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I had been saving my Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks (affiliate link) to buy the Kindle. Originally, I was against e-readers (and I still am, sort of), because I love the feeling of real books. I love the smell of them, opening them up for the first time, the feeling of holding one, and being able to lend them to friends. What I do not like, however, is the weight. I like bringing at least 2 books with me on every trip, but that can get heavy! Especially when I put them in my purse for the plane ride. And since I’m making it a point to sell most of my books anyway, I thought – why not just buy e-books from now on?

My plan was to use my Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards, since I can’t really justify spending the money to buy one outright. I currently have $50 worth of cards, and the Kindle is only $139 + tax. Of course, I won’t buy it until I can get it for free – and also I don’t want to buy one until the next version comes out.

BUT when I went to visit, I clicked on the link to Kindle and saw that it directed me to the website. Hmm. I’ve been hoarding gift cards since the fall, not .com. So I tried to enter in one of the codes. It doesn’t work. FAIL.

So my awesome plan went out the window. And I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I don’t think that I like the idea of e-readers enough to buy one with my own money. But that could change, depending on what the next generation of e-readers brings. And on the bright side, at least I will have some gift cards saved up for Christmas presents this year! :)

P.S. I wanted to let you know that I’ve created a brand new Facebook page for this blog! I originally had a Facebook Profile Page, but have switched over to a Fan Page because I think it suits the interaction better. So hopefully you will hop onto Facebook and “LIKE” me! :)

Sunday Link Love: March 13, 2011

Another weekly installment of Sunday love. :)

Moneyville editor Adam Mayers on funeral costs
I love this video interview of Adam on Breakfast Television earlier this week. I’ve never thought about the cost of my own funeral, but it definitely makes sense to plan ahead by saving and know exactly how you want to leave this world. Also, because I’ve been recently introduced to Toastmasters, I noted how confident and poised he was throughout the interview – no filler words either!

First Annual Financial Blogger Conference
A few days ago, I plugged this conference and asked who was going. Well, according to the website, they are offering early registration on March 15th. Also, if you are signed up for the e-mail list, you will receive a 25% off coupon (to the first 25 people who register). The cost will be $89 ($66.75 after coupon for the first 25 who use it). Early registration is only open to the first 100 people, so don’t forget to sign up!

Around the blogosphere

Not quite PF-related
I just came across this video, and it totally makes me want to go climbing. Even if you’re not a climber, the things these athletes do in this video will blow your mind.

Blast from the past
Most of you probably know that I used to drive a scooter. It was great, and I loved it. Not only was riding a scooter super fun to do (even in the rain!), I only had to fill up once or twice per month, at a cost of $5-6 per tank. Not too shabby, eh? I even took off the restriction bolts and spent almost $900 to put a Stage 3 performance kit put on it. This boosted its maximum speed from 62 km/hr to over 80 km/hr. I know, I’m a total geek but it was worth it.

Anyway I came across this old post about my year driving a scooter compared to the previous year driving a car. I broke down how much money I was able to save, but also wrote about the cons associated with riding 2 wheels instead of 4 – including getting bullied by gas-guzzling SUV drivers, and crashing into a ditch.

The First Annual Financial Blogger Conference

Okay, so who has heard of the First Annual Financial Blogger Conference being held in Chicago this year? I just heard about it a few weeks ago on Twitter. With so many other blogger conferences happening, I’m surprised a financial conference has taken this long to take shape!

The agenda looks pretty decent, but I’d be interested in seeing who the speakers will be. Part of me really wants to consider going, but another part of me is dealing with the cost associated with a trip like this. Ballpark cost for me is probably going to be about $1,000, including flight, hotel and food. Perhaps it might be better to go next year, when the conference is a little more established.

Financial bloggers, financial professionals, columnist, authors, financial companies, new media types.
What: A two or three day conference designed to bring together the best of the personal finance community so that we can network and learn.
When: TBD (aiming for August or October 2011)
Where: Chicago

Is anyone thinking about going to this?

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