CONTEST: Win 250 Letterpress Business Cards from! - Give Me Back My Five Bucks

CONTEST: Win 250 Letterpress Business Cards from!

My favourite business cards are ones that use letterpress. There’s just something about how timeless and traditional they look, especially when combined with a new and modern design. It creates such an elegant feeling – perfect for stand-out business cards, wedding invitations, or special occasion flyers. :)

Last year I redesigned my personal business cards and once again used my favourite online print shop, I think having beautiful, well-designed business cards are a really nice touch when networking or even on a job interview. And I love it when people ask where I got my cards from, and who designed them for me. :) So you can bet that when I create new cards in the next few months, I’ll definitely be trying out Jukeboxprint’s letterpress option.

Letterpress High Res

So in celebration of making a good first impression and having business cards you can be proud of, I have teamed up with my friends over at  to give away ONE (1) set of 250 letterpress business cards (40 pt cotton stock – one of their most expensive and premium stocks) with 2-colour output. This includes free shipping to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!  

There are FOUR ways to enter:

  1. +1 entry: Tweet about the contest (copy and paste the following: “ is giving away Letterpress Business Cards. Follow @Jukebox and enter now:“).
  2. +2 entry: Follow @jukebox on Twitter.
  3. +3 entry: Comment on this blog post and tell me what you think of the Letterpress cards from
  4. +1 entry: Like on Facebook.


  • You MUST use Rafflecopter to record all of your entries.
  • I am giving away one (1) sets of 250 business cards.
  • Shipping is free worldwide.
  • Contest closes February 28, 2014.

Good luck! :)

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  1. This would be perfect timing! When I return from my mat leave I’ll be looking for new jobs and would love to have a professional, unique business card to hand to prospective employers!

  2. I’ve been considering cards for awhile now – Jukeboxprint’s look great!

  3. I’m just starting out in my professional life, and Jukeboxprint’s cards look beautiful yet still professional – definitely what I’m looking for!

  4. I wish I knew about them months ago when I was designing a business card for a client. Nothing like a crisp letterpress card to make a good impression.

  5. Very impressive – great way to make a statement!

  6. Those are gorgeous! I’d love a set to promote some freelance work I’m hoping to break into. Thanks for all the inspiration on financial planning, career decisions, etc. Best of luck on your job search – you’re very talented!

  7. Wow, these cards are really cool. Fun yet professional!

  8. Just beautiful- the quality is apparent even in the photos!

  9. So excited about this giveaway! I am a huge fan of letterpress, so pretty much swooned when I saw their cards!

  10. The business cards look nice, the fonts seem to be of higher quality than others. I will have to check these out sometime

  11. I like a company that helps me standout, Jukebox would definitely be giving me the edge I need for the industry I’m in :)

  12. Nice cards :) been looking…

  13. These cards are adorable! I love the extra specialness the use of a letterpress gives.

  14. Those cards of gorgeous! I love the idea of letterpress business cards and would love to have some of my own. I think it would be pretty useful since I’m working on growing my own little business!

  15. Perfect timing, I’m almost out of cards. Your work looks beautiful.

  16. Honestly I just kind of want to pet them, they’re so neat!

  17. Wow, these are beautiful cards. I bought my last ones from, but will look into these for my next batch. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I think these cards are just beautiful. Very classy and sure to get noticed!

  19. These are beautiful! Very neat and classy!

  20. I love letterpress anything! These cards look amazing.

  21. The letterpress business cards look great … though the wooden ones are pretty intriguing as well!

  22. i really, really love these! i knew i’d been avoiding my school’s much more boring ones for a reason, despite being a 1st-year phd-er who really, really needs them!

  23. Their cards look great!

  24. I love the letterpress cards. I have been a huge fan of jukeboxprint since they first started and would love to finally design my own.

  25. I had a look at the website – the cards are stunning – and so are a lot of the other products that they offer! I would be honoured to be handing out Jukeboxprint letterpress business cards – what a conversation starter!

  26. These are beautiful cards, I would love to win them. Thank you.

  27. Brilliant cards – definitely a great way to leave a lasting impression.

  28. My contract for work is ending next month and I’ll need personal business cards. Working in the environmental sector, I would love to use some of their “recycled paper” cards! Love the kraft paper one’s!!

  29. Good looking cards

  30. Cute looking cards!

  31. What a great giveaway! These cards look amazing — I also just got laid off and am freelancing to make ends meet. These cards would be great for meeting with potential clients.

  32. I love love love Jukebox, I heard about them through your site and ordered my first set last year. My info has since changed and I’m in need of an update but I’m torn about the extra cost so it would be amazing if I win this! I’m looking to give them out at a tradeshow in New York City this spring.

  33. They’re beautiful! A friend has a set of really nice cards with a varnish on them from you guys. Would love to have letterpress for my weding design business!

  34. The cards are amazing! Would be great to have a set of personal cards that make a lasting impression.

  35. Great and pretty give away :) Useful for a recent graduate like myself who is looking to make a statement with these cards while networking.

  36. Ah, awesome contest. My business card needs a makeover and these Jukebox letterpress cards would be perfect!

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