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GMBMFB monthly budgets moving forward

I’ve been experimenting with different ways of blogging about my monthly budgets. I’ve been showing you my Excel spreadsheet for so long that I wanted to change it up. I even thought about not posting my budgets anymore, but I think I still need them for me. :)

So here’s what I’m experimenting with this month – my budget based on percentages:


The above chart just shows averages. When I recap my budget at the end of every month, it’ll show the percentage of what I actually spent that month.

I also considering cutting back on the number of categories, and it would look like this:


Overall, I like showing percentages better because:

  1. It eliminates the dollar value so that we are really only focusing on what percentage of my income is going to each category.
  2. I based my previous budgets on my full-time income, and did not include what I did with my freelance income.
  3. You can see my savings rate in comparison to the rest of my monthly spending.

Switching to percentages means you can now see where all of my money is going, and even though I’d no longer be sharing dollar figures, I think this is a more transparant way to show my spending and savings.

What do you think?

Celebrating 7 years of blogging!

photo (5)Last week I celebrated this blog’s 7th birthday. Can you believe it? It’s been seven years since I started GMBMFB, and it’s been a roller coaster for sure. Many of you have been with me through the ups and downs of both my personal and professional life. Over the years, I’ve e-mailed, talked on the phone, and met quite a few people through this blog. It’s been amazing, and GMBMFB has changed my life.  You’ve seen me through my twenties, and now that I’m in my thirties, I’m really looking forward to continuing this blog, and seeing what the future has to offer. :)

For long-time readers, you know that things have changed a lot since February 2007. In the past seven years, I’ve had 7 jobs, move 6 times, and went through 3 tough break-ups. In 2011, I bought my very first home. In 2012, I moved to Germany. Other notables over the past few years include getting adult braces, having LASIK eye surgery, and my big blogging break with the Toronto Star/

And as I transition into the newest phase of my life, it’s been hard to think of things to write here. In fact, I’ve avoided everything to do with my blog and social media (for the most part) since getting laid off. I gave myself two weeks to do whatever it is I felt like doing (stretchy pants and Netflix), and now that my time is up, I’m excited for my next opportunity. It’s been difficult, and I know I still have a long way to go, but I’m staying positive. I’ve gotten interviews, good feedback on my resume, and have had wonderful support from family and friends. In fact, when BF found out that it was my 7 year blogoversary last week, he surprised me with cupcakes the very next day. :)

So, from the bottom of my heart – thanks for supporting me all these years, and thanks for reading my blog. I really appreciate it, and am looking forward to continuing my journey with GMBMFB. ♥

Feb 11th: H&R Block Canada Twitter Party!

I love tax time. In fact, I think all PF bloggers love tax time. :) So you can imagine how excited I was when I was asked to host H&R Block Canada’s first ever Twitter chat with my PF friends Bridget from Money After Grad, and Marissa from Thirtysixmonths.

Here’s all the information you’ll need to join in on the Twitter chat:


What do you usually do with your tax refund?

Me, I like to use the 90/10 rule when it comes to tax refunds or any sort of “bonus” money I wasn’t expecting (like a bonus, or cash present) – where 90% of the money goes towards something responsible – like my mortgage or RRSP/TFSA – and the leftover 10% is spent on something fun.

This year, I won’t be getting a huge tax refund, so I will likely put the entire amount into my TFSA.

So no matter what your tax situation – whether you’re a student, filing for the first time, or have a complicated return – please join us in the #HRBtaxchat tomorrow! :)

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