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October 2015 Goals

October is an interesting month for me because 1) I’m trying out a 30-day vegan challenge, and 2) I’m traveling for 1/3 of the month.

The chart below reflects an inflated food budget because I have to replace so many staples food items with vegan versions. As it is currently the 5th of the month (and I’m late with this budget), I can already say that moving over to vegan cooking at home is a lot less complicated than I had imagined. But, going out to eat in restaurants has been a bit of a challenge. Thankfully I have some friends who are okay eating at veg/vegan-friendly places, but in other restaurants, I’m that person who has to ask for at least two substitutions with every meal. I find that annoying, but it’s my own issue of not wanting to be a burden on others, and I’ll get over it eventually. :)

I think the budget for travel will be acceptable. I anticipate $150 for Thanksgiving, $300 for Vegas (as I already have some U.S. cash sitting at home), and $50 for Toronto (my flight and accommodation is paid for, and all meals at the Canadian Personal Finance Conference are provided).

The one unknown is a big one. I didn’t put it in the budget because I’m a little bit scared of how much it might cost. Most of you know, I’m a huge Blue Jays fan. And my team is currently in the playoffs. I have a somewhat generous amount sitting in my Travel Fund that I am willing to commit to a playoff ticket (or two) if I can find the time to go. As luck would have it, my travel schedule just so happens to put me in Toronto for the ALCS and the World Series. So if the opportunity arises, I am definitely going to take advantage. :)


October 2015 Goals:

  • Stay on budget with travel expenses. I don’t anticipate going crazy in Vegas, as I’m only there for two nights, and the gals I’m going with seem like they’d have relatively normal travel spending habits (I’ve never traveled with any of them).
  • Check my credit score. It’s my birthday month, so that means it’s time for my annual credit check.
  • Rebalance my investment portfolio. I rebalance my portfolio once a year, also on my birthday month. It’s easy this way, I will never forget to do it. :)
  • Look into rock climbing gyms. After years of (admittedly half-hearted searching), I have found a rock climbing partner. Time to check out what has changed in the Vancouver climbing gym scene since I last went on a regular basis (which was almost 5 years ago now!).

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