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May 2011 Goals: Recap

This has been a good month, overall. Although I am excited for June because it means a month at home (without any traveling). It also means I can concentrate on living my new (single) life and working on making my place feel like home.

As for my budget, I did fairly well – only going over on my cell phone – and that was due to the cost of closing on my home. I haven’t received a utility bill yet, so I will be interested in seeing how much that will be. I haven’t turned on the heat yet in my home, and have only used my gas fireplace 3 or 4 times (for less than 1 hour each time).

May 2011 Goals (link):

  • Make an additional $2,000 above and beyond my FT job. FAIL! I only made $1,422.82. I suck. But to be fair, half of the month I was either in the middle of packing/moving, or on vacation.
  • Stay on budget while on vacation in Toronto & NYC. FAIL! Well, technically I stayed under my $120/day budget if you don’t include clothing purchases. If you do include it, then I blew the budget. Not by a lot, but it’s still considered a fail. I will have the full spending recap of my vacation up sometime this week.
  • Get a baseball card signed by Pat Hentgen. CHECK! Awww yeah! It was the highlight of my vacation to NYC. In fact, short of Roy Halladay asking me to marry him, or watching the Jays win the World Series in person, this could be the single greatest baseball-related thing to have ever happened to me. Sad? Perhaps. Awesome? Yes.
  • Find a new Toastmasters club to join (the one I was going to is now too far away). FAIL! Since I was away for half of the month, I didn’t do anything except do a few searches online. But this is something I need to do.
  • Hire and complete renovation work on my townhouse. CHECK! I want to post photos, but will probably wait until I actually have furniture.
  • Be completely unpacked by the end of the month. FAIL! Since I have no furniture, I can’t really unpack. But everything that I can put away, has been done. I still need to hang photos and what little art I have on the walls. Perhaps I need to invest in some tools. At least something more than an allen key from IKEA. Like a hammer.
  • Do research into figuring out how to rent out my extra parking stall. FAIL! All I did was quickly glance at the notice board in the underground parking. I think I might be one of the only units in the entire complex that has two parking stalls. Will have to contact strata or whoever to figure out the process.
  • Introduce myself to my new neighbours. CHECK! I’ve met two new neighbours – the person that lives right beside me, and the woman who has a parking stall beside mine. They both seem nice. And two co-workers live very close to me. In fact, we’re going to a local lacrosse game later on this week, because apparently lacrosse is all the rage in this neighbourhood.
  • Complete 5x runs around my new neighbourhood. CHECK! I ran outside 7x this month. My goal is to run every morning before work. I’ve mentioned before that my townhouse opens up onto a path through a park. The loop is 2.5km long, so it will be easy to pace out the distance that I’m running.

Ongoing 2011 Annual Goals:

  • No buying lunch, snacks or coffee during the work week. CHECK! This was kind of a cheat month, since I was gone a lot of the time.
  • No buying clothing, shoes or accessories until May 19, 2011. CHECK! I was successful with my 5-month shopping ban. And now that I’m back from my vacation, I will resume my shopping ban until the end of the year.
  • Work out at least 3x/week. FAIL! Well, I was gone on vacation, so that kind of ruined it. I was in town for 20 days, and a lot of those days early in the month were spent packing and living in chaos before actually moving. So for the 13 days I was in my new place for the month of May, I worked out 9 times. Pretty decent.

Spending Recap: May 23-29, 2011

Monday 23rd – NYC
No Spend Day!

Tuesday 24th- NYC
No Spend Day!

Wednesday 25th- NYC
No Spend Day!

Thursday 26th- NYC
No Spend Day!

Friday 27th- NYC
No Spend Day!

Saturday 28th- New Jersey
No Spend Day!

Sunday 29th
+ $301.02 freelance/side income
$70.09 groceries


TOTAL: + $230.93

Please note that while I’m on vacation, I don’t count any spending because the money has come from my Travel Fund, and therefore does not affect my monthly budget. So since my weekly spending recaps are based off of my monthly budget, no spending will be recorded.

Not much to say about this week. I was gone for 6 of the 7 days, but did work while I was on vacation – so I was able to generate some sort of income at least. :)

* This is all income I bring in that is above and beyond my full-time job. Money is primarily made through my two blogs and my graphic design business.


A quick NYC update

Well my friends and I have been in New York City for 2 full days now, and it’s an amazing city. Great restaurants, super friendly people, and so much to see and do! Oh, and the townhouse we rented? Chalk another win up for! I think this rental might trump the beachfront condo we rented in Maui. And.. I’m not sure if I’ll ever stay in a hotel again for vacation! Especially considering it’s cheaper to rent off of VRBO and you get much nicer accommodation.

As for my budget… well … I had anticipated $120/day for spending. And I’m on target for that – if you don’t count the clothing that I’ve bought. It’s not a lot by any standards, but I will most likely not be staying under budget for the entire trip.

Oh, for those that have been wondering, I finally got to meet Pat Hentgen at Tuesday’s baseball game. :D We got his autograph and a photo taken with him. AND near the end of batting practice, he tossed me a baseball. My 18 year mission to meet him is now complete.

On today’s agenda is: Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, and meeting up with Money Maus and 27&Frugal for dinner! :) I also want to find the Chelsea Hotel. Because, well, there’s a somewhat famous Ryan Adams song about it. And you know how I feel about Ryan Adams. In fact, it’s pretty cool to be in NYC and actually see the places he sings about in his songs. And it’s just a few blocks away from where we are staying. Tomorrow is a Mets/Phillies game, and Central Park. For those who’ve been to NYC… bus tour – yay or nay?

A MoRoCo update: Ginger called and spoke to the General Manager of the restaurant earlier this week about our dining experience, but so far, nothing has been done. We haven’t received even an apology. So disappointed.

Anyway, I am sincerely sorry for the lack up updates here at GMBMFB. Unfortunately I wasn’t organized enough to write any material to post while I’m away. In the meantime if you’re interested, you can check out my latest Moneyville articles that I’ve written while I’ve been away:

Don’t forget you only have until next Wednesday to get your application in to become Moneyville’s next blogger!

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