Win $500 CASH towards your financial bucket list - Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Win $500 CASH towards your financial bucket list

Get ready, because this is an epic contest – a $500 CASH GIVEAWAY to one lucky person!

Do I have your attention now? :)

Today I’m partnering with Life Insurance Finder to provide this awesome contest. Life Insurance Finder are a great new company that help you find and compare life insurance policies all in one place and without costing you a cent.

All you have to do to enter to win $500 USD cash is tell me what’s on your Financial Bucket List. You can also blog and tweet about the contest too if you want more entries (trust me, you do).

Here are a few items from MY Financial Bucket List:

  1. Pay off my $6,980 braces bill. It’s currently at 0% interest. I’ve paid off $2,630 so far, and have 6 more quarterly payments of $725 each before it’s completely paid off.
  2. Get my Emergency Fund to $10,000. This would give me 6 months of living on a barebones budget.
  3. Put $3,000 towards my mortgage principal. I’m already prepaying by an extra 20% on a bi-weekly basis, but on my mortgage anniversary date in 2012, I would like to put down an additional $3,000.
  4. Beef up my Travel Fund. I like to keep a cushion of money in this account in case I ever have to make a last-minute trip, or if a great deal comes up that I want to pounce on. Right now, it’s looking pretty sad since I just booked a flight to Montreal. :)
  5. Retire early. This is my #1 personal finance goal. I’d like to seriously consider retirement by the time I’m 55.

How to enter to win $500 CASH:

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY. You must leave a SEPARATE comment with each entry in it below for it to count. If it’s not in the comments, each as a separate comment, it will not count (this is how I will track your # of entries).

NOTE: You don’t need to comment 10 separate times that you blogged about it. I will make sure to count that comment as 10 entries. :)

  • (1 entry): What’s on your Financial Bucket List! Choose a couple of things on your financial bucket list, and leave them in the comments below.
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  • This is a contest for $500 in cash.
  • Open to everyone worldwide. The only requirement is that you have a PayPal account in order to receive the prize. :)
  • The contest will run from November 23-December 14, 2011. All entries must be in by Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 at 5pm PST.
  • The winner will be chosen using
  • If you are an anonymous commenter, please remember to leave your e-mail address in your comment, otherwise your entries will be disqualified.

That’s it! GOOD LUCK to everyone!

I’m excited to hear what’s on your Financial Bucket List, and I’m thrilled that one person will be $500 closer to achieving one of their financial goals. :)

About Krystal Yee

I'm a writer, personal finance blogger, and marketing professional based in Vancouver. I'm a former Toronto Star (Moneyville) columnist, author of The Beginner's Guide to Saving and Investing, and co-founder of the Canadian Personal Finance Conference. When I'm not working, you can usually find me running, playing field hockey, or plotting my next adventure.


  1. Just a couple (and more relevant to this period of my life) of items on my financial bucket list
    1) Stay within our wedding budget – no exceptions- for our June 2012 wedding.
    2) Fund our honeymoon stateside without using any credit
    3) Purchase a car in 2013 without financing it!

  2. I’m still starting out in my budgeting adventures and tracking them, so I’m hoping to keep my grocery budget under $100 a week (I live in an expensive country, beautiful but expensive!)

  3. 1) Boost my emergency fund to 5000 USD – only $4000 to go
    2) Boost my travel fund to 1000 USD – only $750 to go
    3) Max my Roth annually – that’s a far away dream, since I haven’t been able to add anything to it for the last year and a half.
    4) Short term – not use my credit card for holiday shopping…eeek

    $500 dollars would be an incredible boost!

  4. My #1 is DEFINATELY paying off my student loans…still about $30,000 to go. Then I want to purchase a wonderful home with a plan in place to pay off the mortgage within 10 years so I can afford the millions of other things I want out of life. :).

  5. 1. Pay off my student loans–a whopping $40,000
    2. Start an emergency fund–yeah, haven’t done that yet
    3. Start saving for a down payment on a house

  6. Some items from my financial bucket list are:
    1. Pay off credit card balance in full (approx. $7500)
    2. Stay on grocery budget of $100 a week and work hard to eliminate food waste
    3. Start (and complete!) travel fund of $2000
    4. Finish Christmas shopping by the end of November

  7. My full financial goals list will be going up around the new year, but a few items are:

    1. Finish grad school without more student loan debt.
    2. Pay off my student loans within five years of graduating.
    3. Become a prodigious accumulator of wealth.
    4. Become a millionaire.

  8. My current number 1 financial goal is to beef up my maternity leave fund.

  9. Wow this is a great contest!

    My bucket list is:
    1. $20,000 to put towards my mortgage next year
    2. $40,000 to make up for the income I will be losing on mat. leave next year
    3. $5,000 for a London/Paris trip to visit close friends
    4. $30,000 to max out hubby’s and my RRSP next year

  10. My number goal is to pay off all my debt. I have paid of all my CC debt this year and next on my list is my student loan. My other goals are to top up my TFSA and continue to find ways of cutting down my monthly expenses.

  11. I tweeted it too…do we need to leave this in the comments section? (I’m not sure how to show my status tweet!) I’m trying to follow Penny’s lead!

  12. My short-term finanical goals include the following:
    – pay off student loan by mid-2012 (almost half-way there!)
    – find a way to generate side income to finance fun things, like travel

  13. What a great giveaway!

    1. Pay off my $7500 in student loans.
    2. Save enough to be able to take a honeymoon next fall.
    3. Save up enough money to put at least 20% down on a house in the next 3-5 years.
    4. Open a Roth IRA in 3-5 years, aim at maxing that baby out eventually!

  14. First goal is to pay off debt of around $30,000. Second is to increase my emergency fund $10,000. Third is to really understand how to invest my money. It seems my whole life my ‘investments’ have gone down and not up. They are worth less today in actual dollars than when I started far too many years ago. I actually would have more money today if I had put it all in CSBs and that is a sad statement. A 1% rate of return all these years would have been heaven. I read commentaries of 7% or more and just groan. Thanks banks,lousy advice and high fees. Shame on me for not acting sooner but no more!

  15. Here are a few of the things we are working on
    1) Pay off my student loans of approx 20,000
    2) Pay off our car
    3) Build an emergency fund of 6 months worth of expenses

  16. Pay off the mortgage
    Set up an RESP for lil’ SPF before year end – fund it to $2500

    Tweeted and will come back with the link to this giveaway after I include it in my exclusive monthly round up Friday morning.

  17. Have my mortgage paid off
    Have a second condo/house paid off in a place that I love
    Make at least six figures a year
    Have no debt
    Be able to pay for everything with cash upfront

  18. This is a great contest thanks so much!

    My top 3 financial goals:
    1) pay for the damages to my car from my accident in cash ($900+)
    2) pay down my OSAP so that its at or under $5,000 by the end of this year and have it done by the end of May 2012 so I can focus on the $25,000 on my student line of credit.
    3) start my braces fund $3500 since I will be getting braces January 2012

  19. My bucket list:

    1) Pay off student loans
    2) Beef up emergency fund to $20000
    3) Start a travel fund and save $10000

  20. My newest bucket list items as of 2011:

    1) Stay within our grocery budget – this is a weekly bucket list item!
    2) Fund our travels to and from both our home countries to where we are currently living without using credit
    3) Pay off my student line of credit by 2014
    4) Put more into our emergency fund to up it to $8 000 CA
    5) Continue searching for scholarships for medical school to keep our costs down in that department!

  21. Great contest idea!

    My bucket list would be:

    1 – Become a homeowner (either outright or with a mortgage)
    2 – Get my credit rating back to good or excellent
    3 – Be debt free
    4 – Get a job paying more than £30K a year

  22. And now tweeted about:!/louisetillotson/status/139352581423108097

    Thanks for organising such a great contest!

  23. My most important bucket list item is my emergency account. This happens to be the exact amount I need to reach $5000 by the end of the year!!

  24. Financial Bucket List:

    Pay off our 4 Credit cards. (2 will be gone in Dec!!!)

    Up our E-Fund. Currently at 3 months … 6 months would be the goal.

    Start a Vacation fund and keep adding too it, even after Vacation.

    Start a Chrismas fund for next year! Saving monthly made all the difference when it came time to shop this year!

    We are new to budgeting so we are starting small!

  25. Mine would be a pesky $557 dollar medical bill, I got from deciding for some reason to do a HD HSA plan when I have a chronic issue and obviously not having them take enough out for the HSA…

  26. Here’s my list:
    1) Purchase two Pottery Barn lamps and a new coffee table
    2) Put $1000 toward my mortgage
    3) Get my emergency fund to $7500 (it’s at $4,000 right now)
    4) Go on a trip somewhere in North America

  27. 1) Save up a 20% down payment and purchase our first home in 2012.
    2) Save up to be able to purchase our next vehicle fully in cash.
    3) Max out Roth IRA

  28. My Financial Bucket List:

    1) Pay off student loan ($14k)
    2) Pay off mortgage ($100k)
    3) Go back to school full-time without having to work or take out additional loans
    4) Become a landlord and research other ways to generate income by having my money work for me, to become less dependent on an employer and be able to be a stay-at-home mom when the time comes
    5) Become a Disney Vacation Club member and take fabulous vacations around the world with my family

    As I wrote this, I realized my husband’s list would probably look very different than mine. Which is why these goals are still on my list instead of being crossed off. We either disagree on the goal or disagree on whether they are short term or long term goals. Anyway, generating this list has been food for thought, and I’m sure it will become a topic of discussion on our long car drive tonight! Thanks. :-)

  29. My top 2 items:

    1. Increase my travel savings to $5000.
    2. Save 20% for a down payment.

  30. Amazing giveaway!
    My financial bucket list:
    1. Max our my roth.
    2. Buy my condo – 25% down payment would be nice!
    3. Set up a law school fund to avoid ginormous loans
    4. $5,000 travel fund.
    5. $15,000 in a wedding fund.
    6. Retire early! (i hope).

    And I’ll post more in my blog. Thanks for hosting!

  31. My financial bucket list is:

    1)Max out my E-fund at $10000(only $8500 to go)
    2)Pay off my student loans (only $30000 to go)
    3)Start a Roth IRA and max it out
    4)Save $5000 for my travel fund

  32. Yay! My bucket list:

    – continue to save for our down payment on our house (almost there!)
    -pay off the house ASAP
    -save for kid’s college education
    -retire ASAP :)

  33. 1. Pay off line of credit
    2. Start a fund to pay for property taxes
    3. Start a travel fund

  34. 1. Increase my income
    2. Pay off my line of credit
    3. Beef up my emergency fund
    4. Pay off my car loan
    5. Increase my travel fund
    6. Save for a downpayment

  35. Sweet giveaway! I’ve done a post like this on my blog, but here’s the short version:

    – Buy and pay off my own car. And before my current 11-year old car dies, preferably
    – Get out of all consumer and student loan debt
    – Buy a house and get out of renting forever
    – Work a job I love and believe in, not just for the money. I’m still trying to figure out what that is going to be, too.
    – Travel to Europe again, preferably with the BF :)

  36. 1. Pay off my students loans. Only $500 more to go!
    2. Save enough money to go to Buenos Aires next year.
    3. Get through the holiday season!

