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A question to any freelancers out there …

Just a thought … should I be declaring my freelance income on my EI claim?

I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I’ll be claiming any money I make through my design business as income when I file my taxes in the spring.

The non-profit, the couch, and the EI

So that position with the non-profit in Calgary? After talking with them again today, I’m definitely not going to take the position. The guy interviewing me (who would be my boss) is kind of a flake, and I would probably go crazy working under someone like that. It’s too bad, but it’s probably for the best.

A friend from college asked me if I wanted to buy her couch. She’s moving at the end of the week and needs to unload it. My couch has been broken (and unusable) for the past 3 months, and I just couldn’t afford to buy a new one. She was asking $300 for her couch (she bought it for $500 not too long ago), but I told her the most I would pay for it would be $150. I told her now is not exactly the greatest time for me to be buying furniture, what with me being unemployed and all … but it’s kind of been a pain to sit on the floor or prop myself up with pillows in order to avoid the huge dip in my couch. And I wouldn’t be able to buy a nice couch like that for $150 anywhere else. So if she can’t find anyone else, she’ll sell it to me.

In money news, I applied for EI online yesterday … and all I need to do is send in my record of employment so they can start processing my application. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I get a job soon, but it’s nice to know I will have some form of steady income coming in. Although I feel a little guilty because most of that money I can save … while most people who go on EI absolutely NEED that money to survive. And here I am buying a couch.

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