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2018 Annual Goals

I had these goals all written out and ready to publish over the holidays, but then with the excitement of getting engaged (and realizing that shifted a lot of our goals for the year), I decided to spend a couple of weeks thinking about how that would affect my own personal goals.

The feeling of getting married has been an interesting one for me. I love the idea of being with RD forever – I think we’re a great match and it’s pretty incredible that we were able to find each other (and all that mushy love stuff). But as this is a financial blog, the idea of financially binding myself to someone is scary. It’s scary!!! Not because I think he’s bad with money (he’s better with his money than me), but because my financial goals aren’t entirely mine anymore. They’re ours. So sure, I’m saving for my retirement, but I’m really saving for our retirement. And my desire to put down X amount on the mortgage might differ from how much he wants to put down, or maybe I want to pay the car insurance monthly but he prefers it annually. I know every couple goes through this, I’ve just been doing it my own way for so long that the loss of independence and control is a weird feeling. Not a bad feeling, just a different way of thinking about things. :)

In 2018 I’m going to work on the personal things that I’m not very good at – like taking care of my body and finishing what I start. I want to focus on my career, and I also want to make sure that I take the time to enjoy everything that comes along with getting married and having a wedding.


  • Stay debt-free. This is obviously an important goal. :)
  • Save at least $1,650/month into my RRSP/TFSA. Aside from staying debt-free, saving for retirement is my most important financial goal. I hope to be able to retire when I’m 50-52, and at the pace I’m going, I should hit that goal. If I get any sort of raise during 2018, I will increase my retirement contributions accordingly.
  • Stay on budget with our wedding. A wedding is definitely a huge expense, but we have a fairly practical budget given that we’re having two receptions. That being said, I’d still like to stay within the budget we’ve set for ourselves. We’ve only been planning for a few weeks, and I can already see how easy it can be to get carried away thinking you have to have something, when you really just don’t.
  • Make an extra lump sum mortgage payment. We are currently on an accelerated bi-weekly schedule, and put down an additional 12% for each payment. We’d like to put some money down as a lump sum payment towards the mortgage, we just don’t know how much that would be yet.
  • Complete one home renovation project (on budget). We agreed that we’d do one home renovation each year, and I believe we’ve settled on putting down flooring on our balcony. This is something we can do ourselves, and aside from painting or putting together IKEA furniture, this will be the first home renovation I’ve ever been apart of. Well, if you can call balcony flooring an actual renovation, haha!


  • Take care of my body. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at taking care of my body. I want to be better at the small things like: moisturizing more often, washing my face before bed, fixing my nail polish when it chips, or not trying to stretch my dry shampoo for the third day, etc. These might be normal habits for most people, but I tend to get lazy and stuff like this slides. And I find when I actually pay attention to the details, I feel so much better. But, I also want to maintain the big things – like eating right, exercising often, and managing my injuries properly. For example, for the first time in my life I’ve decided to go to a physio to help me with my hip issues (which I’ve had since October). I can see a lot of improvement, and I think I might come out of this without any permanent damage – which is more than I can say about my feet and ankles after years of abuse playing high-level sports.
  • Continue bringing my own lunch to work. I’ve become pretty good at making sure we have lunches to take to work, and I want to continue this into 2018. I won’t be perfect all the time, but if I can limit buying lunches or coffees to just a couple times a month, that’s going to do wonders for my budget.
  • Make the most of smaller trips. Because we have a wedding to pay for (and don’t want to reduce our additional mortgage payments or retirement contributions), we are postponing our honeymoon until next year (which also means no big vacation trip this year), so we’ll have to make sure our smaller getaways are super meaningful. We already have three trips booked – Tofino in March, Bowen Island in April, Seattle in August, and potentially (fingers crossed) a week in Haida Gwaii in early June.
  • Finish what I start. I realize that sometimes I get super stoked on a project and go super hard on it, only to lose interest and move onto something else before it’s finished. Actually, RD was the one who made me aware of this. And as a result of this quirk of mine,  I have a lot of half finished crafting projects sitting in my closet (like when I taught myself how to knit but didn’t even finish the scarf I started, or when I had grand ideas of making our own Christmas stockings and did so much stitching that my hand cramped up and I quit). So, my goal for the year is to finish things that I start. Or at least pace myself so that I don’t burn out. And maybe go back to some of my half finished projects and work on them a little. :)


