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Maxing out the EF

Well, I decided to max out my EF by taking the money out of my Condo Down Payment Fund.

My original EF goal was $3k. I’ve upped it to $5k, but I’m just going to set it up to automatically transfer $50 bi-weekly into the EF. $3k right now is enough for 4 months worth of expenses if I suddenly lose my job or something – and if things got really really tough, I could either move home for a while, or with BF. $3k makes me comfortable, so I’m content to just slowly and steadily build up the EF to $5k.

Also, I should hit my 2008 Retirement Portfolio goal in 2 months … so right now I’m turning my attention to my Condo Fund, and my Travel Fund.

Paying full price for orthotics

UGGG. I just found out that my orthotics that I got made up yesterday will not be eligible for coverage under my extended health plan. This is awful news.

The woman at the chiropractor’s office said that they cannot issue a confirmation letter until the orthotics are delivered to me (in 2 or 3 weeks), and apparently I need that letter in order to submit it to my health plan. My extended health coverage ends on Friday. This Friday.

I’m still going to submit the receipt and see if I can claim it, but chances are it’ll be rejected.

These orthotics are $350. $200 was supposed to be covered, but now I’ll have to pay the entire thing. It’s still worth it, because I’m completely flat-footed and I need new orthotics (my old ones are 8 years old and completely pounded flat) … but still, having to pay for the entire cost definitely hurts.

And that’s why I’m glad I have my trusty EF available.

Should I set up a Health Fund?

After work today, I went to the chiropractor, and he said that my neck, back and shoulders seemed SUPER tense. I know that I should keep going to the chiropractor, but it’s $40 for each visit, which is more than I can really afford once I stop having extended health coverage. However, you can’t really put a price tag on your health … so perhaps I will have to continue with the sessions. They do seem to be helping.

Plus, I have about 60 hours of vacation payout coming my way, so perhaps I should start some sort of “Health Fund” and auto-deposit money into that account every pay cheque. It would help to pay for prescriptions, dentist visits, chiropractor appointments, or maybe even one or two massages per year – and besides the car accident I was in 2 years ago, I’ve never seen a massage therapist before.

I was thinking of saving $100 bi-weekly into this “Health Fund,” but perhaps I could just dump all that money into my EF and keep it all under one big EF-umbrella. It would certainly make things a little more simple in terms of keeping track of all my savings accounts. But, is a massage appointment really considered an “emergency”? It’s a tough call.

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