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I heart Quicken

So I’ve switched all of my expense tracking over to Quicken Home & Business. I really liked my Excel spreadsheet that I was working with, but Quicken is SO much easier to split up my business expenses and help me prepare come tax time. Plus, I already had the software from before so I didn’t have to spend any money.

And because of the switch, that means I have to figure out how to show my monthly budget reports here. Quicken has some really cool charts and stuff, but I calculate my expenses differently through Quicken than I did through my Excel spreadsheet, so the budget isn’t going to be accurate for the purposes of this blog. I think I’ll be able to figure it out tonight, and will have my August recap and September goals up for tomorrow. :)

BF is officially a student

On Friday before BF and I headed back to my hometown, he got news that he has been officially accepted into his program and he starts today (Monday). So this time next year, after his classes and internship, he should be fully certified to start his career. He’s very excited (except for being a poor student), and I’m happy for him.

He’s probably going to get a part-time job, but because his program is only 1 year long, it’s super condensed and requires a huge amount of group study and reading. So he won’t be able to work too many hours.

Which will probably mean a shift in my budget and in the amount I’m saving as I take over a bit more of the expenses. And that’s fine. It’s only for a year, and I know he’d do the same for me if I ever wanted to go back to school. Plus, it’ll be worth it once he’s finished. He’ll have a career of his own and we’ll be on our way.

I’m not sure what that’s going to mean financially, or how I’m going to set up my budget. I have no clue when he’ll be able to find a job or how many hours/how much money it’ll bring in. So my budget is going to have to be very flexible.

At the very very very minimum, I will be saving $500/month. So I guess every month my savings will vary between $500-$1000.

I’m also hoping to get a part-time job (all the income would go right into savings), and I do have a lead on something that could turn into a pretty cool opportunity, but I don’t know many details right now so I’d rather keep it on the DL. But I will say that it does involve this blog. :)

Weekend home

BF and I are heading back to my hometown this weekend. His parents have flown into town, and my parents want him to completely re-do their deck while we’re in Mexico, so he’ll have to go take a look and quote on the job.

Here is my budget for the weekend:

$14 ferry
$15 parking

$50 hair cut (haven’t gotten my hair cut in almost 5 months)
$12 movie (friend begged me to go to SATC2 with her, even though I already saw it. Got suckered in.)

$15 lunch with friends
$14 ferry

TOTAL = $120

Typical weekend home spending. I’m going bathing suit shopping with my mom and sister as well. I have a bikini, but over the last year or so I’ve gotten more conservative with my beachwear, so I might look for a one piece or a tankini. Something with a bit more coverage so that I’m more comfortable. If not, I’ve got board shorts and tank tops I can throw over my bikini while we’re in Mexico.

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