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Swagbucks earned

1savvysaver asked …

I’m curious, how much have u made from swagbucks so far?

Here is what I’ve made so far:

  • $515 in Amazon Gift Cards (45 Swagbucks = $5 Amazon Gift Card)
  • $50 US in cash (70 Swagbucks = $5 US in cash via PayPal)


The #1 question I get is “how do you earn so many SBs?” My #1 way is through referrals. When you refer someone, you get 100% of the SBs that they earn, up to a maximum of 100 SBs. I also subscribe to their blog, have them on Facebook, use their search engine, and follow them on Twitter. It takes a bit of getting used to, but if you already use Twitter, Facebook and have Google Reader (or whatever RSS reader you’re using), it really takes little effort to earn SBs.

The other question I get a lot is if I declare my blog earnings & Swagbuck winnings on my taxes. The answer is YES. I claim it all. Because technically, it all falls under my side business – this blog incorporates communication & marketing work, plus writing, design work, etc.

My SBs earnings have definitely died down since most of my referrals have already hit the 100 SB mark. Ever since they imposed that limit to 5 of a single prize each month, I’ve only been cashing out that maximum. So on average I’m earning $25/month through Amazon gift cards – which, P.S., are the best return for your SBs.

Here is my Swagbucks referral link if you decide to sign up. :)

Ways to get ahold of me

Apparently I’m quite an accessible blogger these days! This is for all the new people who are coming through my blog … here are the many different ways you can keep in touch and/or get a hold of me!

  • E-mail – send all e-mail to krystalatwork [at] gmail [dot] com.
  • Formspring – if you want to ask me a question anonymously! :)
  • Twitter – I’m on this a lot.
  • Facebook – I’m a total Facebook stalker, so if you friend me, I’m just going to snoop through your profile. What!? Just being honest.
  • Google Reader & Buzz – the newest way to get a hold of me! I’m just learning about this whole Buzz concept – not really sure how you start following me, but I’m sure clicking on one of those links would do it, or maybe add me as a chat buddy through Gmail? And if you use Google Reader for your RSS feeds, you can follow me and check out cool items that I’m sharing. :)

Design Contract + Blog now runs in Chrome

A past client of mine has asked me to take on another design project. I’m really excited about this one, because I get to produce marketing material for someone to use during the Olympics. This is definitely something that I can put in my portfolio.

This won’t be a big job, but it needs to get wrapped up fairly quickly due to production time and the Olympics being just around the corner! I’ll probably make around $400 – which isn’t a lot, but definitely helps.

I don’t advertise my side business, I just take on clients who fall in my lap. Most of them are repeat clients. I know I could make a lot more through my business if I actually tried to market myself – but that would require more of a time and money commitment (need to upgrade my computer set-up). So for now I’m happy with what extra I’m able to bring in.

In blog-related news, my website now works on Chrome!!! HOORAH! The problem ended up being a little script I had to insert into my HTML to track my blog through PayPerPost. So weird, considering I’ve had that script embedded in my blog for at least 2 years. And now it decides to cause problems? Oh well. At least it’s fixed! :)

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