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2015 Goals

2015 will be about finding balance, and living with less. Right now, I don’t have much balance. I’ve spent the majority of the last few years neglecting my own place as I found a life elsewhere. And as a result, my own house needs a lot of work. Stuff has piled up everywhere – stuff I don’t even need. Whenever I’m home, it’s a mad rush to get laundry done, go grocery shopping, and work on freelance stuff. Tasks get pushed aside, things get misplaced, lunches don’t get made, and sometimes it just gets too chaotic for me.

So I really want to focus on three things:

  1. Planning out each week as best I can.
  2. Start donating/selling/throwing away things I no longer use.
  3. Re-focus on saving on the little things.

Retirement has always been important to me, and 2015 is no different. It will continue to be a main priority, and hopefully if those 3 goals above work out, I’ll be able to throw more money towards my retirement than I have been in past years.

Here is a breakdown of what I hope to achieve in 2015:


  • Stay debt-free (aside from my mortgage). I feel like this goal is an obvious one, but it needs to be said.
  • Increase my income by 15%. Last year my goal was to increase my income by 20%. But because I lost my job, I wasn’t able to achieve this goal. So I’m bringing it back for this year. I’d like to increase my overall income (full-time and part-time) by 15%. I think that this a bit of a stretch, but it’s still realistic.
  • Save at least $800/month into my RRSP/TFSA. This is an increase of $50/month from last year. My RRSPs are in TD e-series funds, and my TFSAs are with Questrade. I’ll likely split up the money $600 into RRSP and $200 into TFSA. For those of you curious, I use a modified Global Couch Potato investment plan.
  • Stay on budget every month. I need to make realistic budgets for myself this year, and focus on hitting those targets. That’s the only way I’m going to be able to achieve the rest of my financial goals this year.


  • Limit Starbucks trips to 2x/month. No need to explain. :)
  • Bring lunch to work most days. My co-worker and I like to eat at a food truck most Fridays, and now that our department is expanding, I expect that we’ll want to do some team bonding. I want to bring my lunch to work most days, but I also don’t want to miss out on the small things.
  • Shop for needs. I didn’t do a lot of shopping last year, but I did enough to make me feel like I need to make this a goal. I need to be more aware of what I actually need, instead of what I want.
  • Go on one big trip. I’m not sure where I want to go yet, but I’d like to go somewhere really amazing. There are also a couple of other trips that I’ll take this year as well – like two trips to Toronto, one to San Francisco, and then there’ll be a small trip to Seattle (Blue Jays game!), and fingers crossed, Portland as well.
  • Run in one half marathon. 2014 was an awful year for me. I got injured twice, and was forced to stop running in August. My goal last year was to run in 4 half marathon races, and I only completed one. This year, my goal is to just train for one. And since I learned my body can’t handle both field hockey and running at the same time, I’ll have to do all my training during the summer.
  • Read 20 books. I have a huge list of books to read on GoodReads. Time to tackle them.


  • Enroll in Business Management program. I did a lot of research last year to figure out exactly how I’m going to take my career to the next level, and I came up with a part-time diploma program that I believe will help a lot. My one and only professional goal for 2015 is to enroll and start taking classes.

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