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EI overpayment

Urrrggg. So apparently when I was on EI (way back in late 2007), I was paid out for an extra week. The letter went to my parents home back in September (I was living in their basement suite when I was on EI), so I didn’t actually get the letter until 2 weekends ago when I went to visit. I checked back in my paperwork, and yup. They’re right. I did get paid out for an extra week. But it was so long ago that when I moved to Vancouver, I didn’t even think to update my EI account with my new address.

Now I owe $426 plus some sort of $212 penalty for not paying that amount in a timely fashion after I was issued the letter in September (30 days). I called in, and they told me I should write a letter and dispute the penalty amount – because I didn’t actually get the letter until not too long ago – and I called in right away to inquire about it anyway.

So, I paid the $426 today and will be writing in a letter to see if I can get the $212 removed from my account. If not, I’ll have to pay for that too. I wonder if that was my paperwork error or theirs, but I guess it doesn’t matter now, since it wasn’t my money to begin with.

Time to get up-to-date with my finances

I filed my very last EI work report yesterday, as I am now working a full-time job. In retrospect, I should have waited to file it until after my payout gets deposited in my bank account, just in case by some weird chance, this has screwed up the system. There’s nothing I would hate more than to have to try and get my money from them again.

This weekend I bought new glasses. They were a little more expensive than I had anticipated spending, but I really like them and I’m going to make sure that I don’t lose them. I ended up paying about $289 for them, after a $100 off promotion at the store. Yes, it’s a lot of money to pay, especially when they could be covered in 3 months by my medical … but I needed glasses now (legally not allowed to drive without them). Plus, I justified the more expensive frames by telling myself that I’m getting a large tax refund, and I’m getting my EI payout … which I know isn’t really a good enough reason, but what’s done is done and I have new glasses that I love.

This evening I’m going to sit down and get my finances up to date and in order. I got the last of my paperwork from my old place on the island, so a few hours should get me all up to speed. I’m nervous to really see how much money I have, but I’m also excited because then I can move forward and figure out where I need to be. And that means updating the sidebar totals. So by tomorrow, you should see an accurate picture of where I really stand, money wise.

Dear Employment Services: thank you. finally.

OMG, I just checked Employment Services online, and I’M GETTING PAID OUT FOR MY EI!!! I can’t believe it! Finally, 10.5 weeks later, I’m getting a grand total of $2,681 deposited into my bank account on Monday. That’s amazing.

I have some charges to pay off on my credit card from the past few weeks due to the move to Vancouver, but the rest of it is going straight back into the EF. I would imagine I’d be back around the $2k mark with the EF after it’s all said and done. Right now I’m down to around $200 (which is pretty darn scary to know that I’ve basically used up my entire EF) b/c I had to pay a $300 deposit & $600 for my 1st month of rent.

I know, I should really update the sidebars. I just haven’t had time to sit down for a few hours and really dig through my finances and get them up-to-date. This weekend is a no-go because BF and I are going back to the island. I’m thinking next week I’ll be able to get it done. I’ll have to block off a few hours after work one evening, and get my hands dirty. I really need to get this done, because I’m starting to hide from my finances again.

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