights included:

  • Going for a 40 min. stroll for Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes – went non-fat, but couldn’t resist the whipping cream.
  • Playing Wii Sports Resort and kicking BF’s ass in sword fighting.
  • Playing card games. Our favourite is golf.
  • Watching Biggest Loser: Couples. What!? I like that show. :)
  • Chinese buffet ($30) at one of our favourite restaurants. On our way to Starbucks, we noticed a Mongolian Grill restaurant – all-you-can-eat for $12 dinner, or $6.50 lunch! If it’s at all like my favourite restaurant, Mongolie Grill, then I’m totally in. We’re going to try it next weekend.
  • Getting two double Wii workouts in.

Planning a trip to Calgary

Last night was the Canucks/Flames hockey game. It was a great game, although the 3 best players on the Flames weren’t playing, so that was kind of a bummer. We ended up losing 4-5 in a shoot-out, after being down 0-3. I’m happy with that effort. It’s just pre-season, after all.

Speaking of Calgary, it looks like we’re going out there in January to visit BF’s family. It’ll take 3 vacation days because the Flames game we want to go to is on a Wednesday, so we’d just stay Wed-Sun. I anticipate our flights will be about $400-450 each, and tickets to the game will probably run $200 each. We are able to stay with BF’s family, so we won’t have to worry about accommodation. I’m sure we’ll do some dining out, and other things to keep us entertained. I don’t have an exact budget as of right now, but I would think the entire trip will cost about $800-900.

I use an American Express card as my main credit card because I get 1.25% back to go towards travel. Right now I have about $300 that I could put towards the flight out there. Or I could just keep on saving them for a more expensive trip.

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