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Vancouver is too big!

BF and I were supposed to go skiing tonight, but he forgot our passes at his house … so I doubt we’ll be going. I suggested snowshoeing, but I think secretly he wants a day off from physical activity. So if that’s the case, then I’ll either go home and do absolutely nothing (which would be nice). Or call my friend and see if she wants to go to the gym. But it’s such a gorgeous day, it’d be a shame to waste it inside or at the stuffy rec centre gym!

Also I’ve been forgetting that it costs money for BF to be driving us around everywhere – picking me up from work, driving us to the ski hill, rock climbing, his house, my house, the grocery store, etc. Vancouver is a huge city (one of the reasons why I hate it), and it takes forever to get anywhere. I think that I need to contribute gas money on a monthly basis. I used to buy him gas on an infrequent basis, but lately it’s just slipped my mind. I’ll talk to him about it and we’ll figure something out.

Weekend Spending

So this month I budgeted $90 for Personal Care. I wanted to buy a new face cream, eye cream and face wash. The brand I buy is not cheap. But it’s worth it for me … and it’s still a lot cheaper than those designer brands out there.

Luckily London Drugs had a sale on this weekend: 25% off Avène products, plus a $30 press powder for free with the purchase of $29 or more worth of their products. Normally I wouldn’t get sucked into the free giveaway, but I was just lamenting about how I needed a new press powder soon.

So I bought face cleanser, face cream, eye cream, and got a free press powder ($125.50 worth of Avène products) for only $71.62!

I also bought deodorant ($3.49, on sale from $4.29), and some feminine products ($2.99 x 2 = $5.98, on sale from $4.99 x 2 = $9.98).

All in all, I spent $85.09/$90 of my Personal Care budget for the month and I got everything that I needed, so I’m really pleased. I didn’t think I’d be able to get all those things for under $90. :)

February Goals: My Review

Okay, well as you can see I went over on my budget by a lot. By about $900. BUT, $771 of that amount is for ski equipment and a pass for the mountain (for the rest of this season and all of next season) – all of which is coming out of my Travel Fund. So, when you look at it that way, I really only went over budget by $135.02 … and that’s not too bad. Not good. But not bad.

February Goals (end of month review):

  • $300 into Retirement Portfolio. CHECK!
  • $600 into Travel Fund. CHECK! I was able to deposit $700!
  • Go rock climbing at least 5 times. CHECK! We’ve gone 5 times, and plan to go again tomorrow. So possibly 6 times.
  • Run once per week. FAIL! I wasn’t able to get sweat in my eyes for the first 2 weeks of the month (b/c of LASIK surgery), so I only got 2 runs in.
  • Lift weights (at home), work on my abs, and stretch 3 times per week. FAIL! I started doing this regularly during the last 2 weeks of the month.
  • Stay within my $200 food budget for the month. FAIL! This was an epic fail on my part. I ended up spending $224.34! I’m really disappointed in myself, but I’m getting better, so I’m going to keep trying to hit this goal.
  • Do something social with friends once per week. CHECK! And I did everything rather frugally too, I might add. :)
  • List at least 3 items on eBay or Craigslist. FAIL! I only listed one thing – my scooter. I’m happy that it’s going to sell next month, but still disappointed that I didn’t get my act together to list more things.
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