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A complaint about PC Financial

I’ve had my PC Financial accounts (1 chequing, 4 savings) for over 2 years now, and I haven’t had a single complaint until today.

I think it’s so irritating that I cannot transfer money between different PC Financial accounts. What I want to do is send money from my chequing account to a chequing account in someone else’s name. With my TD Canada Trust account, I was able to do it really easily. But apparently you can’t do it with PC Financial. WHY? WHY NOT!? Do they know how obnoxious this is? ARGH!

Tweaked my bank account options

I called PC Financial yesterday to see if I could 1) get more access to money deposited into the ATM – currently I only have access to the first $1k, and 2) apply for overdraft protection.

Let me first start off by saying I heart PC Financial. Even though they’re an online bank, their customer service reps are always very helpful, and I’ve never had a problem with them before. They’re fab. Plus, who doesn’t like free banking?

The rep I talked to said I qualified for $1,500 access to ATM money (apparently you can only go up in $500-step increments, and I can ask for the $2k increment in 6 months). And I also got a $100 overdraft. In the past year I bounced 2 cheques. How embarrassing. One was about $0.05 off, and the other time I miscalculated the timing of a deposit and was off by 2 hours. So, figured this was the best thing to do just in case. Reasoning for not doing it sooner? Because I switched jobs, I had to wait until after my probation period to apply since it required a credit check.

Anyway, I’m still closely monitoring the interest rates of ING vs. PC Financial. ING is ahead at 1.5% and PC is at 1.2%. Sigh!

Interest rates went down again

I checked ING and PC Financial again today, and they’re down from the last time I checked 2 weeks ago.


ING is at 1.85%
PC Financial is at 1.65%


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