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Flight of the Conchord tickets: pending sale

A few weeks ago I was talking to my friend who also has tickets to the Flight of the Conchords show. I told him that I was thinking of selling them, but would probably end up going. Especially because he reminded me that I ditched out on Wolf Parade and the Raconteurs last year. But in light of this car accident, I told him that I needed the money the FOTC tickets could generate. I think he understands. He’s going with his girlfriend anyway. If he were coming over just to go with me, I wouldn’t have sold the tickets. So I posted an ad on Craigslist, and I am selling them for $300/pair. Well, I’m meeting the buyer on Wednesday to do the transaction. I probably could have gotten more for them, but at this point I just want a secure sale.

I also got a call from ICBC over the weekend. They came back at me with a quote for BF’s written off car. I told him about it this morning when I spoke to him, so he’ll have a few days to figure out if he wants to take it or make a counter offer.

Thoughts on buying a car myself

Well I just briefly spoke with BF. He seems lukewarm about the car idea. He said that we won’t need a car until the fall. I think he’ll come around though. After chatting about it for a few minutes, he suggested getting a cheap 4×4 truck so that we can access harder to reach hiking areas. I personally don’t want a 4×4 because 1) they are mostly standard and I can’t drive a stick, 2) they’re not fuel efficient, and 3) I don’t like driving big cars. But we can figure what kind of car is best for us once he gets home.

I think that, even if he doesn’t want to buy a car, I’ll probably get one myself. If I sell my scooter, I can get $1,500 for it. And if I buy from a dealership, I can get something relatively cheap (<$5k) with zero percent financing. Or if I buy privately, I have my line of credit with a very low interest rate. I don’t mind picking up all the costs on the car (which will be minimal, since I won’t have any rent to pay). Especially because BF has picked up the cost of having his car for the past 1.5 years for us, and I’ve definitely benefited from that car almost every single day.

But I don’t think it’ll come down to that. They say that once you have to start convincing someone about something, you’ve already lost. But I really think that once

The benefits of owning a car

After thinking about it for a few days, I really don’t think that BF and I would function well without having a car. We like to do too many things that we just wouldn’t be able to do with public transportation – go skiing, rock climbing, hiking, etc. after work. Not to mention going on weekend trips (we have 3 planned so far this year, not to mention trips to Squamish and day hikes as well), going to get groceries, to the ferries and back … and if BF wants to get a PT job when he comes home, it’ll be extremely difficult without having a car. Especially because BF lives quite far away from everything.

So, I proposed that we buy a car together. Not a new one, just a solid used car for $5,000 or under. We would split everything equally: the cost of the car, car insurance, and we’d take turns paying for gas. Most days, I would take the bus to work, and BF wants to start riding a bike – but on those days that we want to go climbing or skiing or hiking or BF has work, or any other scenario – we would have a car to use.

And then when we go traveling next year, we could sell it. I think this is the best thing to do. After the initial investment of buying a car, I don’t think it would cost either of us more than $100/month on a regular basis ($50 for 1/2 car insurance, and $50 for gas). Of course we have to take into consideration car repairs if that came up, but that’s just the nature of owning a car.

Anyway, BF is still overseas. I just e-mailed him and mentioned that it was something I thought was a good idea. Hopefully he agrees with me and sees the benefits of having a car. I know he can be quite stubborn when he’s decided on something (like going car-free). I haven’t owned a car in years, nor have I needed to – and I’ve been surprised with how sufficient I’ve been without one. That being said, I think the lives we lead are too active to be slowed down by the inability to get to places in time (or at all), or having to rely on public transportation. Our time is worth more than that.

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