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May 2012 Goals: Recap

May was a much calmer month than April in terms of spending, although we did add in two trips outside of Stuttgart – a day trip to Heidelberg, and an overnight trip to Freiburg in the Black Forest. I’m enjoying the less hectic travel schedule. We are planning picnics in the park, day trip adventures within the city, and even meeting up with some people for dinner and drinks. Although, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to head off to Athens next week. :)

As for my goals, I didn’t exactly shine this month. And while I did try, I didn’t try my hardest. I kind of blame the beautiful weather.

Over Budget:

  • Travel – Actually, considering I bought 2 flights (Stuttgart-Barcelona, Barcelona-Stockholm), and went on 2 unplanned trips (Freiburg, Heidelberg) along with the 2 planned trips for the month (Amsterdam, Berlin), I’m pleased I only went over budget by $118.53!

Net Worth Change– $3,149 (- 4.20%)

This is the first negative net worth month I’ve had in almost two years. It makes me sad to see my net worth plummet by so much, but I knew it was coming – I had to pay my 2011 taxes! Hopefully I’ll be able to start another streak of positive net worth months starting in June. :)

May 2012 Goals:

  • Get up-to-date with my administrative work and invoices. FAIL. I’m the worst. The invoices are all up-to-date, and I’ve been paid the backlog of invoices I was waiting on… but as for my e-mails and advertising admin work… let’s just see it’s a work in progress.
  • Help as much as I can with the book launchPASS. There wasn’t actually anything to do, but I’ll be waiting and willing once it starts.
  • Send one box of stuff home to Vancouver. FAIL. There could be a small (okay, big) change of plans in the coming weeks. My lips are sealed until then. :)

Ongoing 2012 Goals:

  • Post a new photo every day on my Tumblr account, My Life In Pixels. CHECK! I was a little behind sometimes because of my lack of internet connection, but I do have a photo up for every day of the month.
  • Only post my own photos on GMBMFB. FAIL. A couple of my photos were taken from the hostel website, because the photos I took ended up being on the wrong camera setting so they looked terrible.
  • Write one guest post for another blog or website. FAIL. Yep.

Trip Recap: Venice, Italy

Venice was crowded and full of tourists. And it was really expensive. But it was also such a great experience. To finally get to see such an iconic city in person with my mom, sister, and boyfriend was a dream come true. We stuffed ourselves full of delicious Italian food and wine, and had a terrific time exploring the beautiful streets and canals. Plus, getting to ride in a gondola (for the first, and likely last time – it’s expensive!) was fun too. Especially because our gondolier was female.

I was also surprised at how different the area of Lido is from the rest of the Venice core. The beautiful beaches and laid back feeling made me a bit homesick for Vancouver.

Breakdown of Expenses:

[list icon=”check”]

  • $0 (€0) – sponsorship (3 nights)
  • $95.80 (€74) – Transportation: train to Stuttgart, Germany
  • $152.76 (€118) – Food: average of $50.92/day, or $16.97 per meal
  • $17.48 (€13,50) – Transit: ferry to Cimitero di San Michele, Murano, and Lido
  • $38.84 (€30) – Entertainment: gondola ride!
  • $3.88 (€3) – Miscellaneous: magnet


TOTAL: $308.76

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Spending Recap: May 21-27, 2012

Monday 21st
$21.55 (€16,78) groceries
$102.04 flight (Stuttgart-Barcelona, travel in August)

Tuesday 22nd
$5.14 (€4) laundry
$4.56 (€3,55) Starbucks

Wednesday 23rd
No Spend Day! 

Thursday 24th – Berlin, Germany
+ $350 freelance income
$211.61 flight (Stockholm-Kiruna, travel in August)
$4.94 (€3,85) dinner

Friday 25th – Berlin, Germany
$4.75 (€3,70) breakfast
$13.48 (€10,50) lunch & beer
$0.64 (€0,50) toilet
$3.17 (€2,47) drink
$16.70 (€13) dinner

Saturday 26th – Berlin, Germany
$3.85 (€3) breakfast
$8.09 (€6,30) transit day pass
$6.42 (€5) Jewish Museum
$1.93 (€1,50) Afri-cola
$4.49 (€3,50) sushi
$3.15 (€2,45) beer
$18.62 (€14,50) dinner

Sunday 27th- Berlin, Germany
$16.05 (€12,50) Checkpoint Charlie Museum
$7.06 (€5,50) magnet
$8.35 (€6,50) lunch
$14.12 (€11) 1-hour boat tour
$2.95 (€2,30) snack
$17.34 (€13,50) dinner
$1.28 (€1) pinball


TOTAL: – $152.28

We started booking our flights in August, so you will see 2 flights purchased this week. We leave Stuttgart for good on August 1st, and fly out to Barcelona. From there, we will spend 4 nights, then take a plane all the way to Stockholm. From Stockholm, we fly north to the small town of Kiruna. I’m also looking into booking my flight back home to Vancouver, but I need to do a bit more research to make sure I get the best price possible.

As for Berlin? I think we did a really good job making an expensive city really affordable – while still taking in everything the city had to offer. From Rastafarian bars to museums to walks through beautiful neighbourhoods, we packed all that we could into 4 days. :)

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