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November 2017 Goals

November is shaping up to be a fun month! I’m looking forward to bringing my boots and winter coats back out, and settling into a cozy routine at home. I want to cook curries and stews and fill the freezer with leftovers, and I also really want to clean out my closets and donate at least a few bags of clothing that I no longer wear.

This month is also when I’ll be headed to Toronto for 4 days for the 2017 Canadian Personal Finance Conference! I’m so thrilled because we have an entirely female speaker line-up for the Saturday. It’s just so exciting when the speakers, attendees, and sponsors are all equally enthusiastic about what’s been put together so far. If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, head over to CPFC.CO for more information – and as a special offer to GMBMFB readers, I have a coupon for 20% off the ticket price. Just enter in the code CPFC2017_GMBMFB! Can’t wait to see you there!

There’s also a chance I’ll be headed to Toronto in the middle of the month for a day or two of meetings with a freelance client. I’m keeping my fingers crossed about this one, because if it works out, I think it’ll be one of the coolest freelance gigs I’ve ever been apart of. :)

Our little cat Zoey has been with us for just over a month, and she seems to be settling in nicely. I’ve got a routine set around her meals, and we’re starting to get her sleep schedule more aligned with ours. :) She used to wake up at 2am and just got nuts running around the house playing with her toys. But in the past couple of days she’s slept until around 5am which is when I wake up most mornings anyway. Hopefully we can keep that progress up.

Anyway, here is my budget for November!

November 2017 Goals:

  • Set up a joint savings account. RD mentioned it would be nice to have a savings account set up so that we’re at least earning something instead of having all of our joint money sitting in the chequing account.
  • Consolidate my TFSA accounts. I have some money sitting in a Tangerine TFSA account from a few years ago, and I’ve been wanting to move it over to Questrade all year, I’ve just been too lazy to transfer it over. Then I’ll only have 3 TFSA accounts (TD e-series, Questrade, and stocks from work in a Sunlife account).
  • Get my boots re-soled. I two pairs of boots that desperately need a new heel. Not sure I’d survive the winter without them.
  • Pack a lunch every work day. This will be tough, but doable. The only exceptions will be if it’s a work lunch with my team, or if a friend from out of town is visiting.

Author: Krystal Yee

I’m a personal finance blogger and marketing professional based in Vancouver. I’m a former Toronto Star (Moneyville) columnist, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Saving and Investing, and co-founder of the Canadian Personal Finance Conference. When I’m not working, you can usually find me running, climbing, playing field hockey, or plotting my next adventure.


  1. Hi Krystal, I’ve been thinking of attending the conference so I appreciate the coupon code! Thank you.

  2. LL says:

    I’ve followed your blog for close to 5 years now. You have a great back story of getting out of debt and you’re a really good writer.

    But I have to ask: In the last 5 years have you ever been alone for more than 6 months without a partner to help you split your bills? In your blogs you document every breakup and then report on the relatively quick hookup with a new partner soon after… always with your bills being split. Is this a strategy you use to manage your personal finances?

    Perhaps you can give on a talk on “How to leverage your partner to save money” at the upcoming CPFC. But not on the Saturday session, I’m not sure this talk would not be good a moral boost for woman empowerment.

    • Krystal Yee says:

      Hi thanks for your comment. I’ll answer your question by saying that I’ve never split bills with a partner unless I’m living with them. During the last 2 years yes I’ve been splitting the bills with my boyfriend because we’ve been living together. Before we moved in together, I lived alone for 5 years in my townhouse where I paid for everything myself. Sure I had boyfriends during that time, and we might have split the cost of birthday gifts for friends or vacations together, but it’s not like they were paying half my hydro bill.

      I feel like it’s unfair to say that I’m leveraging my partner to save money. Sure it’s one of the advantages to living together, but it’s not a reason to do so. I can pay for my own life, and have done that successfully for many years. I do talk about “splitting the bills” a lot on this blog, because 1) I don’t talk about RD’s finances at all, and 2) I want to make clear to readers that whatever expense I’m talking about only reflects 50% of the cost. Hope that clears things up!

