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Need a free Car Cost Canada report?

In order to get over $1,000 off the sticker price of my new car, I purchased a report through, which lists the wholesale price of a car, plus any dealer/factory rebates/incentives that are on the table.

When I went to buy my car, and I went in to talk numbers with the manager, he seemed pretty shocked that I had brought along the Car Cost Canada report. The salesperson even said “wow, you sure did your homework.” And I didn’t even have to negotiate! I showed him the report, said I wanted a set amount off the price of the car, and he just went and did it for me, no questions asked. Exactly how I like to do business.

I have 12 unused reports left, so if anyone out there is at all considering purchasing a new car in the near future, send me an e-mail at krystalatwork [at] gmail [dot] com with the make/model/information of the car you’re thinking about, and I can send you a free report on it. It would be a shame to let those reports go to waste!

Please note that I have given away all of my Car Cost Canada reports. But if you are in the market for a new car, I would strongly urge you just to fork over the money and buy a report for yourself. It is well worth the money, even if you only get a few hundred dollars off.

Switched over auto insurance

Okay well after it was all said and done, I only ended up saving $213.02 on my annual insurance. Which is still a huge amount, but it’s not as much as the online quote I got yesterday. Part of it is because they don’t have 2010 vehicles updated online yet, so when I called customer service they said just to pick the 2009 model “because it would be the same discount.” HA! Wrong.

That’s okay though. If BF insures his car through CDI when it comes due (in 2 weeks), I’ll save another $100 on my insurance. Not bad! Although I think it will be cheaper for him to go through ICBC since it’s an older car. But we can always do the online quote to see. And next year I should be able to get an even bigger discount.

Now tomorrow I have to go in and cancel my extended ICBC coverage because they don’t let you do that over the phone (lame).

Fun times with auto insurance quotes

Wow I am shocked at the range of auto insurance quotes I got. In BC you must get basic insurance with ICBC. Any other extended coverage can be with a private insurance company.

What I have now:
ICBC – $1,942 ($883 for basic + $1,059 for extended)

Coast Capital – $848 (total with basic = $1,731)
CDIDirect – $691 (total with basic = $1,574)

If I go with CDIDirect, that’s a HUGE savings of $367 per year (or over $30/month)! It kind of makes me wonder if I could have been saving on insurance costs all these years with my other cars and my scooter.

I’m going to do a bit more research tonight and then tomorrow I will most likely switch over my extended coverage to CDIDirect. w00t!

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