    – Kerri-Lynn

  37. just tweeted @NotSoSerene (sorry my Twitter is private)

  38. I’ve got lots of things on my financial bucket list but I’ll just go with three.

    1. Complete paying back money loaned from parents $1200 to go!
    2. Save up every penny to complete kitchen reno, prior to starting kitchen reno
    3. Increase car payment starting after parental loan is gone.

  39. 1. Beef up my emergency fund to $10,000 ($9,650 to go)
    2. Save up $20,000 for a down payment (Currently have $9,000 in my RRSP)
    3. Save $4000 to travel to Machu Picchu with Krystal Yee
    4. Save $2000 for car related expenses, including maintenance and an accident-related buffer
    5. Buy a nice, touring bike for city travel! ($600ish)

  40. 1. Pay off my student loan (about 11k to go!)
    2. Start/finish a travel fund of 2-3k
    3. Put away (at least) 10k in an RRSP within the next year

  41. A few things on my list:
    1.) Pay for Christmas in cash this year.
    2.) Slash the time needed to pay my cc debt from 5 years to 3 years or less!

  42. A few things from my financial bucket list:
    1.) Save up for a down payment for a house (20-25%)
    2.) Purchase house with aforementioned down payment in the next 2-3 years
    3.) Save up for a Eurotrip for me and my husband to go on in late 2012
    4.) Gradually save for braces (like you!) for my bottom teeth

  43. Oh man, I gotta choose just a few? lol

    #1 – paint my steel kitchen cabinets (vintage & $$$ to paint)
    #2 – buy a truck in cash (we need the hauling capacity)
    #3 – set up an emergency stockpile of cold, hard, cash.

  44. #1-pay off personal loan
    #2-pay off car
    #3-save for downpayment for a home
    #4-save enough for retirement

  45. 1. Saev $20,000 toward house down payment.
    2. Get Emergency fund to $6000.
    3. Save $600 in Travel fund for weekend trip to Anchorage.
    4. $1400 for a new car (this is a multi year goal with $1400 being this years total.)

  46. I’ve blogged about this:

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  47. I’ve paid down my credit cards, so now #1 on my list is getting my ‘safety net’ savings account up to 3 and then 6 months. #2 is paying off the mortgage, and #3 is having enough saved up to re-do the kitchen and garden without dipping back into debt.

  48. My bucket list:
    1. Work on my new job since my work place will close down end of this month
    2. Earn enough $ of course
    3. In the future: put money back into emergency fund
    4. Put money away for retirement
    5. Save for a house!

  49. 1. Number one goal on my financial bucket list – pay off my student loans! $500 would put me SO close to my original $5,000 by 12/31 goal!

    2. Start contributing to retirement. Hard to do on a grad school budget, but I’m working on it.

    3. Start a small vacation fund. The BF and I, after almost three years, have never taken a real vacation together. We’ve been checking out Groupon Getaways to see what a reasonable 3-4 day all-inclusive trip would be, and we’re thinking around $1500 with flights.

  50. My financial bucketlist includes:

    1) A Larger Travel Fund. I usually take 3-4 trips a year and really need to organize my funds for them.

    2) A Tory Burch purse. I’ve made a challenge for myself, that if I don’t buy a purse for 12 months, I can buy a designer purse.

  51. My Financial Bucket List
    1. Save up 10 000$ for my wedding next September
    2. Save up to put down one extra mortgage payment per year.
    3. Build a emergency nest egg of 5000$
    4. Save enough to put down 15% of my income towards my RRSPs( currently doing 10%)
    5. Start a savings account for the future baby and have at least 5000$ in this account by the time we start trying..about Xmas 2013.

  52. Pay off our new car!

  53. I have an investment phobia. Sure, I save and do employee ownership program for RRSP, but then, I never invest. After growing up around people who invested ‘heavily’ in stock market by borrowing and putting all their assets in danger and having read abotu a couple who committed suicide when lost all their money in the stock market, I used to freeze when I think of investments.. I’ve come a long way since then but haven’t really gotten into investing. I guess a mental block somewhere…

    To conquer this mental block and invest somewhere after a good research is a top one on my financial bucket list!

    Second one on the list would be to get all my finances in order in one place and get a will made, trustees named, etc!

  54. My Financial Bucketlist:
    1. Save for a special cruise with my boyfriend
    2. Beef up emergency fund
    3. Get a will made up so all my savings efforts won’t go to waste if something happens

  55. My financial bucketlist includes:

    1. Increase my travel fund (Bali, here I come!)
    2. Finish transferring all my investments to low-cost options
    3. Increase retirement/freedom fund.

  56. My bucketlist

    1.Pay off my motorcycle loan!
    2. Up my payments to my mortgage

    Thanks for the giveaway

  57. 1. Beef up RRSPs (Currently at $13,000)
    2. Maintain emergency fund of $15,000
    3. Save >20% for a down payment for a condo in Vancouver (Ha!)
    4. Maintain my “whatever fund” of $15,000 (I’m not sure what it’s for.. wedding, car, more education, future condo renovation, spontaneous world travel.. I don’t have to spend my money because something will spend it sooner or later at this point in my life)
    5. Seriously research how to invest. I don’t understand anything. :(

  58. 1. Payoff my credit card debt
    2. Build up the emergency fund
    3. Start a company
    4. Retire early

  59. I tweeted this.!/gjhall

    1. Pay off my $18,500 student debt to my parents.
    2. Pay off last $2,400 of credit card debt that just won’t go away.

  60. 1. Pay off Credit Card
    2. Pay off Credit Lines – yes plural :(
    3. Save $15000 for E.F.
    4. Save for a down payment on another house. :)

  61. 1. Save for the downpayment on my 40 acres.
    2. Pay off all student loan debt

  62. Tweeted! @InSearchOfYummy

  63. My current financial bucket list:
    1. Pay off my student loan!
    2. Start saving for retirement
    3. Maintain $5,000 emergency fund

  64. I also tweeted about the giveaway: @c_bumstead

  65. My financial bucket list:
    1. Have a $15,000 EF
    2. Establish a vacation/fun savings account
    3. Be mortgage free before my kids are out of high school

  66. My financial bucket list:

    1. Pay off my car loan
    2. Pay off my student loan
    3. Start saving for a house
    4. Maintain a $5,000 emergency fund!

  67. 1. Pay off my $7,000 credit card bill before the low interest period expires next year.
    2. Get my emergency fund up to $8000 so I can feel less anxiety when my self-employment goes through a dry spell.
    3. Start saving for retirement.
    4. Start saving for a new car.
    5. Take a long overdue holiday.

  68. My financial bucket list:

    1. Finally pay of my the remained of my $105K debt. $31,838 to go.
    2. Build my efund to $15k
    3. Turn on regular contribution to 401K & Roth IRA
    4. Celebrate 2013 New Years in Rio.

  69. 2 things on my bucket list:

    1. Build a travel fund
    2. Pay an extra $30K towards mortgage every yr

  70. My bucket list looks a lot like yours, Krystal.

    1. Pay off student LOC – $14,000
    2. Open and contribute maximum to RRSP for tax incentive and first-time homeowner incentive.
    3. Get emergency up fund to 5,000 (3 months of bare bones expenses)
    5. Treat myself once in a while.

  71. My Financial Bucket List

    1. Pay off the last bit of my student loans!
    2. Create a travel fund of $5000
    3. Pay off my braces too!!

  72. 1. Max out my and my husband’s Roth IRAs
    2. Pay off my student loan – approx. $6,500
    3. Pay an extra $500-$1,000 to the mortgage each month
    4. Pay for a vacation in cash

  73. My financial bucket list:

    1. Pay off my student line of credit
    2. Pay off my student loans
    3. Build up an emergency fund of $5000
    4. Pay down my mortgage by an extra 15% a year

  74. 1. Save up for a house
    2. Save up for travel to Galapagos Islands
    3. Retire early

  75. 1. Pay off credit card (which was at $0 until my parents needed a ‘loan’)
    2. Continue to save for downpayment for condo
    3. Bring Emergency fund up to $6,000 before purchasing condo
    4. Save for closing costs of condo
    5. Establish RDSP (no typo there)

  76. My financial bucket list:
    – Finish paying off my investment property
    – Save for traveling
    – Get started on an RRSP (I just graduated)
    – Max out my TFSA

  77. Sigh. Where do I start? Short term goals are:

    1) Pay off remaining balance on VISA (goal is to do this by April 1st, 2012)

    2) Save a $10,000 cushion by June 30th, 2013

    3) Go on one big trip (Thailand maybe?)

  78. Here’s my list (which is part of my Life List on my blog)

    -Become 100% debt-free
    -Help the less fortunate
    -Build my dream home
    -Decide that I have enough money to be satisfied
    -Own a home in Colorado
    -Invest in real estate
    -Own a bakery
    -Leave some sort of legacy behind–a foundation
    -Own a home internationally
    -Own an island
    -Own a small bar/restaurant that features live music
    -Purchase jewelry from Tiffany’s
    -Leave any wealth or assets I have when I go out to people who really deserve and need them

  79. 1) Graduate, get a job, and repay my Dad for 8 years of university.
    2) Save for a down payment on a condo upon graduation.
    3) Save 10% of income for retirement.
    4) Give 10% of income to charity.

  80. My financial bucket list right now is pretty short.

    1) Save up enough to move out.
    2) Save up enough for baby expenses.
    3) Have a baby!

    We both want kids soon and money is the only thing holding us back. We are emotionally responsible and ready but just not financially. $500 would help us get there!

  81. My bucket list includes:

    -Pay off my braces bill- $3,400 remaining!
    -Grow my tax-free savings account by $5,000 this year.
    -Finish furnishing my empty apartment :)

    Love your blog. I cant explain how much it helps me on a daily basis. -Michelle

  82. Financial Bucket List
    1. Max out Roth IRA contribution every year
    2. Add $10K next year to emergency/cash savings account
    3. Add a supplemental income in 2012

  83. Here’s my bucket list!!
    1. Rehab another home and live in it to sell at a profit.
    2. Maintain my emergency fund of 10k
    3. Start a travel fund

  84. I commented with my bucket list.

    1) Save money for travel – I want to take a trip with my dad and brothers to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
    2) Save money to produce and direct a play
    3) Max out my Roth while I can
    4) Max out my 401(k) when I can.

  85. Tammy/psmflowerlady

    1) Pay off credit card debt
    2) Build emergency fund of $21K
    3) Build a travel fund.

