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Week 9 without an EI payment

So my EI? I still haven’t gotten a payment yet. I know, I know, you all said that it would take forever … but this is the 9th week, and while I don’t need the money, it’d be nice to get paid for what I’m entitled to.

It’s so frustrating, and it seems nothing gets done unless I call them. I filed my claim on November 18th, and my file sat there until January 3rd when I called, and the CSR noted that all my paperwork was complete, and sent my file to the appropriate person. And today when I called, nothing had been done since then. The CSR this time said that she’d send my file forward to adjudication, where they’d make a final decision on my case by tomorrow. But if I haven’t heard from them by tomorrow, then I’d have to call in on Wednesday. ARGGH!

If my case is approved (which I don’t see why it shouldn’t be), I would be entitled to 9 weeks of pay, which would be deposited into my bank account within 48 hours. The maximum payment a person can receive is $435/week, so I would be looking at a deposit of around $3,915 before tax (also, less the amount I earned through my PT job – which was definitely under $600). That would certainly be nice.

And on my next EI report, I will have to inform them that I am now working a full-time position. Hopefully by then, I will have received my payout. But who knows.

My fingers are crossed.

My growing frustration with EI

I’m frustrated with Employment Services. I logged onto their website to check the status of my claim, and it says that they haven’t received my Record of Employment yet … but I faxed all of that off to them on December 17th … and I’ve been trying to get ahold of someone (anyone) all day on the phone, but all I keep getting is “our call volume is too high, please try again later,” and then it disconnects. I don’t even get to wait on hold!


WHAT THE HECK! I finally got through, and I told them that I had all my paperwork in … and he also noted that all my paperwork was attached to my account – but he couldn’t explain why nothing has happened to my claim for almost 3 weeks!!! He said he sent a note off to the office that has my claim, and I should be deemed eligible for EI in about 3 more weeks! Come on! He said I should call back around the 24th to see if everything went through, and if it has, then I will get a retroactive payout, less the first 2 weeks I was unemployed. So I should get some $ from December 1st ongoing.

So from the day I filed my claim (November 18th), it will be more than 2 months before I get a deposit into my bank account. That is a lot longer than originally anticipated. Luckily I made it a priority to fully fund the EF this year, otherwise I would be one hurting gal!

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for all of your input about claiming the freelance income in my EI claim. I wasn’t trying to “get away” with anything. My intention wasn’t to try and scam the system – I honestly had no idea if I had to claim my freelancing since it isn’t a steady source of income.

Now I know that I have to claim it! :)

It’s kind of sad that the amount of money I’m bringing in this year with my freelancing won’t put me in the black compared to the amount of $$ I spent on my business (mostly that new iMac computer) … it’s better than bringing in ZERO dollars last year, and hopefully I’ll see a better result in 2008. Although to be fair, I never really promoted my services this year since I was already working a lot.

I have an interview this morning for a position in Edmonton. This would be an amazing opportunity to work with a pretty huge company on the international scene. It would definitely provide me with a lot of room for growth, and great experience. It’s in Edmonton though, so we’ll see.

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