      • Jess says:

        But you have mentioned splitting bills with partners on this blogs quite a few times before. Previous holidays were paid for by others, and I think you did mention your previous BF paying for groceries quite a few times.

        • Krystal Yee says:

          Well the only time a “holiday” was paid by someone else was when RD’s parents paid for our flights (with points) to Edmonton to go with them to visit his brother. I have never been treated to a vacation before in my life, aside from a few family vacations when I was growing up of course. :)

          In all of my relationships, I’ve tried to be open and honest about money. If I’m spending a lot of time at their place (or vice versa), then it makes sense to share in the grocery expenses. Like I might have offered to pick up groceries every so often so that I was contributing, but I never kept track. AND unless I’m living with someone, I’ve never had help paying my bills (nor have I ever asked), and I’ve never paid for someone else’s bills or rent/mortgage either. Honestly I think when you’re in a relationship it just makes sense to share in the cost of spending time together, and I also think that’s a normal thing to want and do. I never want to feel taken advantage of, and I don’t want someone else to feel that way either. I feel kind of sad that anyone would think that I’m in a relationship just to get further ahead financially. That thought has never crossed my mind.

          • Jess says:

            I’m not going to argue with you on your own blog. We will just agree to disagree. Rd sounds like a great guy and I’m glad you’re in a good place.

    • jill says:

      Tons of successful women have partners who they split bills with, doesn’t negate their success. I don’t get your point at all – she didn’t buy her first home with anyone, just herself. She split bills when she moved to Europe to freelance – big deal? She isn’t leveraging partners – you sound upset that she’s able to date and have successful romantic relationships.

      Couples split bills all the time – there isn’t anything wrong with that, and she can and does do stuff for herself all the time. I’m responding because I love reading her blog, but comments like yours and Jess’ are probably a reason why she isn’t blogging as much – along with the fact she works a full time job and makes a big chunk of change out of it too.

      Log off, get inside yourself and ask why you needed to come here and say what you said to someone that you don’t even know. I know why I am responding, sounds like you’re posting out of jealousy and insecurity – which are “you problems”

  3. Jess says:

    Hi Krystal

    I’m just wondering if you can clarify your use of the term freelance. I know you mentioned in a previous blog issue you no longer do any writing for any clients. Wouldn’t a more appropriate term be “endorsements” or “advertisements?” Anyways, good luck with whatever it is. Love reading about Zoey.

    • jill says:

      She doesn’t just write – she has other skills, so you have no clue what her freelance project is.

      Log off your computer, and get introspective – you just sound bitter and jealous of her success.

      • Jess says:

        That was rude. I like her blog and I’m allowed to ask a question.

        • jill says:

          It was because I assumed you were the Jess above, my apologies if you’re not.

          If you are, then the question was posed as rudely as your responses above, hence my request.

          Krystal barely blogs anymore, I miss her blogs and I hate when haters come and rain on her parade.

    • Krystal Yee says:

      Hey, thanks for your comment! It’s not always “endorsements or “advertisements” that I do. Absolutely sometimes it is. But some of it is actually freelance graphic design work, other times it’s consulting, or giving a talk at a conference, or moderating a panel, or doing a Facebook Live or Twitter chat, or even profits from the book I helped co-write. It’s a big variety of work that I just lump into “freelance.” Hope that helps clarify things!

  4. I hope you will have a great time at the conference. We just had FinCon17 for personal finance bloggers here in the US, and I heard it was lots of fun.

    I’m glad Zoey is getting into a routine! :)

  5. jill says:

    You keep doing you, I am loving the cat updates – wish I could have afforded pet insurance when we had our cat.

    Hope you have fun on both your Toronto trips as well!!

  6. Geoff says:

    Hi Krystal! Great blog. I’m so happy I found it. I too was inundated with debt..30K to be exact. I got fed up. Created a cash flow plan and boom! Paid off in 2yrs!! The best feeling in the world! No more shackles and chains to the banks.

    Maybe I’ll see you at CPFC. Keep up the good work. I truly enjoy your posts.

    Just for a quick laugh…I found this video on YouTube. I hope this person makes more!

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