  86. My financial bucketlist:

    LONG TERM: To be financially secure enough to retire early (target 60) and fulfill my dream of doing a phd in english literature (have master’s degree).

    MID TERM: Own my own house

    SHORT TERM Pay off student debt by September 2012

  87. My financial bucket list:

    – Put some money ($5000) towards the principal of my mortgage (right now I do the accelerated weekly payments)

    – Max out my RRSP and TFSA for next year (already maxed out for this year!)

    – Pay off the last installment of my wedding photographer’s fee

  88. My financial bucket list:

    -Build up emergency fund
    -Save for wedding/honeymoon
    -Save for dream house downpayment
    -Pay off my student loans

  89. Bucket List:

    -debt-free wedding
    -debt-free graduate degree
    -6 months’ worth of emergency savings
    -buy a house
    -adopt 1-3 children (really, the size of our family will depend on finances)

  90. Bucket List:

    1. Save for a investment property
    2. Max out my 401k
    3. Pay off 6k in student loans

  91. My Financial Bucket List

    1. Save more towards retirement.
    2. Try to save more towards my kids college
    3. Pay off our mortgage sooner by paying extra money each month.
    4. Pay off my $6,400 in credit card bills
    5. Save toward a new car.

    Thanks so much.

  92. I tweeted:!/peg42/status/139456149291409409

  93. On my bucket list:

    Create an emergency fund (yeah, I know!!)
    Pay off line of credit
    Pay off credit card

  94. My ‘One Year’ Financial Bucket List:

    1) Save $12,000 in advance of an MBA (by September 2012)
    2) Save $6,000 for laser eye surgery (by December 2012)
    3) Complete my TFSA Emergency Fund (by May 2012)
    4) Throw additional savings into down payment fund and vacation

  95. My financial bucket list:

    1. Find a better paying job
    2. Pay enough saved for health insurance
    3. Save for a home (yea, I have alot on my bucket list!)
    4. Increase my ING savings

  96. My financial bucket list:

    1. Close on our home and pay off the mortgage early.
    2. Get rid of the student loans!
    3. Take a trip to Europe – a month-long trip!

  97. #1 on my finacial bucket list is to pay off my wife’s car note by my birthday (May). $7000 left to go.

  98. Tweeted! (@reverrrt)

  99. I blogged about my financial bucket list! Check it out if you have a chance!

  100. 1) Pay off credit card balance of $10,000!
    2) Concentrate solely on 1 above.

  101. 1. Pay off credit card.
    2. Pay off student debt.
    3. Create emergency fund.
    4. Start business.
    5. Buy house.

  102. 1) Go on a honeymoon. (we’ve been married almost 2 years).
    2) Pay off student loans
    3) Save for a house!

  103. 1.) I want to take my family on vacation
    2.) Become Debt free completely
    3.) Buy land to build a house and eventually build one.
    4.) start saving for my kids college fund
    5.) Fully fund an ER fund $30k
    6.) Give to those less fortunate.

  104. financial bucket list:
    1. continue to pay bills on time
    2. ensure that I always get a refund from federal & state income tax
    3. find a job so I have a decent income!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. My financial bucket list is pretty simple:

    1. Grow Emergency Fund by a little more each year.
    2. Save for a new car.
    3. Save for a house.
    4. Once 2 and 3 are accomplished, throw all my extra money at retirement!

  106. I have a few goals for myself for my finances, which you can call my “Financial Bucket List.” The things I want most are to:
    – Save enough money to be able to afford a down payment on a house by the time I’m 25
    – Become more attune to my spending by creating budgets every month. Currently, I track my spending but I don’t really limit myself instead I just monitor it. I really want to change this!
    – Start an RRSP and RESP

  107. My financial bucket list is:
    1. Pay off my student line of credit (10 000$ at 4%)
    2. Save a minimum of 2K in emergency fund.
    3. Save 1 year of bare bones expenses in emergency fund.

  108. My financial bucket list:
    1) Pay off my student loans ($16,000 @ 4%)
    2) Save 10% of income to contribute to savings/investment
    3) Have money to maintain my own place and car

  109. My bucket is pretty empty :-) All I want is to save up enough to replace our cracked kitchen linoleum with tile

  110. I want to:

    1. Pay off my condo mortgage
    2. Save up 3 months expenses
    3. Establish a travel fund
    4. Buy a new car, with cash

  111. My bucket list is a bit all over the place due to returning to school, but here it is thus far.

    1. Pay back $4,000 of my student loan before my interest-free period is up. I think this is tough, but feasible.
    2. Refill my emergency fund up to $5,000 in 2012.
    3. Continue to leave zero balance on my credit cards.

  112. My financial bucket list would be:

    1) Pay off credit card debt
    2) Increase savings so I can over at least 6 months worth of expenses (for play & emergencies)
    3) Remodel my kitchen
    4) Be able to start paying more on my mortgage each month
    5) Save for a new car
    6) Put more towards retirement (Roth IRA & 401K)

  113. My financial bucket list would be:

    1) Pay off credit card debt
    2) pay off kids student loans
    3) Remodel my kitchen
    4. save for a new car
    5) more in saving

  114. 1) Pay off my outstanding unsecured debt so that I can have a baby!
    2) Emergency fund to $10k
    3) Pay off my mtg
    4) retirement for my fiance and I

    It is a long list… and number one is that unsecured debt that comes along when you plan a wedding!

  115. 1) Save for a downpayment
    2) Max out TFSAs
    3) Start investing in dividend stocks
    4) Get a job after graduating!

  116. Pay off my mortgage, travel across Europe, and travel all over the world.

  117. 1-pay off line of credit
    2-add to RRSP contributions
    3-pay off mtg
    4-retire early

  118. 1) Graduate and work full time
    2) Max out TFSA
    3) Build my knowledge in how to invest

  119. 1. Live debt free! (March 2012, baby!)

    2. Travel the U.S. and then do some international traveling.

    3. Save at least 20% for a home down payment and have an additional $20,000 in savings at the time of a home purchase for potential maintenance and for home furnishings.

  120. 1. Pay off debt.
    2. Build emergency fund of 10K.
    3. Travel often.

  121. 1) Pay my debts that are owed to my parents
    2) RRSP
    3) Pay off credit cards

  122. 1) Pay off my student loans
    2) Down payment on a house
    3) Buy a cottage

  123. 1) Get a gaming computer
    2) Buying a hunting rifle
    3) Get a cellphone

  124. 1.Pay off parents for school
    2.Buy Leafs Tickets
    3.down payment on a car

  125. 1) Pay off Student loans
    2) Buy a (used) car
    3) Down payment on a house

  126. Pay down my mortgage just a bit faster and sooner.

  127. 1- pay off my 6000$ credit card
    2- get a new fence for the property
    3- new driveway

  128. 1.Student Loans

  129. 1. Contribute to my RRSP

    2. Start a wedding fund

    3. Live within my means

  130. 1. Consistently max out our RRSP and TFSA contributions each year

    2. Put at least $5000 a year extra onto our mortgage

  131. 1. travel
    2. save for house
    3. contribute to rrsp

  132. 1. Save $5000 emergency fund by 2013.
    2. Gift $$$ to people who really need it anonymously & out of the blue.
    3. Save up enough $$ for a fully paid family vacation.
    4. Figure out our retirement savings, etc…

  133. 1. Travel
    2. Dental work
    3. Spend less money

  134. EPIC GIVEAWAY!!!!

    1) I would save that money for my summer grad school tuition

    2) or use it for my flight to Thailand for a “BFF”s wedding I’m going to

    3) or beef up my sad looking emergency fund

  135. Email bphangureh at hotmail

    Bucket List : save an additional $150,000 over the next 8 years to retire at 40

  136. Here’s my tweet:

    Awesome contest! I just entered to win $500 CASH with @lifeinsurancef and @krystalatwork! Enter here:

  137. 1. Pay off student loan
    2. Pay off line of credit
    3. Start putting money into TFSA
    3. Being able to set aside “fun” money

  138. I graduated with over 38,000 in debt after college. I’ve been motivated by yourself and other bloggers to set financial goals for myself and accomplish them, such as:

    1. Pay off just over 2,000 dollars of credit card debt in 6 weeks to start 2012 credit debt free!
    2. Pay down at least 10,000 dollars of debt in 2012.
    3. Be student loan free by age 30.
    4. Own a car within 3 years.
    5. Build a 5,000 emergency fund within 3 years.
    6. Fund Roth IRA at least 2,000 a year starting in 2013 (or earlier).


  139. Haha oops obviously I didn’t follow the instructions (I hate it when people who sign up for contests on my blog do it and I’m guilty of it myself lol)

    Okay here’s my financial bucket list:

    1) Beef up sad-looking emergency fund to >$5000
    2) Save up separate money for tuition
    3) Try and aim for >$150K net worth in 6 months

  140. Engagement ring, wedding bills, and honeymoon costs. Zinnnggg.

  141. 1. Student Loans (92K!!)

    That’s all the debt I have, but man, that’s all I need.

  142. My bucket list is to buy a house (hopefully with more than the minimum down), buy a car in CASH (preferably less than three years old) and finance a wedding in cash (with help from the bank of mom & dad).

  143. I would use it to get rid of some of my horrible horrible debt!

  144. My bucket list includes continuing to max out my TFSAs, get my downpayment goal reached, save to visit my family every year, and change careers to move somewhere rural before I’m 45.

  145. My bucketlist includes 1) saving for a down payment for a house 2) doubling my RESP for my daughter and 3) increasing my savings account (RFSAa)

  146. Pay off my student loans!

  147. Pay off my student loans. They’ve been calling and sending me mail to let me know that my payments are going to start at the end of next month. I’d like to have it paid off sooner than the 27 year projection they’ve set forth for me.

    Early retirement. Started my new job as a nurse and looking to take that one step further by pursuing a job as a Nursing Officer for the armed forces. Do my duty and retire after 20 years service doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.

    Put kids through college. I had a lot of help getting to where I am today. I hope to pay it forward some day and do the same for my future children.

  148. Tweeted @ContesterCanuck

  149. 1-pay off line of credit
    2-add to RRSP contributions
    3-pay off mtg
    4-retire early

  150. 1 – emergency fund
    2 – pay off mortgage
    3 – start a Roth IRA

  151. 1 – pay off student loans
    2- add to mortgage down payment
    3- pay off car loan
    4-add to kids college funds

  152. 1. Pay off my student loan
    2. Pay off my outstanding credit card debt
    3. Create a solid emergency fund
    4. Create a a travel fund worth $5,000

  153. 1. To finally start an RRSP
    2. Pay off the mortgage.


    A post about my dream vacation – which I estimate will take me 13 years of savings.