  • Start studying for the APMP Certification (Foundation). I’ve been in this industry for almost 4 years now, and I’m almost positive that something in this line of work is what I’ll be doing for the rest of my career. That being said, I’ve always wanted to further my education with a certification program – I just haven’t found something that really suited my career path – until now! Last year I heard about the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, and while certification through them isn’t a requirement for my job, I think it’ll be beneficial because I’d like to learn something new, and it’s just nice to add a designation after my name to set me apart for future career opportunities.
  • Increased responsibility/exposure at work. I’m not really sure what this looks like yet, but I’d like to do more. Last year, I volunteered to take on some additional tasks which I found fun and fulfilling. Plus, my boss took an extended leave so I got to see more and interact with different people. Whether this goal results in increased responsibility or just increased exposure to other people within the company, I’m not sure. But learning more and growing is important to me – and even though there’s still lots more I can learn in my current role, I would definitely be interested expanding my knowledge.
  • Blog more often. Honestly, I have so many half finished blog posts just waiting for some final touches. But over the last couple of years, I haven’t been posting as much. It all started when I was dating someone who wasn’t super supportive of my blog or freelancing, and that was difficult to manage. Because when it comes down to it, real life is more important than my blog life. So I made the choice. But that’s in the past, and RD couldn’t be more supportive of what I’m doing. I’m confident and interested in sharing my financial choices and lifestyle (and learning from everyone else too!), it’s just that for some reason getting back into the rhythm of putting those thoughts down on the blog has been difficult. I need to figure out why I have that block, and how to get past it. Maybe it’s just a matter of posting more often and getting used to it again.

2018 is going to be a super busy but fun year, and I’m really excited about it. What are your goals looking like for this year?

Author: Krystal Yee

I’m a personal finance blogger and marketing professional based in Vancouver. I’m a former Toronto Star (Moneyville) columnist, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Saving and Investing, and co-founder of the Canadian Personal Finance Conference. When I’m not working, you can usually find me running, climbing, playing field hockey, or plotting my next adventure.


  1. Jess says:

    These are great and inspirational goals. I’m glad you’re with someone who is supportive of your blog and writing, and I look forward to reading your posts over the next year. How did zoeys surgery go?

    • Krystal Yee says:

      Thank you! :) Zoey’s surgery went well, she had a couple of rough days and is still recovering but she’s off pain meds and will be off antibiotics as of tomorrow. She’s not allowed to play with any toys for 2 weeks, so she’s a bit bored, but otherwise just as sassy as ever!

  2. Marlon says:

    So great reading your goals; they seem so balanced! I like how transparent you are in recognizing your patterns and hoping to change them. Congratulations on the engagement :)

  3. SP says:

    Looks like you have a great 2018 ahead of you!

    I feel very lucky that my husband is happy to let me set the direction on pretty much all of our financial goals and plans. I run them by him, but he usually is happy to agree with me.

  4. sarah says:

    Don’t worry too much about the moisturizing. I don’t ever moisturize and have better skin than most people I know.

    Great goals, Best of luck :)

    Do you want to have kids or are you going to be a child-free family?

    • Krystal Yee says:

      Thanks for your comment! Having children is definitely not off the table, but it’s not something either of us feel strongly about at this point. :)

  5. Urgen says:

    Great goals. I can relate to taking care of your body. I played varsity soccer so i have rolled my ankles several times. Now, in my late 20’s, ankles take longer to recover. Plus, I see a typo ” I also want to make sure that I take the to enjoy everything that comes along with getting married and having a wedding.” you are missing *time to enjoy. Anyways, good luck with your goals!

    • Krystal Yee says:

      Oh good call on the typo, fixed now. :) Now that I’m in my 30’s, my body feels and acts a lot different than 10 years ago. I remember rolling my ankles so often when I was a teenager and in my early 20’s and just playing through the injury. I kinda cringe when I think about it haha!

  6. Carol says:

    I appreciate how relatable you are. I also put self-care as one of the things I want to work on this year. Whenever I take the time to do those little things, like moisturize daily, it makes me feel so much better. So you’re not the only one who feels that way! Good luck!

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