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What if I don’t get approved for EI?

So as for my severance pay, I have about $2,000 to work with. I have $400 of that earmarked for the stove that we just bought. Other than that, it looks like I have $1,600 to live off of while all this EI stuff gets sorted out. $1,600 will last me 1 month of my normal budget, so I’m thinking that in unemployment-mode, it should last 6 weeks? Hopefully by then I will be receiving regular EI payments.

If for some reason I don’t get EI payments, my contingency plan is to get a normal job somewhere. Like in a grocery store or retail or something along those lines. I do have my Emergency Fund that I could live off of, but is it really a true emergency if I’m able to work? I think what I would do is take a part-time job somewhere, then draw small amounts out of my EF. That way I would still have time to search for jobs and go on interviews.

Running & my EI Claim

So today I ran 5km in 26:32, which gives me an average pace of 5:16 per km. It’s not a great time, but it’s where I was expecting to be at based on my laziness and crappy fitness level right now. My goal by the end of the summer is to run a 10km in less than 45 min. Which really should be doable, since I used to run a sub-40 min. 10km back in the day.

I’m thinking of buying a gym punch card to the local recreation centre. I know I shouldn’t be spending the money (it’s about $45 for a 10x pass or $50/month), but it would really be nice to get out of the house. And it’ll be just until I find a job (fingers crossed that won’t be too long). Plus, I like running in a controlled environment for now. Especially when I start running in my VFFs. We’ll see. Maybe I just need to kick myself in the butt harder and really focus myself to workout at home. It worked when I had a job, but I was also out of the house every single day.

I’ve also filled out the necessary paperwork for my EI claim and have gotten instructions mailed to me. Although, it says on the website that just because I’ve received the instructions in the mail, it doesn’t mean I’m eligible for EI. Not really sure when I know if I’m eligible? I seriously think they purposely make it confusing and annoying to apply for EI. The website doesn’t make sense at all. But, it looks like based on my claim information, I’d be eligible for up to 45 weeks of EI at a rate of $457 per week – which is the maximum allowed. I’m going to give Employment Services a call tomorrow sometime to find out if I’m eligible and when I can start my claim (I have 2 conflicting dates on my instructions that were mailed to me, and on the website).

The first day of unemployment

The last time I was unemployed, I came home and applied for every single marketing & communications job I could find on the internet, in some sort of blind rage. Which resulted in about a bazillion interviews and turning down a lot of crappy, low paying job offers. It was super stressful but at least everybody it seemed was hiring. I ended up taking a job with a non-profit organization in Vancouver. It was a good job in terms of networking, but it really wasn’t the right fit for me. I just wanted a job that would look good on my resume, and would be a good starting point while moving to a new city. So I took it. And I’m glad that I did because I made a lot of good industry contacts, and I made 2 or 3 friends there that I still hang out with.

This time? It’s totally different. I’m less stressed out. Yup, it totally sucks getting fired. But I believe in myself. I’m living with BF, and I have minimal expenses (aside from car and cell phone everything is variable). I can easily live off of EI benefits while I look for a job that suits me. I just won’t be able to save any money. Which does suck, but it’s the best-case scenario because I (hopefully) won’t be losing any money either. That is, if I’m eligible for EI. I applied last night and am waiting for my paperwork to be mailed to me. On EI I can receive a maximum of $457/week (or $914 bi-weekly). Which is less than half of what I was making before. It is what it is, right?

What am I going to do today, my first official day of being unemployed? Probably eat cookies for breakfast. Then go deposit my last pay cheque, pick up ingredients to make BF a pumpkin pie (and chicken enchiladas tonight) … mail off my ROE for my EI claim … and then probably attempt the No More Trouble Zones DVD again. Orrrr maybe not. I’m feeling just so out of it. I don’t even have the energy to look at the job boards because I know I’ll just see my stupid job posting and it’ll get me angry. I also noticed yesterday when looking at the posting that the starting wage is significantly lower than what I was making … so they’re looking for someone who is more skilled than me, but are willing to pay less!? Good luck to them!

I couldn’t help it. I applied for one job today. It’s with an organization I’ve had 2 interviews with in the past, and 1 job offer. This is a huge organization with pretty much unlimited room for growth, and seems like a really good fit for my personality. So we’ll see.

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