  155. Buy a condo or house
    Create and make contributions to a TFSA account
    Start a RRSP

  156. Some things on my financial bucket list are:

    1. build a substantial emergency fund(for right now, I’ll say $1000. can you believe that I really don’t have one?! My advice, don’t *not* have one. I’m fortunate enough to still live with my parents and have some kind of security through them. This will probably take a year)
    2. Save even more money for a house (I’d like to contribute 50% more of what I already have saved for this purpose. This goal will probably take a few years…)
    3. Finish paying off my debt and keep my spending down on my credit cards to a point where I can pay *IN FULL* the amount each month on those said credit cards. (Right now, I can’t pay in full and most months I can’t even come close. Luckily, it’s 0% interest right now and I’ll have it paid off before the time comes where the interest rate goes up)

    I never really made a financial bucket list before! I think I’ll have to come up with more. It gives me a sense of where I’m at. I know where I’m at, but when you put it down on paper and think about it, it becomes that much more real and important, imo. :)

  157. 1. Build emergency fund
    2. Create a vacation fund
    3. pay off credit cards
    4. set up college fund for kids

  158. I’ve been a stalker/reader up til now. Im super glad that this is opened up to Everyone. Yay!!

    My list:

    1. Pay off all my credit cards — 1 down 3 to go, hoping to get approved for a {lower rated} loan to help with this.
    2. Continue saving for an emergency fund — Im at almost a month covered. Hurrah!
    3. Save enough for a deposit for a investment house.
    4. Pay down as much of that mortgage as possible.
    5. Use the collateral from investment house to build my own house.
    6. Repeat step 4.

    My aim is to be completely debt free by retirement and have some sort of ‘inheritance’ for my future kids etc.

  159. Currently I want to stay on our tight mat leave budget so we stay out of debt. I also want my husband’s business to get started with minimal expenses so we don’t go into debt for that.

    Long term, I want to max out my son’s RESP contributions and our RRSP contributions so we can all have lots of options in the future. Similarly, I would like to pay off our current house in under 10 years, since my husband wants to move to a bigger place at some point.

  160. 1. improve my travel fund
    2. start a kid/college fund
    3. get my emergency fund up to £5000.00

  161. Right now, my financial goal is to pay off my mortgage sooner. I was shocked to find out how big a difference $20 a week makes! Now that I’m doing that, I’m trying to save another $1500-$3000 to put down on my anniversary date.

  162. my financial goal is to build savings for emergencies-right now nothing put aside just in case

  163. two of the things on my bucket list is to pay off my car within a year and save $5,000 for emergencies.

  164. College funds for our kids.
    Pay off our horse trailer loan early.
    Build up our savings!!

  165. My financial bucket list:
    1) pay off my student loans
    2) have a healthy travel fund for me and my husband
    3) build up an emergency fund to pay cover up to a year of maternity leave

  166. My financial bucket list:
    1) Build an Emergency Fund (at least six months’ worth of expenses).
    2) Pay for my wedding in cash.
    3) Up my RRSP contributions so I can retire by 55.

  167. Marc-Andre Taillefer

    Buy a house
    pay off credit cards
    Start a RRSP so I can retire by 55


    The big thing on my list right now is to be able to handle my student debt when I graduate!

  169. 1. Save enough to have a vacation home in a warmer climate
    2. Get the kids off the payroll LOL
    3. Build a remodeling fund for home improvements

  170. The top 2 financial goals on my bucket list:

    1) pay off my mortgage in 10 years (before I’m 45)
    2) Continue to build my retirement portfolio to retire at 55!

  171. Pay off my mortgage is my #1 priority!

  172. Interesting – Hadn’t thought of my “bucket list” in financial terms before. Would love to save up the cash to take a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, like to Italy or Australia.

  173. My main objective at the moment is to save up enough money to move in with my boyfriend. But there are some other things over at my blog:…b-500-giveaway

  174. I want to knock off my current personal debt and save up to go back to school (debt free!)..that’s my bucket list in a nutshell…

  175. 1. Pay down mortgage
    2. Build up travel fund
    3. Build up emergency fund

  176. Pay off debts, deposit some $ in my daughter’s savings, and build a nest egg.

  177. 1) build retirement fund
    2) build a vacation fund
    3) buy a crazy nice car


  178. • pay down my last bit of debt (1250$ left so it should take me two more weeks!!! Yay!)
    • get my emergency fund to 12 000$ (i live far from my family and want to plan for 2 roundtrip tickets in addition to the six months expenses)
    – build retirement fund
    – build baby/adoption fund (I’d like to adopt a child in 4 years)
    – build a vacation fund of at least 4000$ each year

  179. My financial bucket list is that I take care of my parents and family for as long as I’m a live. Nothing fancy, just filial piety.


  180. 1) pay off our quad
    2) pay off our line of credit
    3) pay off our future trip (ha ha)

  181. a financial goal bucket list:

    – live in a location condusive to my lifestyle (small mountain town)
    – pay off school in a reasonable time frame
    – have the means to do things i love often (read: snowboard)
    – travel!

  182. My bucket list includes

    1. Pay off my car in 2 years
    2. Pay off all of my credit cards
    3. Save up 2000 to go on an amazing cruise in 4 years

  183. 1. Finally get out of debt.
    2. Renovate my kitchen.
    3. Save up to take two great trips every year.

  184. My financial wish list-
    1. Pay off my mortgage (shared with spouse) in 20 years or less.
    2. Put 5000 into both my rrsp and tfsa every year
    3. Go back to school without a loan

  185. I tweeted- my username is rubypomegranate

  186. Putting away money towards an emergency fund. Paying off the mortgage. Saving for a badly needed vacation.

  187. I tweeted about it! Username – @jaclynmtersigni

  188. For another entry, here are some entries from my financial bucketlist:

    1) Pay off my student debt. I worked hard to make sure it’s a low number, but my goal is to pay it off by this time next year.

    2) Own my home.

    3) Start my retirement fund – even it’s just with $50. It’s a start.

  189. my financial bucket list includes paying off the mortgage and adding annually to the kids’ college education funds

    • My financial bucket list:
      1. pay off student loans
      2. save $30,000 for house down payment
      3. save at least $10,000 for a nice, used car when mine finally kicks the bucket
      4. beef up my emergency fund to $10,000
      5. save to help my parents with retirement

    • 1. Pay off car loan
      2. Get dental work done
      3. Build block wall for side yard.
      Thanks for the great contest!

  190. My financial Bucket List
    (1) Pay off my student loan
    (2) Save 35000. for a downpayment on a new home
    (3) Save 6000.00 for an emergency fund
    (4) Save 5000.00 for travel to europe
    (5) Pay off my line of credit 2000.00

  191. Financial wish list that I’m currently working towards:

    – Top up emergency fund
    – Continue to build vacation / travel fund
    – Build “engagement ring fund” (1-2 years away,yikes!)
    – Downpayment on a home fund

  192. 1) pay of my LOC $25,500
    2) Save some money for Travel
    3) max out TSFA

  193. My current financial bucket list:

    1) Review all regular outgoings (cable, internet, insurance, etc.) and reduce each of them – either by better deals from current provider, or by switching.
    2) Speed up reduction in my residential mortgage debt
    3) Acquire a rental property as a long-term investment
    4) Increase family income
    5) Buy a boat!

  194. My financial bucket list:
    1) Pay off a 12K school loan
    2) Add another 3K to my savings cushion
    3) Increase contributions to 401K by 2%.
    4) Save for labor and delivery costs for baby no. 2, who’s on the way next year!

  195. 1. Pay off student loans
    2. Start my freelance business (so many little things to buy when you are starting from scratch)
    3. Have a 6-8 months of emergency (reserve) money
    4. Be able to purchase real furniture for my apartment

  196. Christopher Roundell

    My Financial Bucket List:

    1. Pay off student loan
    2. Reduce my credit card debt to a more manageable level
    3. Start a rainy day savings fund for those surprise expenses.

  197. In order of importance at this moment:

    1. Pay off my student loan ($2000 left from $14,000 3 years after grad)
    2. Start a college fund for my kids. They are 9 and 6 and sadly, I have not started anything significant. I want to be able to contribute over 50% of their college if they choose college…
    3. Raise my emergency fund from a paltry $300 to $3000.
    4. Get rid of my $2000 credit card debt.
    5. Save $5000 for a Norway/Russia cruise in 2013 – hopefully. I deserve it!

  198. - Max out TFSA
    – Save $5000 for a trip to Greece
    – Pay 10% of mortgage principle

  199. Here is my financial bucket list:
    1. Pay off CC
    2. Pay off Student Loan
    3. Save for a down payment on a house
    4. Start an emergency fund
    5. Start a savings fund

  200. 1. Build EF
    2. Payoff home improvement loan
    3. Get newer vehicle
    4. Build college fund for sons

  201. My financial bucket list:
    1) Increase mortgage payments (lump sum & monthly)
    2) Increase RRSP’s and start an online account
    3) Start a TFSA
    4) Save for many renovations

  202. Bucket List
    1- Pay off mortgage
    2- Pay off the last credit card
    3- Put money aside to take a family trip to Europe
    4- Put money aside to purchase a new vehicle
    5- Renovate my kitchen

  203. My financial bucket list:
    -Pay off $10 000 of dental work
    -Pay off the remaining $16 000 left on the car
    -Pay off the $3500 owed on the credit card
    -Save up enough money for a down payment on a house
    -Keep saving money for my son’s future education
    -Save up money for a honeymoon…my husband and I never had one and we’ve been married for 6 years…lol

  204. I tweeted about the giveaway :)
    Tweet link:!/OpheliaSJ/status/139885201005359104
    My Twitter name: @OpheliaSJ

  205. My financial bucket list includes:

    -paying off my line of credit
    -continue to save to afford a mortgage down payment
    -begin a baby fund

  206. 1. save 50k for a new car
    2. save 5k for a vacation
    3. start saving for a house

  207. My financial Bucket List is:
    1) Save 20k for a car
    2) Save 40k for a down payment on a home
    3) Save 2k for a digital SLR
    4) Save 5k for a trip to Europe

  208. Get my student loans paid off.

  209. 1. Save another $5000 for my deposit (going to buy my first apartment soon!)
    2. Get MY emergency fund to $10000 too. I love my job industry but it’s pretty unstable.

  210. My financial bucket list:

    1) Pay off $50,000 in debt within two years.
    2) Save for a nice, used vehicle.
    3) Save for a new work/business wardrobe (approximately $2,000).
    4) Put money away for a downpayment on a home.

    Aliya D.

  211. The main component of my financial bucket list is creating a $8,000 new roof fund for the house! Thanks for the contest!

