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Do you own a GPS unit?

So I’m looking to buy a GPS unit for my car. We have a hand held one for when we go hiking, but that’s it. is selling the one that I’m interested in, the Garmin nüvi 265WT, for $229.99. I want to use my Swagbucks to get it, and I currently have around $135 in Amazon giftcards via Swagbucks. Makes me kind of wish I hadn’t used all those Swagbucks to buy travel books, but that’s neither here nor there. I’ll use then eventually.

I’m going to wait until closer to Christmas – because then maybe the price will have dropped again (list price was $402.37), and I will have a chance to collect more Swagbucks. Ideally I’d like to pay for the entire thing in Swagbucks, but that might not be realistic depending on how many I can earn. I also should have $100 coming to me from Google Adsense, which would fully make up the rest of the cost of the GPS but I’d kind of like to earmark that money for maintaining this blog should I choose to move it over to WordPress.

Do you use a GPS unit? If so, which one do you have, and do you recommend it?

If you haven’t already signed up for Swagbucks, please consider using my referral code! :)

My new car…

So, last night I bought a new car – a 2010 Suzuki SX4 AWD. I pulled the Car Cost Canada report on the car (which cost me about $40), but in the end because of that report, I got over $1,000 off the price of the vehicle – and there was only a $1,500 difference between the wholesale price and the MSRP. Whether that wholesale price is entirely true or not, I don’t know – but that was what was in the report, and I’m happy with the negotiating I did.

The price of the car came to around $25k, but after taxes, freight, PDI, etc. it was closer to $30k. I put down $2,000 and my bi-weekly payments for 48 months at 0% interest will be about $265. Which I am comfortable with. I could have lowered my bi-weekly payments and gone with a 60 or 72 month term, but I know I can pay off the car in 4 years or less (no penalty for paying off the loan faster).

In terms of the car that I chose, it was between a fully loaded SX4 or a base model Subaru Impreza (which was still more expensive than the loaded SX4). And after researching both models extensively and talking to people about both cars, I decided to go with the SX4 for a bunch of different reasons. It has more ground clearance, better fuel economy, 2WD and 4WD locking capability, higher driving position, and it looks 100% nicer than the Impreza.

Anyway, even though it was a lot of money for the car and I’ll be making payments for a few years now, I’m really happy with my decision. We’ll go back to the dealership today after work to pick it up. :)

Going to the dealership today

So today after work BF and I are going to go talk numbers at the car dealership with the intention of purchasing a car. Over the past month we’ve been carefully weighing out the pros and cons, gotten opinions from various family members, and have done a ton of research on the internet. We went to test drive a couple of cars last week and I think I’m ready to commit. I know that some of you support the idea, and some of you don’t. But for our lives over the next 3-4 years (I will be taking 0% financing over 4 years), we both think this is a smart decision.

Reasons why I’m getting a new car over an old car? There are a lot of reasons. This car model is only 4 years old, so even finding used cars is tough. There are no other brands or models I would consider at this point – only 2 cars fit all the requirements that I want and are in my price range. And with the interest rate on a used car being much higher than the 0% I would get for the new car, I would almost be paying the same amount for the used one when it’s all said and done. But the main reason is because the 2010 has so many more improvements that I think it’s worth it. Depreciation and resale value on the car don’t really mean anything to me because I don’t plan on selling it.

Financially, if I reign in my variable spending, I will still be able to save about $1,000/month quite easily. That means no more $600 hiking boots or buying that Soia & Kyo coat I was lusting over, or going out to eat as often, but I’m okay with that. I’ll probably also cut back on a couple weekend trips I was considering for next year. I’m lucky because I have the freedom of being able to make room in my budget for something that I really want that will make my life easier and less stressful, and still save as much as I’ve been saving in the past. And that was a very big consideration for me when I was going over the pros and cons about buying a new car. I can maintain my current lifestyle AND save as much as I’ve been saving, just by cutting back a little in other categories. That kind of sealed the deal. But it does now mean I have to be more aware of my budget to make sure that I’m saving as much as I know I can.

So hopefully the negotiating goes well and I will have a new car. :)

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