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2016 Goals


  • Stay debt-free. This is obviously an important goal. :)
  • Save at least 50% of my income. I’ve never made a savings goal like this before (usually my goals revolve around earning more money), but I’m changing it up for this year.
  • Save at least $1,300/month into my RRSP/TFSA. For those of you curious, I am invested in TD e-series funds for my RRSP and TFSA, using a modified Global Couch Potato investment plan. I also hold stocks through Questrade and my SPP at work is in a TFSA.
  • Create realistic monthly budgets. This means planning ahead and checking my progress on a weekly basis.
  • Live one month with a bare-bones budget. I’ve done this experiment in the past, and it was really helpful to see how little I can live off of.
  • Spend less than $500 on clothing and shoes this year. I actually don’t need anything that I can think of, but I know things will pop up – especially fitness-related. The $500 indicated does not include repairing or altering items I already own.


  • Make my body strong. I’ve noticed my body changing a lot in the last couple of years. I’ve lost a bit of speed, it takes longer to recover between activities, I can’t eat like I used to without consequences, and I seem to be going down with a lot of injuries. This year I want to really focus on making my body stronger. There’s no shortage of physical activities I’m interested in. But I’m thinking a combination of rock climbing, yoga, field hockey, and hiking will be good for me. And perhaps it’s time I just give long distance running a rest for a while (as it seems like my body hates me when I run anything over 10-12 km).
  • Go on a multi-day hiking trip. RD and I both want to do a lot of hiking this year, but I specifically want to do a multi-day hike/camp somewhere. I’m thinking of Cape Scott because I haven’t been there yet, but also really want to explore other areas besides southwest BC.
  • Bring lunch to work most days. Now that I’m feeling more settled, I want to stop wasting money on going out for lunch. It’s cheaper and healthier to pack lunches every day, so I’m aiming to do this 4x/week.
  • Stop going to coffee shops. I can make all the coffee I want to make at home, and we have free (really good) coffee at work, so there’s no reason to go to coffee shops anymore unless it’s for socializing. I’m not saying no to coffee dates – just to unnecessary trips to the coffee shop because I’m too lazy to make my own.
  • Eat less dairy. I tried a 30-day vegan challenge last fall which really helped me see how much dairy I was consuming on a regular basis. I’m not going to go full vegan (yet), but I want to consume less dairy at home on a regular basis (which means saying no to cheese sometimes), and switching over to vegan butter, ice cream, and other household staples.
  • Read 12 books. I have so many great books piling up, and want to get into a habit of reading a few pages a day if I can. This might mean less Netflix. :)
  • Bring more creativity to my life. I love creating things, but most of the time I’m creating pixelated art on my computer. I’d like to explore more ways of being hands-on with my creativity – whether it’s a relaxing evening of colouring, cross stitching, knitting, pottery class, or taking up sketching again … I want a different creative outlet other than Photoshop and my blog.


  • Rebrand GMBMFB. I want to somehow incorporate my blog with my professional website, and haven’t quite figured it out yet.
  • Go to three marketing conferences/seminars this year. There are some really great opportunities to learn within my industry, and I want to take advantage of that.

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