  212. pay off my line of credit
    pay off my credit cards

  213. My financial bucket list are:

    >Save money about 30% of my salary
    >Get a student load pay off
    >Paying future plans

  214. My financial bucket list includes:
    – Becoming consumer debt free
    – Becoming 100% debt Free
    – Giving “like no one else” (Dave Ramsey Quote)
    – Saving a substantial emergency fund
    – figuring out how to fund/save best for my reitrement

  215. 1) Pay of Student loans
    2) Down payment fund for a house in the GTA
    3) Travel fund – I want to spend a year seeing as much as I can!
    4) Save to support my parents in retirement

  216. 1) Continue saving money for early retirement
    2) Continue contributing to RRSPs and RESPs and TFSAs
    3) Take control of our financial investments
    4) Save money for a new used car to replace my rusting eight-year old Mazda Protege5 in two years time.
    5) Take my wife out for a really nice dinner when we retire at 45.

  217. My financial bucket list includes the following:
    – increase my giving in 2012
    – continue to grow my EF (to add $800 in 2012)
    – save up $1500 for one major household project
    – remain consumer debt-free

    Email: taylenne at yahoo dot ca (remove spaces)

  218. My financial bucket list
    -Have $100K in investments by the time I’m 27
    -Max out TFSA and RRSP contributions every year
    -Purchase a home mortgage-free
    -Retire between 55 and 60 when my company pension maxes out
    -Save $10K for trip to Antarctica

  219. 1. fully fund my 401K and IRA this year. (still working on convincing my husband to do the same with his)
    2. pay cash for our 2nd floor addition
    3. start saving to replace a vehicle in 3-5 years
    4. start pre-paying our mortgage

  220. Financial goals:
    – pay off car loan in 2012 (car had to be replaced this year)
    – continue to grow retirement accounts
    – increase our emergency fund to $20K
    – save for new house to be purchased in the next 3 years

  221. My financial bucket list:

    1. Pay off my student debt by 2016: I know that it may seem far away, but as a current student I am aware that I can’t pay if off as aggressively as I want to since I am currently unemployed. I figure I will be approximately $130,000 in debt by the time I graduate in 2013 and plan to have it all paid off in 3 years.

    2. Establish an Emergency Fund of $9,000 by 2013: I know it sounds silly to have an emergency fund when I am so far in debt, but being the pessimist that I am, if I am unemployed after graduation, I don’t have to start paying my loans back for 6 months and the emergency fund would give me a cushion to allow me to find the job that I want.

    3. Insurance Fund of $1,000 (June 2012): This is so I can pay my critical health, life and renters insurance at once and get a discount for them when I do. I am still debating about changing my life insurance as it is a term policy and up for renewal in 2 years. My life insurance would cost me more (almost 5x more) if I switch to a plan that would see me having my policy paid up in full by the time I am 45. Any input?

    The question that arises is: How will I get these funds up to where I want them to be if I am unemployed and have no income coming in (I should state that I am currently living on an “income” of 1500$ month from my student line of credit)?

  222. - Building $5,000 emergency fund
    – Pay off car loan by 2013
    – Save 2k for scuba diving trip in Mexico

  223. - pay off student loan
    – save $5000 for kitchen renovations
    – build emergency fund to $10,000

  224. My financial bucket list:
    -Pay off student and personal loans (3 years to go)
    -Increasing retirement savings
    -Help my parents retire
    -Save for a trip to Nepal

    Great contest!

  225. 1) have $1 million by age 50!

  226. 1) Pay off student loans.
    2) Build savings to $10,000.
    3) Save money for new roof/windows/siding.
    4) Save money for next car.
    5) Put extra money toward mortgage.

  227. Pay off my 25k student loan!

  228. While I have lots of items on my financial bucket list that will help me out, what I really want to do is buy my sister a laptop. She’s 17 & heading off to college next year & her laptop is pretty old and broken down. I’d love to get her a nice shiny new Macbook to make the transition to school life easier! Thanks Krystal.

  229. Although my wonderful 6 years of studying at 4 universities in Quebec, Ontario and Sweden netted me a great education, a Master`s degree, wonderful experiences and a job not too long after graduation, the choice to work in the not-for-profit community sector means that $50k of student loans is going to take a loooong time to pay off. However, it`s a goal at the top of my financial bucket list and I`m slowly but surely going to achieve it!

  230. My finances took a huge hit in 2009… It took me a year and a half to recover fully, and half a year to restart building my savings! For 2012 and onwards, I would like to save more than I spend! With university out of the way and a “secure” job, I am pretty confident I’ll be able to do that.

    Here’s a few items on my Financial Bucket List:
    1) Pay my last remaining semester of university (approx. $ 1800 CAD).
    2) Fund my 2011-2012 worldwide dance trip (aka my graduation trip), approx. $10 000 CAD. I’ll go to Seattle, USA – Seoul, South Korea – Hong Kong, China – Herräng, Sweden – Many cities, France. I swing dance. :)
    3) Save up to buy a house.
    4) Start my personal emergency fund.
    5) Begin long-term investments.
    6) Bring Mom to Europe before I get married.

  231. I have a lot of goals that I am working towards but on my modest ‘first real job’ salary, they might take a while! I hope to buy a condo in the next few years, take a trip with my girlfriends, top up my emergency fund as well.

  232. The number one thing on my financial bucket list is to pay of the $13,000 in personal debt I have currently. I have been doing well so far not adding any more debt for the past 6 months or so but because my husband and I just moved across the country I’ve only been able to pay the minimum on the debt. We’ve also used a large amount of our savings so I’d really like to get our savings back up to at least $5,000.

  233. Here’s my blog post about this contest! :)

    “My Financial Bucket ListMy finances took a huge hit in 2009… It took me a year and a half to recover fully, and half a year to restart building my savings! For 2012 and onwards, I would like to save more than I spend! With university out of the way and a “secure” job, I am pretty confident I’ll be able to do that.

    Here’s a few items on my Financial Bucket List:

    1) Pay my last remaining semester of university (approx. $ 1800 CAD).

    2) Fund my 2011-2012 worldwide dance trip (aka my graduation trip), approx. $10 000. I’ll go to Seattle, USA – Seoul, South Korea – Hong Kong, China – Herräng, Sweden – Many cities, France.

    3) Save up for a house.

    4) Start my personal emergency fund.

    5) Begin longterm investments.

    6) Bring Mom to Europe before I get married.

    I’m trying to win the “$500 Give Me Back My Five Bucks competition, sponsored by Life Insurance Finder, the life insurance experts”. Thanks to Krytal Yee and to Life Insurance Finder for the opportunity!”

  234. My financial bucket list so far:
    $5k to buy a car
    $3k more to finish off the travel fun
    build up who knows how much for a house downpayment.

    $500 would sure help, fingers crossed!

  235. My financial bucket list includes paying off my outstanding credit cards, and continue prepaying my mortgage.

  236. Tweeted :)!/karlwoll/status/140126666239385600

  237. - Pay off my credit cards
    – Start a travel fund!
    – Have $5000 in an emergency fund

  238. 1. Pay off my credit cards
    2. Start an RESP for my son and contribute monthly
    3. Save up so my next car can be paid for in cash

  239. My financial bucket list includes paying off my student loans.

  240. 1. Pay my mortgage to below $75k by the time I sell it.
    2. Max out my Roth IRA while in grad school.
    3. Max out my 401k as soon as I get a job.

  241. Right now, the financial bucket list includes saving up a downpayment for our second place…we want to keep our first as a rental, but space is challenging with our first baby on the way!

  242. Really only have two items on my financial bucket list….purchase more life insurance and put more away for retirement

  243. A couple items on my financial bucket list are to get a job after obtaining my Master’s and pay down my student loans as quickly as possible, starting a savings account, and saving up for a car. Also becoming more financially savvy!

  244. I have a few things on my bucket list: I am almost credit card debt free so I would like to pay off two more of my credit cards then start working on my husband’s. Thanks.

  245. My main list is to help my daughter to pay off her university fee.

  246. Financial Bucket list

    Bump up my EF to $4000
    Pay off $10,000 of my student loans, leaving less than $7000 for the year following.
    Pay off my insurance every year in full.
    Bump up Travel fund to $3000. I can do South America very comfortably for 3 weeks on that amount.

  247. I would love nothing more than to be able to pay for my daughter’s post-secondary education.
    My hubby and I are also trying to put money away for a family vacation.

  248. What an amazing giveaway!

    On my financial bucket list are:
    1.) Pay off the $9,000 personal consumer debt
    2.) Pay off our $247,500 mortgage
    3.) Become a millionaire by 30

    I’ve tweeted and will blog about it later this week.


  249. Buy my first house
    Be able to retire before I’m 55
    Have a net worth of $1 Million by 50

  250. Gee Whiz Krystal, 335 comments !! LOL

    Well for me definitely going into the TFSA – and that be the indexed one “The Ninja Potato”.

    Cheers and thanx Krystal!

  251. My financial bucket list:

    1) Pay off my credit card (since going back to school I have only been able to make the minimum payments)
    2) Start an emergency fund (no amount in mind for this, I would just like to have something since currently I have nothing)
    3) Continue to save for buying my first place (it’s going slowly as I had to pay off my car first and I took some out to go back to school)
    4) Be able to put more money into my RRSP

    Awesome contest! :)

  252. My financial bucket list is i am saving up for a car, i have 3 teenagers who are all going to want to be driving and we now need a car, also i am trying to save enough for them to all go to college/university
    and a retirement fund would be nice as well

  253. My financial bucket list:

    1) Pay off my mortgage early
    2) Help pay for my children’s college education
    3) Visit Europe

  254. 1. Pay off my $3500 Discover card I ran up trying to support my kids and boyfriend when the boyfriend lost some work.

    2. Pay off two 0% cards $2300 and $1800 that I had gotten before the boyfriend lost work. We had planned on chipping in equally but when his work reduced, the burden is on me now.

    3. Build up a 10k emergency savings for days like these.

    4. Save up to buy a house and travel. What’s stopping me from doing these is these damn cards so once I get rid of them, I’m saving up like crazy.

  255. A couple things on my financial bucket list:
    1) Earn enough from blogging to replace my current income.
    2) Have enough in our retirement accounts do lots of traveling around the world.

  256. Some items on my financial bucket list:
    -back pay the amount I borrowed from my RSP for the down payment on my home (ahead of the scheduled payback time)
    -bring my EF back to $10 000
    -pay an extra $7000 towards my mortgage principle (over the 5 yr term, not including the amount from the increased payments)
    -put money aside to pay for the classes I’m taking for a possible career change
    -start a renovation savings fund (my bathrooms and kitchen need updating!!)

    Great contest!

  257. 1) Travel
    2) Renovate my kitchen
    3) Redo my deck

  258. Definitely paying off my student loans. I’d also like to be able to have a decent/nice wedding without using my Emergency Fund. And get my E-fund to the six month level.

  259. I just tweeted about it, my name is @frugalfeminist

  260. a few things on my financial bucket list:
    1) save for a 20% downpayment for a future home
    2) increase retirement funding

  261. A few things in my financial bucket list is to pay off my credit card debt and pay for my schooling.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  262. I would like to retire early, around 55 or even be financially independent to not need to rely on my corporate job to keep things rolling.

