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Weekend home

BF and I are heading back to my hometown this weekend. His parents have flown into town, and my parents want him to completely re-do their deck while we’re in Mexico, so he’ll have to go take a look and quote on the job.

Here is my budget for the weekend:

$14 ferry
$15 parking

$50 hair cut (haven’t gotten my hair cut in almost 5 months)
$12 movie (friend begged me to go to SATC2 with her, even though I already saw it. Got suckered in.)

$15 lunch with friends
$14 ferry

TOTAL = $120

Typical weekend home spending. I’m going bathing suit shopping with my mom and sister as well. I have a bikini, but over the last year or so I’ve gotten more conservative with my beachwear, so I might look for a one piece or a tankini. Something with a bit more coverage so that I’m more comfortable. If not, I’ve got board shorts and tank tops I can throw over my bikini while we’re in Mexico.

Quicken Essentials FOR MAC!!!

I just got my paws on something that I have been waiting for FOR YEARS: Quicken Essentials for Mac. I almost didn’t switch over to Mac because I hated the last version of Quicken for Mac. True story! That version was awful. So I ended up installing Parallels on my Mac just so I could run Quicken for PC (and Rollercoaster Tycoon – what!?). Well, Parallels broke for me a few years ago (can’t figure out how to fix it – I think I need a Windows XP disc), so I’ve been using an Excel spreadsheet. Which is all fine and good, but nothing beats Quicken IMO.

I’ve done the initial set-up and downloaded my transactions from my bank accounts … will do a full review once I’ve used it for a few weeks.

On a Quicken-related note, don’t forget to enter to win a copy of Quicken Cash Manager (for PC)!

Going home this weekend

Yesterday I treated BF to Chinese for dinner ($26.10, including tax + tip). We both had a huge craving for it, which is silly because we’re going to absolutely feast on Chinese food on Friday evening (going home for Chinese New Year with the family). But it was good anyway. And we had enough leftovers for BF to bring for his lunch today, and for me to have for dinner tonight. :)

As for the weekend expenses at home, here is my rough budget:

$10 – lunch. We’ll have to grab lunch on the way to the ferry terminal.
$15 – my share of parking at the ferries.
$14 – ferry to the island.

$6 – gym.
$15 – lunch with my sister. There’s a new pho place right by our house. Yum!
$20 – gift for friend’s new baby. I’m thinking something cute from Baby Gap, or Smoking Lily.
$5 – coffee with friend. May or may not happen, but best to budget it in!
$15Avatar date with my mom. Finally going to go see this movie! Very excited.

$6 – gym.
$14 – ferry back to Vancouver.


So, not bad for a weekend home. Again, the costs are about average – around $100. I haven’t been back since Christmas, so I’m really excited to see my family and friends. Especially my friend’s new baby boy. :)

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