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A beginner's guide for Canadians looking to get their financial life in order. Get great info on budgeting and saving, RRSP's and pensions, investing types, insurance, and where to go for additional resources.

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  • @TheAsianPear I like reading in bed, but feel like I just can't if the book isn't clean and also if it smells of perfume. Ugh
  • The downside to library books: this book doesn't look very clean and also it smells like perfume. Gag. :|
  • @MakintheBacon1 I've had mosquitoes bite me through jeans before. They're crazy!


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  • Celebrating our one year anniversary this weekend and looking forwardhellip
  • Were pretty darn lucky to live in such a beautifulhellip
  • Snacking on cucamelons we bought at the Mayne Island farmershellip
  • Beautiful BC indeed! This is the cute cabin on tophellip
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  • The weather forecast said it could be iffy today sohellip

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