    I would also like to have my mortgage paid off in 4 years!!

  263. a few item on my financial bucket list would be:

    1. Paying off my student loans (a little over 10,000)
    2. Maintain my emergency fund (5,000)
    3. Continuing working to saving money towards a down payment for a house (achieve before 30 years old)
    4. Increase my retirement investment from 6 percent of pay to 10 percent before 30 years old.

  264. On my Bucket list I would like to:
    1. Replace the cateletic converter in my car
    2. Finish graduate school programs
    3. Pay off the hubby’s student loans
    3. buy a house by age 30

  265. I posted my financial bucket list on my blog:

  266. Bucket List: SAVINGS! I feel like I can never have enough money put back. Also, paying off my student loans.

  267. My Financial Goals:
    -Pay off my student loans in 2012 ($10k)
    -Save 20% down payment for a house
    -Continue saving to our “US” fund

  268. Financial bucket list:
    – pay down mortgage faster
    – max. out TFSA
    – reduce unnecessary spending

  269. Financial Bucket List:
    -Max out my TFSA to $10,000
    -Save $1500 for travel
    -Pay an extra $1,000 on my mortgage on June anniversary date.

  270. 1. Fully finance my Emergency Fund (goal: $10,000 by the end of 2012)
    2. Save $5,000 for a trip in 2013
    3. Contribute more to my rrsp every year

  271. So much to share, but my key goals this year would be saving towards 2013 High School expenses for the daughter, and reviewing Superannuation providers to make sure we are on track for a healthy retirement income.

  272. Pay off our combined student loans – $75,000.

  273. I would love to buy a house and get a better education

  274. Refinance that mortgage! I’m estimating the cost at $63K right now. *sigh*

    And then I’m thinking about school costs for myself.

  275. Max out my TFSA
    Max out my RRSP
    Put towards HELOC

  276. Bucket List: Pay off my credit card and SAVE!

  277. I just tweeted @USMBlogger “I just entered to win $500 CASH with @lifeinsurancef and @krystalatwork! Enter here:

    Here is my bucket list:
    Payoff my HELOC loan in 2 years
    Payoff extra into my mortgage principal
    Increase my retirement contribution utilizing ROTH 401k and regular 401K

  278. My Bucket List:
    1) Pay off my student loans
    2) Save $$ for a trip to Europe

  279. My student loans: about $10,000. And, man, would I ever love to own a house one day.

  280. Bucket list: travel more, pay off credit card

    hahahaha i’m glad i went back and re-read the instructions :)

  281. I tweeted! library_fiend

  282. Darci Paice-Bailey

    1. Pay off the hydro Bill
    2. Purchase steak/prawns & wine and invite family for a sit down dinner.
    3. Purchase a sweet pair of warm leather gloves.

  283. 1. paying off student loans
    2. owing a nearly new car
    3. being able to live better than check to check

    Blogtacular contest! Thanks so much! Janna Johnson
    Janna@feedyourpig on GFC

  284. A couple items from my Financial Bucket List:

    1. Be debt free.
    2. Save enough for 2 plane tix to Ireland this summer.
    3. Retire with at least 3 million in savings.

  285. 1. Pay off my credit card debt
    2. Save $5,000 in my Emergency Fund
    3. Save for a new bed

  286. my #1 goal right now is to pay off my student loans!

  287. 1. Make it through school on only grants and scholarships…no loans and hopefully no grand out of pocket costs.

    2. Pay off our credit card debt.

    3. Pay off my car loan. I’ve been making payments every month and on time for years now. If I can, I’d like to be able to throw a little more at it each month so I can pay it off early.

    4. Save enough for a downpayment on a house. Somewhere between 20-40k.

    5. Save enough money to travel somewhere fabulous.

  288. -Pay off my husband’s student loans within the year
    -Begin investing in January

  289. Some things that are on my financial bucket list are as follows:

    1. Pay off last two debts for Lasik and computer. (I’ve already paid off about 1000 of my 3,000 Lasik procedure. And zilch on the computer. So, around 3,000 to go. I hope that once I’m back to work in April I will have this paid off in three months.)

    2. Establish an emergency fund. I had built this up to 3,500 dollars but once I stopped working and went back to finish my degree this is now only at 800. My goal is once I’m back at work fulltime, I will contribute 500 per month. I would like to have saved at least 5,000 to start. This will only be enough for around 3.5 months if I lost my job. So I will need to increase it.

    3. Start saving for a down-payment for a house!

  290. Financial Bucket List:

    1. save for trip to Hawaii 1 year from now
    2. get emergency fund up to $5,000 (halfway there)
    3. save for yoga teacher training
    4. save to visit Machu Picchu

  291. These are several items from my bucket list:
    (1) Have a $1M net worth by the time I am 39 (6 years to go)
    (2) Drive my Honda to 250,000 miles (done! 267,000 miles)
    (3) Pay off my student loans ($85K of $160K paid off)

  292. Hello! My financial bucket list is to save $15,000 for my bachelors degree by 2015, and also save $15,000 for retirement in that time. It’s going to be hard, but I think I can do it!

  293. Oops, I forgot to add my email… So… bucket list again is $15,000 for tuition saved by 2015, and $15,000 saved in my RRSP by 2015.

  294. I’d like to make one extra mortgage payment a year (not a double payment, just a little extra on each month). I heard somewhere that if you do that you can actually pay it off in 15 instead of 30 years (ours is 30 year)
    I’d also like to start saving for a 20% down payment on our next car and also our next house.

  295. Oh and in case my email doesn’t go through for some reason, it’s kyledorman (at) gmail [dot] com. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  296. What’s on your Financial Bucket List?

    Get my emergency savings up to $5000. Should be topped up by the end of the year, if not very , VERY close.

    Pay off the little bit of debt that I have left remaining – my student loan and my credit card.

    I’ve been hacking at my $13K debt for the last two years and I’m almost there and now have a positive net worth! I’m so excited to start 2012 on such a great foot!!

  297. to be able to retire financially comfortable

  298. My financial bucket list…

    save $9,000 while going to school full time to pay off my last two semesters

    pay off my student loan of ~$25,000 within one year of graduating nursing school

    buy a house by the time I’m 30!

  299. Pay off my home and car.

  300. I posted about my financial bucket list!

    My e-mail is jessica at faithpermeatinglife dot com.

  301. My financial bucket list includes paying off my husband’s student loans (I don’t have any, thankfully), saving up to adopt children, and buying land/building our own house someday!

  302. And… I tweeted about it :) My Twitter name is @keepbabbling.

    P.S. Did you know that your commenter post tracker is saying “lastest post” instead of “latest post”?

  303. I finally got around to blogging my list! Better late then never! Check it out!

  304. Just Twittered my name is @MiCommonCents

    MiCommonCents MiCommonCents
    “I just entered to win $500 CASH with @lifeinsurancef and @krystalatwork! Enter here:“
    2 minutes ago Favorite Reply Delete

  305. My financial bucket list is almost complete, my debts are finally all paid, but now I would like to start saving. $500 would be a fantastic start!!

  306. I’ve already posted my entries, but I just have to say: OMG–400+ comments on ONE post?! I know it’s an epic giveaway, but (and excuse my French) Holy $hit!!!! :D

  307. my bucket list goals include short term and long term ones.
    short term – kill my credit card debt. some scumbag nearly sunk me when he bought my condo and to avoid losing my new house and my $25K damage deposit completely, i had to come up with $10K fast (well it was more than that but it ate up my savings and emerg fund) and that $10K has been sitting on my credit card ever since. it’s been as low as $7000 and as high as $15,000 but i just can’t seem to get it paid off!!! 2012 is the year.

    long term – get my house paid off in 12 years. that’s about $22,000 a year. i want to start with an extra $200 a month (once the credit card is paid off) and up it to an extra 20% annually when my e-fund is very, very well stocked.


  308. Pay down credit card balances
    Open a money market account to save

  309. My financial bucket list includes paying off my student loans and establishing a good savings account and an emergency fund!

  310. My financial bucket list includes paying off student loans!

  311. I want to pay off my credit card, put $$ in savings and add to our travel savings account.

  312. My financial bucket list would include paying off my recent carpal tunnel surgery’s (both hands). $500.00 would just about cover what’s still owed. LOL. Thanks for the chance to win!

  313. I also Tweeted!

  314. I would put towards my visa bill. One step closer to becoming debt free. :)

  315. getting my teeth fixed (no dental plan!), paying off the heating bill, and better grocery shopping are on my list!

  316. I want to finish paying back my parents – my college loan is from them! Somehow, my other debt seems less important – I want them to have that money back so they can put it toward my younger siblings’ education.

    I want to own my car, too!

  317. Financial bucket list: Pay off student loan debt. Save money to buy a house. Save money to provide opportunities for my son’s future.

  318. I want to pay off my student debt, add more to my savings and travel!!!!

  319. Financial bucket list:

    *save money to buy a bigger house
    *save 5.000 in my Emergency Fund
    *save 2.500 for a trip in 2012

  320. Would love to get braces like you did Krystal. Will cost $7000.00

  321. My financial bucket list includes being able to retire at 55 (on track). Also, paying off my mortgage ahead of schedule – currently on accelerated bi-weekly and adding additional payments each month.
    Already crossed off my bucket list was to live a debt-free life. Eliminated debt (other than mortgage) three years ago, and continue to live without debt, while contributing to long term savings and retirement accounts

    titansoftball6 at hotmail dot com

  322. I just tweeted it!

  323. To pay off debt and have enough money to bring a family member up from Mexico. tforan1 at gmail dot com

  324. Wow! What a great giveaway! Thank you!

    My financial bucket list includes:
    – Paying off student loan debt
    – Paying off our cars
    – Building an emergency fund
    – Adding more to our retirement fund (How amazing would it be to retire at 55?!)

  325. I also tweeted!

  326. Pay off debt.
    Build up my emergency fund. Mostly depleted since husband lost his job for 10 months. He’s got a new now, YAH!
    Start saving to retirement.

  327. Right now the #1 item on our bucket list is to save enough money to feel comfortable enough financially to start trying for our first baby. :)

  328. 1) Pay off student loans
    2) Pay off line of credit
    3) Save/Invest more for retirement and children’s education

  329. I tweeted! @mbunin7

  330. Bucket list items include:
    1. Retire early, and spend a year or two in an RV with my husband and dog.
    2. Save enough to spend a whole summer month hiking in Vermont.
    3. Pay off my mortgage in 10 years.

  331. My Financial Bucket List!!

    1) I’ve been out of school for several years but now I want to save up $10,000 for my masters degree by 2014. I’m currently at $3,200.00
    2) Have $45,000 in my RRSP by 2015. I’m currently sitting at just over $30,000
    3) Add $5,000 to my emergency fund to have it maxed out at $10,000. Halfway there!


