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Thanks Technorati!

I complained on one of the Technorati message boards, and my blog pings are now being recognized. :) So, hoorah! Not that I’ve gotten any traffic from Technorati before … but still. At least it’s working.

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Have a great weekend!

I’m taking the 5pm ferry today to Vancouver, then tomorrow we head down to Seattle to watch a baseball game. Saturday is dedicated to shopping, and I will hop on one of the last ferries home that night. With the Canadian dollar being so strong now, I hardly had to pay any extra for the exchange rate to take out American cash at the bank today. It used to be really expensive going down to the states, so I always had to really save up and watch my spending. Now, it’s much more convenient because I know the sticker price of an item is going to be almost the same after the exchange rate.

So, this will be my last post until Sunday. I hope everyone is doing well, and if you’re travelling this long weekend, have fun and be safe! :)

A call for Technorati help

I’m having major problems with Technorati lately. Actually, I’ve always had problems with Technorati. It’s just that I haven’t really cared about it until just recently. It seems that no matter what I do, Technorati never acknowledges the fact that I’ve updated my blog. I followed the steps on their website to auto ping using Blogger, and then I’ve also been manually pinging them with no luck. A few days ago I e-mailed them, but haven’t heard back yet.

It’s not that I particularly care about being listed on Technorati, it’s just the fact that it’s not working that irritates me … especially when I see other blogs hosted on Blogger being updated with no problem. So are there any Technoratisavvy people out there that might know what the problem is?

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