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BF and I are human (we argue sometimes)

BF and I were not talking to each other on Wednesday. We were fighting. It happens. We are both so stubborn, so when we do disagree about something, you can guess what happens. But, our arguments never last long; I don’t think we’ve stayed mad at each other for more than a day. And, usually our arguments come around dinner time. We both get really cranky and moody if we don’t eat food – which is why we usually make up by making a nice dinner or going out for a bite to eat. :)

So, yesterday after work (when we started talking to each other again), BF treated me to all-you-can-eat sushi. It was so yummy! Then we came back to watch The Office – who watched it yesterday!? Such a good episode. Although. Andy and Erin as a couple? Barf. Sorry if I ruined that for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet. But, um … isn’t Andy gay? Does anyone remember those comments about being sexually confused last season? OH, and what’s up with Ryan being totally emo and hipster-like now? When did that change happen, and why?

Anyway, I’ve been super stressed out at work lately. I’ve been very, very busy. But on a positive note, I sent a design project to print, so that’s something I can put in my portfolio. I also got a copy of a promotional CD that I made a client, which would make an excellent addition to my portfolio as well! I’m still waiting for word from a client who wants to hire me on a part-time basis to “pretty up” and maintain their website. It would be nice to have an ongoing gig like that, but I do get jobs from them every few months as it is.

Design Contract + Blog now runs in Chrome

A past client of mine has asked me to take on another design project. I’m really excited about this one, because I get to produce marketing material for someone to use during the Olympics. This is definitely something that I can put in my portfolio.

This won’t be a big job, but it needs to get wrapped up fairly quickly due to production time and the Olympics being just around the corner! I’ll probably make around $400 – which isn’t a lot, but definitely helps.

I don’t advertise my side business, I just take on clients who fall in my lap. Most of them are repeat clients. I know I could make a lot more through my business if I actually tried to market myself – but that would require more of a time and money commitment (need to upgrade my computer set-up). So for now I’m happy with what extra I’m able to bring in.

In blog-related news, my website now works on Chrome!!! HOORAH! The problem ended up being a little script I had to insert into my HTML to track my blog through PayPerPost. So weird, considering I’ve had that script embedded in my blog for at least 2 years. And now it decides to cause problems? Oh well. At least it’s fixed! :)

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I was in discussion with someone to start up a design/marketing contract with them. The scope of the project was a lot bigger than what was initially discussed, and also required experience and contacts in the industry. It was also a really exciting opportunity. That being said, the money they were offering was just too little. They wanted to pay me a flat rate, and sometimes I make exceptions for friends or if I’m positive I know how many hours the project will take, but I usually insist on being paid hourly – at a rate of between $25-60/hr – a wide range, but it depends on who I’m talking to.

Anyway, I knew wasn’t willing to work on such a large project for such a small amount of money. So I thanked her for her time, and that’s that. She probably won’t have a problem finding someone to take on the job, it just won’t be me.

It’s too bad, really. I would have loved to have started 2010 with a new contract, but that’s just how it goes. The job was too big for me to handle (and work a FT job and have a personal life), and the money wasn’t there to entice me to change my mind.

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