    Email: n.e.mcknight (at) gmail (dot com)

  332. 1. Buy my first home by 30
    2. Boost my emergency fund to $5000 by 25 – a year and a half to go
    3. Have all debt paid off by end of 2012 – $3000 to go
    4. Retire by 60.

  333. 1. Save money to do my PhD in Australia/New Zealand/East Asia

    2. Save money for my 3-month stay in Malaysia ($1,000 for the tickets and $2,000 for the stay)

    3. Save money to get married to my girlfriend (yep, she is a Malaysian; will probably need about 3-4,000).

  334. 1. Pay my credit cards off by April.
    2. Pay my loans off by the time I’m 25 (in 1 1/2 years)
    3. Save $10000 for emergencies, my eventual wedding, and travel by the end of 2013.
    4. Max out my Roth IRA in 2012.

  335. 1. Pay for my wedding in cash (in about 3.5 years).
    2. Begin maxing out Roth in 2012 and continue to do so until retirement.
    3. Pay off combined student loans by 2019. (My bf will graduate law school in 2014.)
    4. Purchase a home within the next ten years with at least 10% down.
    5. Make enough money to be able to save for retirement and take care of our aging parents.
    6. Start my own PR firm.

  336. I blogged about this:

  337. Here is my small list …
    1.Save enough money by next summer for a trip to Hawaii for both me and my wife.
    2.Start putting away the max. allowed for retirement.
    3.Maintain contributions to ROTH IRA.
    4.Save enough money in the next 12-18 months to put 20% down on a good house (to avoid PMI taxes).

  338. My bucket list is pretty simple: I’ve already got the debt paid back, and fairly recently acquired a reliable & efficient car that will last me for years, so all that’s left is to beef up the emergency fund and continue down the long road to financial independence and retirement! Oh, and death ray research funding. Got to keep a well-stocked lab on the financial bucket list, it’s a must.

  339. Pay off my loan for my car!

  340. I tweeted. Did you hear that? I TWEETED! Why does “tweeted” sound wrong? It’s like how moose is still moose when plural… something seems wrong. Shouldn’t it be meese? I posted the tweet. Maybe that’s right?

  341. 1)Put more money towards my RRSPs

    2)Increase my emergency fund to last 6months plus

  342. 1. Save money for a Eurotrip
    2. Put additional 10k in my savings
    3. Retire early (60)

  343. My bucket list:

    1. Max out TFSAs
    2. Own home by thirty
    3. Invest in my own education and development

  344. 1. Save more money than last year
    2. Pay off all debts

  345. And I blogged about it! Are you as amazed as I am?

  346. 1. Pay off all of my student loans ($45,000)
    2. Open and continually max out contributions to a Roth IRA
    3. Build up a travel fund
    4. Own my own home
    ?. Start/Open my own brewery.

  347. 1. Reach my goal of having my student loans paid off by the end of 2011. Only one month left and I’m ALMOST there!
    2. Add to my savings for a nice down deposit on my first home.
    3. Start up an emergency fund

  348. 1. Start an emergency fund
    2. Save $2000 for braces
    3. Start a travel fund

  349. Patricia Treskovich

    my list is a new sofa and some new drapes

  350. I just posted on twitter about the contest! (lea724 on twitter if you’d like to check)

  351. What’s on your Financial Bucket List!

    1) A consistent $5,000 – 10,000 in savings. I was doing pretty well towards this until some freelance income dried up and I’ve started having to use my savings for bills.

    2) Pay off my bills without having to pay any interest. The exception is my mortgage.

  352. I would use the money towards:

    1) Beefing up emergency fund
    2) Paying off retirement loan
    3) Putting towards Camp for the kids

    and in the spirit of Bucket List (aka, stuff to do before you die!!!)

    4) Save for vacation to somewhere warm and tropical
    5) Electrolysis!

  353. The top few things on my Financial Bucket List are:
    1. Pay off all credit card debt (~$29k)
    2. Build emergency fund to $20k
    3. Retire financially secure

  354. I blogged! I should get back into blogging more often… ha ha.

  355. My major financial item on my bucket list right now is to save enough money to repair my roof.

  356. 1. Earn enough to take a one year sabbatical
    2. Invest 14,000 annually for retirement

  357. My Financial Bucket List

    1. Pay off my Line of Credit (did this just two weeks ago)
    2. Pay off my Credit Card (hopefully do this by January)
    3. Save $10,000 for a downpayment (on my way with $500 in savings)
    4. Open an RRSP (doing that this week!)
    5. Save $1000 for a trip with my boyfriend.
    6. Earn an extra $100 a month

    Good luck to everyone!


  358. My Financial Bucket List

    1) Max out TFSA contribution for 2012
    2) Max out RRSP contribution for 2012

  359. OK, here’s my financial bucket list:

    1) Be 100% Debt Free by 30 (that’s 18 months away!), not including a mortgage.

    2) Receive a paycheck and not have it completely spent/accounted for within the next 48 hours.

    3) Create freelance/side income that matches or exceeds my regular salary within the next two years.

    4) Later down the road- be able to afford to travel at least 6 weeks a year, comfortably.

    5) Be able to take my whole family (parents, siblings, niece and nephews) on an annual family trip somewhere none of us have been.

    I think that’s all for now, and goal #1 has the most weight by far!

  360. A few things from my financial bucket list:

    1. Fund a crazy long and adventurous European vacation, within a few years.
    2. Fund a family vacation to Legoland and Thw Wizarding World of Harry Potter, next year.
    3. Max out 2 Roth IRAs, one for me and one for my husband, within a few years.

  361. My bucket list would include:
    1. Pay off my student loans
    2. Increase my savings/emergency account to $15,000
    3. Save up for a down payment on a house by the time I’m 35
    4. Accumulate a travel fund that will allow me to go to Australia and New Zealand in the next fifteen years.

  362. my bucketlist is rather smalle:

    1. finish paying off my morgage

  363. 1) Pay down my mortgage
    2) pay back money I was lent for my down payment
    3) max out my TFSA and RRSP

  364. Hm… the latter items for my bucket list include:
    1. Save 6 months of expenses and move out of state
    2. Buying a car with cash only
    3. Pay off my biggest student loan ASAP!

  365. Hi… Thanks for this contest !

    1. Pay off my Credit Cards
    2. Save for and take a vacation somewhere I have never been before
    3. Max out my TFSA Account

  366. Financial bucket list…

    1. Save to buy next car
    2. Have 6 months emergency fund
    3. Pay off mortgage

  367. 1. Save $10,000 for Emergency Funds
    2. Max out TFSA for 2012
    3. Save for Laser Eye Surgery – I want those glasses gone!
    4. Start a travel fund
    5. Put a extra payment on my mortgage
    6. Contribute at least $300 a month towards RRSPs
    7. Earn an extra $10,000 annually
    8. Start my own side business

  368. Bucket List
    1. Pay off my mortgage by end of December 2011
    2. Pay cash for my wedding in 2012
    3. Pay cash for my honeymoon in 2012

  369. Crazy awesome giveaway. Although I’m not a PF blogger, I read a lot of them and yours (and others) have really inspired me to try and take control of my finances!

    That being said, on my bucketlist…
    1. Pay off my credit cards
    2. Start working towards paying off my student loan (ie. making more than the minimum payment every month!)
    3. Save “Travel Fund” for a vacation I want to take in a little under a year
    4. Eventually… save an emergency fund of at least $3,000. Starting to save one would be a great immediate goal though :)

  370. My Financial Bucket List!

    1) Pay off the remaining $15,308 in student loan debt by January 2013
    2) Keep a spending diary to keep myself accountable to sticking to a budget
    3) Start donating to an organization that helped me when I was broke

  371. My financial bucket list: Always have a travel fund of $5000 ready to go.

  372. My financial bucket list: Save $1000 to buy a new mattress in the next 6 months

  373. My financial Bucket list is to pay off non deductible debts of 19567 by January 1 2014.

  374. My financial bucket list in the next few months:
    Pay off my consumer debt
    Open an RRSP account
    Get my emergency fund to $5000
    Start a comprehensive debt payoff plan after I graduate university this spring!

  375. in 600 days, i plan on doing the following:

    1. pay down my debt of $44,231.88 before my 35th birthday…600 days and counting!
    2. Generate 50-60% of $100k+ target net income for 2012
    3. Double my business income
    4. Establish contingency fund of $5000
    5. Collect all monies loaned to friends and family – $4,670.22
    6. Limit of 1 dinner out per month – $30.00 max
    7. Follow a very strict budget
    8. Blog at least once a week about my progress
    9. Seek out any opportunities that will make this plan a success – for starters, the $500 financial bucket list contest is a great start…and at least it will get me blogging more for the sake of accountability!

    thanks Krystal for the resources + inspiration to make this happen!

  376. I would like to get my mortgage paid off.
    I would like to have my retirement account filled and ready to go.
    I would like to fund a savings account for emergencies.

  377. My financial bucket list –
    1) pay down my 54k student loan in 2.5 years.
    2) build a travel fund
    3) put money into a TFSA

  378. 1) pay down my 54K student loans by 2014
    2) Build a travel fund
    3) Put money every month into a TFSA

  379. my bucket list:

    1) pay off my over $10000 visa bill and DESTROY the card!!
    2) get $1000 in my emergency fund
    3) pay off my credit line of almost $40000

    that’s an awfully big bucket… *sigh*

  380. My Bucket list:

    1. Build a travel fund for 2012
    2. Put away $1200 a month into a TFSA
    3. Make $10,000 in additional freelance income

  381. 1. Never miss a credit card payment again.
    2. Increase my emergency savings by 50%.
    3. Build a travel fund of $2000.

  382. 1. Pay off Student Loan ~$1,500
    2. Pay off Best Buy (appliances for house) ~$1,700
    3. Work on Emergency Fund (6-9 months of expenses)
    4. Increase 401(k) by at least 1% each year (until maxed)

  383. 1. Build my emergency savings fund
    2. Pay off my mortgage

  384. pay off student loans
    save enough money for a significant downpayment for construction of a new home
    put more money into retirement

  385. My financial bucket list includes saving $500 for a wedding dress and alterations (short-term) and $10,000 to go towards a new/used car (long-term).

  386. financial bucketlist, lol i love how you make me think about things I don’t want to think about.
    1. I would love to be able to buy a condo in toronto in the next two years.
    2. I would like to some funds into going to Istanbul this year and thailand next year.
    3. I’d like to start an emergency fund =)

  387. A couple of things on my financial bucket list are to pay off my mortgage on the house and to pay off a personal loan that I have.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

  388. My financial bucket list is: saving money for a nice wedding dress. saving money for a newer used car, and maxing out my Roth IRA.

