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May 2014 Goals

This is going to be my most social month in a really long time. Not only am I going home over the long weekend, but BF and I have planned commitments to attend (at least 4), and I’m going out with girlfriends an additional 4 times this month. It’s going to be a spendy month for sure, so I’m glad I’m planning ahead with this budget.

Along with an inflated Entertainment category, you will see that once again, my Travel spending is sky high. This is due to the weekend home, as well as purchasing a flight to Edmonton for June. I’ll be tagging along with BF and his family for an extended weekend. :) I have quite a few rewards points saved up with my Capital One Aspire World Travel MasterCard, so I might use those to pay for the flight… but the original plan was to keep saving up those points for our tentative trip to Europe in the fall. :)

05 - May Budget

May 2014 Goals:

  • Contribute $800 into my Retirement Portfolio. My normal contribution amount is $750.
  • Earn $1,200 in freelance income.
  • Review my budget. I’ve been comfortable with my budget for the past few months, but I think there are certain categories where I might be able to reduce my spending.
  • Pay attention to my health. This means doing the following every day: taking a multivitamin, drinking more water, and severely cutting back on my intake of refined sugars and salty snacks (chips are definitely out for this month).
  • Walk 10,000 steps per day 100,000 steps per week. I’ll average this out over each week because even though I might not hit 10,000 steps on some work days, I can make up for it on the weekends. Yep, still loving my FitBit. (**note** After realizing I’m averaging well over 10,000 steps per day, I decided that this goal really wasn’t going to challenge me enough… so I upped it to an average of 100,000 steps per week – wish me luck!)
  • Bring my lunch to work every day. This is going to be an extremely social (and expensive) month for me, so I’ll be dining out a lot in restaurants. Best to minimize expenses and extra calories by sticking to healthy, packed lunches during the week.
  • Stay on budget. With so many things happening this month, I really need to get focused and stay on track with my spending.


Author: Krystal Yee

I’m a personal finance blogger and marketing professional based in Vancouver. I’m a former Toronto Star (Moneyville) columnist, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Saving and Investing, and co-founder of the Canadian Personal Finance Conference. When I’m not working, you can usually find me running, climbing, playing field hockey, or plotting my next adventure.


  1. Nice set of monthly goals. Good luck in achieving your goals.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Krystal, can you please refer to your boyfriend as “my BF” instead of simply “BF.” Thank you.

  3. Sounds like you have a busy month ahead! I do too, I feel like May always kicks of the summer of BBQs and get togethers. Traveling is always expensive, but I love looking forward to trips and getting a change of scenery every once in a while.

  4. Nadia says:

    Edmonton is my neck of the woods! Hope you enjoy your trip here!

  5. Meghan says:

    100,000 steps a week? Good for you!

  6. Morgan says:

    I’m hoping to hit my 10K steps a day with FitBit when the weather warms up. I usually do on days I’m at the gym (3 – 4 times a week) but outside of that it’s been hard with work & having zero desire to walk places in the crazy weather we’ve had in Toronto. My goal is to spend my lunches walking once it’s warm to help me get there. Good luck to you – 100,000 steps a week is impressive!

  7. *puts up hand* I’m one of the girlfriends you’re meeting up with right? :D

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