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Thanks for your help!

Thanks for all of your input about claiming the freelance income in my EI claim. I wasn’t trying to “get away” with anything. My intention wasn’t to try and scam the system – I honestly had no idea if I had to claim my freelancing since it isn’t a steady source of income.

Now I know that I have to claim it! :)

It’s kind of sad that the amount of money I’m bringing in this year with my freelancing won’t put me in the black compared to the amount of $$ I spent on my business (mostly that new iMac computer) … it’s better than bringing in ZERO dollars last year, and hopefully I’ll see a better result in 2008. Although to be fair, I never really promoted my services this year since I was already working a lot.

I have an interview this morning for a position in Edmonton. This would be an amazing opportunity to work with a pretty huge company on the international scene. It would definitely provide me with a lot of room for growth, and great experience. It’s in Edmonton though, so we’ll see.

A question to any freelancers out there …

Just a thought … should I be declaring my freelance income on my EI claim?

I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I’ll be claiming any money I make through my design business as income when I file my taxes in the spring.

Freelancer at your service

I had a panic attack today as I walked around this place and realized that by the end of next week, it’s going to look pretty darn empty. There are so many things I’ll need to replace that I never really thought of before. And they aren’t really wants either … most of them are pretty essential. For example, I don’t have an ironing board, a kettle, a toaster (or a toaster oven), a knife block, a cutting board … I have very few pots and pans of my own … no coffee table, no bookshelves … not even a rug for the bathroom floor. Most of the stuff I can do without for now. I’m going to have to! But eventually, it’ll all have to get replaced.

Today I met with the guy who wants me to do his website. We went over a bunch of details and it turns out his budget is a lot smaller than I had originally thought … so it’s a good thing the website he wants me to create is a lot less complicated than I had been anticipating. I’ll have to write some copy and do the photography, but I think I can work smart and get the project done for around $500-600. It’s really more of a favour than anything, but he’s a good contact to have, and plus he’s a sponsor for the hockey team I work for … so I’m happy to help him out.

And out of the meeting, his wife (who is also one of my hockey teammates) asked me to quote her a price to design and maintain a website for an organization she heads up. It’ll be an ongoing contract, so that will be a good one to sink my teeth into. I know my price will be the most competitive, since any of the design firms in town would probably cost at least quadruple the price I would.

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