    Thanks to you & Life Insurance Finder for this giveaway! :)

  389. On my financial bucket list is:
    1. Pay off all my debt, including my mortgage
    2. Save up enough to take a trips to South Africa, Egypt & Australia
    3. Have a fully funded emergency fund
    4. Be able to help my kids pay for their university education
    5. Buy a brand new car :)

  390. Frugally fabulous student

    1. Have $8000 saved by April 30/12 to go towards my tuition for next year.

    2. Save $5000 this summer to go towards my tuition and expenses for next year.

    3. To keep my “coffee and treat” budget to $10/week.

  391. 1. Saving up for a down payment for a condo.
    2. Starting an emergency fund.

  392. I have been a small business owner for almost 18 months and the lack of steady income has led me to run up my credit cards. So,
    1. Be able to start paying more toward my credit cards than I add to them before they are all maxxed out.
    2. Start putting money in savings with a goal of $10,000 for emergencies.
    3. Start putting money back into my IRA.

  393. The top 3 goals from my financial bucket list are:

    – pay off 2500 dollars on my one and only credit card
    – build an emergency fund worth 12000 dollars
    – create a fund to go to george brown college part time for fashion design

  394. 1) Pay off credit card deby
    2) Save $10,000 in an emergency fund
    3) Save money to buy a new bed

  395. 1. Amass at least 20K in personal savings account
    2. Have a regular vacation fund and use it every year
    3. Buy myself a *really* nice pair of diamond earrings and pay in cash.

  396. 1. Pay off mortgage (about $60,000)
    2. Bump up emergency fund to $8,000
    3. Save $6000 a year for childs college fund
    4. Save $3000 a year for a replacement car

  397. My financial bucket list:

    1. Pay off $12,000 in credit card debt
    2. Start saving $500-1000 per month towards my retirement fund so I can retire in 30 years.
    3. Start an emergency fund up to $12,000 for 1 year of current expenses.
    4. Save $50,000 towards a down payment on a new house – mortgage.

  398. I tweeted about the Financial Bucket List giveaway!

    Twitter ID: josephboltz!/josephboltz/status/146172555999453184

  399. AcK! I almost forgot about this contest.

    My financial bucket list

    1. Get down to 2 credit cards
    2. Save up $10000 for emergencies
    4. Save for my wedding, whenever it comes along

  400. My Financial Bucket List:

    1) Pay off the remaining $11,000 car balloon payment
    2) Utilize my TFSA
    3) Save towards a downpayment on an apartment/condo

  401. Financial Bucket List:
    1. Pay off student loan (less than $7,000 to go)
    2. Save up $12,000 in liquidity fund
    3. Max out Roth IRA annually

  402. My financial bucket list:

    1. Pay off my Visa ($5000 maxed) and Loan (just over $4300 left) in 2012
    2. Save at least $3000 for wedding in 2013
    3. Save $500 to buy a dog and accessories in 2012

    Personal: Start a blog so I can gain 10 more entries if a contest like this ever comes along again!


  403. 1. Pay off the $15,000 left from my line of credit
    2. Pay off the $8,000 left from my credit card
    3. Create a plan to put $ towards an emergency fund for $15,000
    4. Create a plan to put $ towards a travel fund of $10,000

  404. 1. Pay off the house loan.
    2. Pay off car loans.
    3. Save up for a long trip to visit Canada.

  405. I’m a but of a squirrel, so extra money would go towards a fun family activity. Maybe a trip or a couple of museum memberships…

  406. 1. Save $3000 to contribute to RRSP March 1, 2012.
    2. Pay off credit cards ($1800).
    3. Save $3000 for vacation Spring 2012.
    4. Save to fix car and other odds/ends.

  407. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Krystal! :)

    Some of the things on my financial bucket list are:

    1. Have $100,000 in long term savings (includes both RRSP, TFSA and other investments) by the time I turn 30.

    2. Continue to contribute to my travel fund and keep it topped up at $3,000 to $5,000.

    3. Go in for a Laser Eye Surgery consultation and then save the cash to pay for it ~$5,000 (estimate).

  408. A few things off my financial bucket list:

    1) Pay off my school loans in five years.
    2) Start a Roth IRA
    3) Save up cash for tickets to Iceland

    zanbrody at gmail dot come

  409. Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    want the house paid off
    money in savings would be nice
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  410. 1) Save for Invisalign
    2) Start up a car fund because mine is a junker!

    kaleidoscopequeen at gmail dot com

  411. Next on my financial bucket list is to travel! I’ve final hit most of my savings goals and am looking to build a healthy travel fund.

  412. 1. Become a millionaire
    2. Own a lakeside cottage

  413. My financial bucket list includes:
    1. paying off 16k of debt
    2. paying off my car
    3. owning acerage and having a self sustainable home :)

  414. Paying off three credit cards
    Having a savings
    Not having to mail bills at the last minute

  415. My financial bucket list:

    1. Pay off my credit cards
    2. Build a savings account for my retirement
    3. Find ways to enjoy life frugally — it’s a difficult balance and I’m trying really hard!

  416. My Financial Bucket List:
    1. Graduate debt free
    2. Pay at least 25% down payment on my first home
    3. Save up for a trip to Thailand
    4. Retire by 40

    I am 19 and in my first year of university.

  417. 1. Build up my emergency fund.
    2. Pay down my credit cards.
    3. Start a vacation fund.

  418. My Financial Bucket List
    1. MBA
    2.Home ownership
    3. Debt free

  419. i need to pay off my credit cards

  420. My financial bucket list would be:

    1. Get $5000 into saving by the end of 2012
    2. Pay off my medical bills which amount to about $4500
    3. Pay off my small credit cards and cancel them!!!

  421. Pay off all credit card debt
    save for a new car
    save more money

  422. I want to buy a new (used car), build an emergency fund (fix current car), pay for more education

  423. Pay off my daughter’s braces (owe around $900 still)
    Pay off hubby’s student loan (about $1000 left)
    Pay off medical bills (about $500)
    Build Savings Account

  424. I want to:

    – Save enough to retire at 65
    – Leave inheritance for my kids
    – Be able to pay for colleg for my children

  425. Would love to…

    -pay off all debt ($60,000) in the next three years
    -buy a small acreage and have a self sustainable home
    -have a travel fund

  426. My bucket list would start with:

    – paying off my student debt (30,880)
    – maintaining an emergency fund of 10,000
    – begin to contribute to an rrsp
    – create another stream of income in the new year
    – look into investment in ETF’s or Mutual Funds

  427. I blogged my bucket list and included the links as required :)

  428. -Save up a down payment for home
    -Save for a new car

  429. Enjoying the blog and reading everyone’s financial bucket lists. I’ve been blogging about the contest, my list and the process of working towards my goals and I must say, it’s really helping me to stay motivated!

    My postings can be found here:!/sixhundreddays

    Financial Bucket List Recap:

    -Be 100% debt free in 600 days (by the end of July 2013) ($44,231.88 CAD as of December 8, 2011)
    -Generate 50-60% of $100k+ target net income for 2012
    -Double business income
    -Establish contingency fund of $5000.00
    -Collect all monies loaned to friends and family – $4,670.22
    -Limit of 1 dinner out per month – $30.00 max
    -Follow a very strict budget
    -Blog at least once a week about my progress
    -Seek out any opportunities that will make this plan a success

    Wishing everyone all the best in meeting your goals!

  430. Thanks for the giveaway…would like to accelerate repayment of a student loan ($5,900.00) & significantly clear some outstanding credit card debt ($4,400.00) within six months !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  431. My financial bucket list for 2012 is–
    -Get at least $500 back into savings. (having a flat & needing to replace all 4 tires wiped me out)
    -Get another 2k in each of the kids college accounts.
    -Open up a line of revolving credit since I have none, car loan possibly?

    Thanks! :)

  432. My bucket list:

    Pay off credit cards
    Save for a used car paying cash
    Save up money for home repairs. We need a new roof like yesterday!
    Replenish our savings account

  433. On my financial bucket list is
    1. Pay off my house-we are down to owing less than $30,000
    2. Purchase enough life insurance to pay off all bills and live for a while if one of us passed away.
    3. Put enough back for both grandson’s college.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  434. My list would be

    Save up for a down payment on a new house
    Pay off car loan
    Bulk up savings


  435. Some things on my bucket list:
    Visit Wales (where my mom is from)
    Get married (of course I would have to find Mr. Right first hahahaha)
    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

  436. Bucket List

    1. Pay off student loans
    2. Get credit card balances at zero
    3. Help hubby get his credit card (yep, he’s down to one, but it’s a big one still) down to zero

  437. A dream no-expenses-spared trip to Egypt
    A Chanel handbag
    A cottage
    A fully funded retirement account

  438. My financial bucket list:

    1. Pay off student loans
    2. Pay off the rest of my credit card debt (about $450)
    3. Build up a savings account after I graduate, with a goal of at least of $3000 by the end of 2012.


  439. 1 Keep expenses down
    2 Keep saving for a trip to New Zealand
    Thanks for the contest.

  440. My financial bucket list:

    put towards my credit card bill
    invest more in my current portfolio
    savings for future expenses that may arise

  441. pay off my house within 5 years
    save up for retirement (age 45)
    pay for college for my (non-existent) kids

  442. Just tweeted the contest :)

  443. On my financial bucket list!
    – Keep contributing to my Emergency Fund.
    – Start saving for a down-payment on a house & a newer car.
    – Keep paying off my Visa every month!

    Sweet contest!

  444. I also just tweeted about the contest. ;)

  445. Blogged:

    1. Save up for a downpayment for a condo downtown – TIRED of renting.

    2. Make $30-40k over my 9-5 income.

    3. Establish a fluorishing travel fund.

  446. My financial bucket list is to be totally debt free. No credit cards, no car payment and no house payment.

    Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  447. - Start a savings account for supporting my parents in the future – they are still quite young, but have their immigrant mentality towards financial planning (i.e., the absense of above)
    – Maximize RRSP
    – Maximize TFSA
    – Beef up my “Travel&Fun” Fund

  448. I would like to pay off my debt by mid 2013
    I would also like to have $20000 saved up by 2015
    I would also like to have an income property

  449. pay off my car and credit cards

  450. !) save at least 6 months worth of salary money 2) save up for an alaskan cruise 3) pay off my truck

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  451. help pay down my wifes credit card

  452. My financial bucket list includes:

    -paying down my credit card debt
    -building up an emergency fund
    -make enough money with my freelance business to quit my day job!

  453. 1) pay off my student loans (26,000)
    2) pay off my car (15,000)
    3) save for a home!

  454. I need the money to pay bills??? my husband doesn’t have a job & all my bills r behind, so let it be me pleeeeze

  455. was there a winner for this contest?

  456. Hi there,

    I was contacted today by Life Finder to ask me to remove my link. Has there been some breakdown in relationship? I realise this is quite an old giveaway but I was surprised to receive a demand of this nature.

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