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Glad that he is safe!

I just talked to BF for a few minutes. They are now out of the mountains, but not before a few near-death scares. I wish he hadn’t told me. I’m the type of person who worries about everything anyway, so I was already imagining all of the horrible things that could happen while they were up there. Apparently he fell into a crevasse (a deep crack in a glacier) while they were climbing! Really really scary. Especially because the other 3 guys he was with, while they are all fit and in shape, don’t have nearly as much climbing experience as he does. We could have lost each other this week. :(

He asked about the crash, and I told him what I knew. He said that I shouldn’t stress about any of it, and that I don’t owe him any money. He said he’s not going to get a new car. He said the crash is a blessing in disguise because he’ll just buy a bike and take transit to work – better for his health, the environment, and his wallet. Especially since we need to start seriously saving for our trip. I’m not sure if he’ll actually go through with it, because personally I think he needs a car. Maybe not a new car, but at least some sort of vehicle to get him to the ski hill, and to go hiking, and rock climbing, and generally get around. Vancouver is huge, and not having a car would mean giving up a lot of things that we both do after work (wouldn’t have time to get to any of those places if we took transit). But we can figure all of that out when he gets home.

Even if he doesn’t get a new car, I’m still going to pay him the money that I owe one way or another. If he doesn’t take the money from me, then I’ll just put it in my Travel Fund for our trip.

Saving money with the rental car

Good news! I talked to my ICBC adjuster, and the rental car is going to be covered under BF’s insurance. Not all of it, but most of it. What isn’t covered is the day I’ll have it out in my name, and any extra insurance I take out in my own name I have to pay for. Up to a maximum of $500.

So I reserved a car for 1 week for $187.54. That included a $35 off coupon.

I called National, and if BF needs the car for less, they will prorate my bill. And if he needs the car for longer, I just have to call in.

When it’s all said and done, I’ll probably save about $150-200, depending on how long he needs the car for. I’m hoping everything gets wrapped up next week, and BF can sign the paperwork as soon as he gets home. Right now I’m really stressed out about it. He was so understanding about what happened, I don’t want to inconvenience him at all. I want it to go as smoothly as possible … and I don’t think I’m going to feel okay about all of this until the paperwork is signed and BF is in a new car.

In other crash-related news, all of our possessions from the car are now ready for me to pick up at the claims centre. But I might wait and get it next week when I have the rental car – beats taking a cab there, since I don’t want to take a bus and lug all of that crap around with me.

Shuffling my money around

So as you know, my $2,900 LASIK surgery is on a zero payments/zero interest loan until January 2010. I was going to use my tax refund to pay for it ($2,200), and then save up the rest throughout the year.

But with this car accident, I think the best thing to do is use my tax refund to pay for all of these car-related bills … because once I move in with BF in a few months, it will be easy to save up $2,900 before January. And that way, I can keep most of my Emergency Fund in tact in case another incident comes up, or if this car accident ends up costing more than my tax refund.

I think this is the most logical way of doing things.

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