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Happy Friday!

I just locked myself out of my PC Financial Mastercard account three times in a row, prompting 3 separate calls to Customer Service.

Gotta love Fridays!

PF Financial slashes anniversary bonus rates!

When I logged into my PC Financial account this morning, this is the message I got:

(You can click on the image to make it bigger.) So, they basically slashed the bonus rates in half. Damn. Not that it makes a huge difference to me because I’m still in the 1st balance category of $1,000-$10,000 but still! Eventually I’ll be up at a higher tier. I bet the people who have more than $10k in a savings account with PC are going to be PISSED. But you really had to see this coming.

That’s why most of my $$$ is with ING. Their interest rate is at 1.05%, which doesn’t sound very good … but compare that to PC Financial’s 0.75% on balances greater than $1,000 (0.5% for balances less than $1,000).

PC Financial vs. ING: interest rates

I checked the PC and ING interest rates today, and I was shocked. PC Financial went down AGAIN. Then again, the last time I checked was back in March, so am I that surprised?

PC Financial is down to 0.5%, and ING is at 1.2%. That’s a huge difference! The smart thing to do would be to open up new savings accounts with ING and deposit my PC money there – then just keep on switching, depending on who has the highest interest rate. That seems like a lot of hassle, but then again, interest rates really don’t change that often … plus there isn’t a fee to transfer money around between the 2 bank accounts … and I do enjoy rate chasing. So we’ll see I guess.

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