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Adult braces: are my teeth worth it?

Guess who might be getting adult braces? That’s right, this blogger.

Yesterday I went to the dentist for my regular check-up. I also inquired about my options for orthodontics, because the past 3 dentists I’ve been to have suggested that it would be a good option for me – not only to straighten my teeth, but to prevent problems in the future. I’m kind of borderline though; my teeth aren’t that bad. Looking at my teeth, you probably wouldn’t think I’d need braces. But, I know it is in my best interest to get it done in order to keep my mouth healthy. My teeth are kind of crowded in places and I absolutely know that it is going to cause me problems in the future.

So, my dentist told me to contact a few places in Vancouver that offer  Invisalign braces and take on a lot of patients with adult braces. So, in the next few weeks I’ll book myself in for a free consultation. It’s a big decision, not only for my wallet, but it’s something I’ll have to live with for a minimum of 2 years. Oh, and if you’re wondering, metal/traditional braces are just not going to be an option for me. I would much rather pay a bit more for the freedom of Invisalign. And that’s just a personal choice I’ve always known I would make if it came down to it.

My dentist advised me that based on my situation, Invisalign would cost me between $5,000 to $7,000. Unfortunately, adult braces are not covered by my extended health benefits (orthodontics is actually covered under my health plan, but not for adults).

I know that it’s something I should want to do ( I’ve actually been thinking about it for a few years ), and that money shouldn’t be a factor when my teeth and my health is concerned. But, let’s be honest. Money plays a factor into every purchase we make – especially a huge purchase like this. I’m extremely hesitant, but then I look at my decision to get $3,000 LASIK eye surgery , and that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. But at least with LASIK, then down time was minimal and I was good to go after just a few weeks. Having braces will mean at least 2 years of wear, plus years after that of wearing a retainer. AND thousands and thousands of dollars. Plus, well, I’ll have adult braces.

Sigh. Adult braces. It’s a lot to think about. But getting orthodontics is something I’m eventually going to want to do in my life, the sooner I get it done, the better.


If you’re new to my blog, and wondering if I did end up getting braces (the answer is yes), you can read more about my adventures with adult braces here:

Author: Krystal Yee

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  1. Money Beagle says:

    You'll have to keep us posted. I never got braces either and my teeth have some crookedness, though the dentist has said that everything is fine as it is, so for me it would be purely cosmetic. that's not happening unless I came into the lottery or something as I have many higher priorities than that. Good luck and let us know how things progress

    • jeannie says:

      i am 50 got adult braces yesterday on top seven teeth. It is awful. I am going back to get them off and try Invisaligh. Braces are terrible. I can’t bear the metal mouth look or feel. He told me it would not be obvious–boy was he wrong. Get Invisalign.

  2. Laina says:

    Hope it's just two years. I was stuck in mine for four, and teeth move quicker when you are a young teen.

    • gmbmfb says:

      The dentist said I'd probably only be about 2 years because my teeth aren't super crooked. So I'm hoping she's right.

    • Pepe says:

      @Laina: The orthodontist said two and it wound up being four! I suppose you are more or less at the orthodontist’s mercy once the braces are on. As an adult, can you insist he or she take them off if you have had it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Can I ask you where you got your braces and who put them on. I am not satisfied with the person who put mine on and I need someone to take them off and have retainers made.

  3. Laura says:

    I got braces when I was 18 and it was the best decision I've ever made. The total cost was about $5k, and I ended up getting the clear braces because my teeth were too crooked for invisilign. Braces are a pain in the butt, but I would do them as soon as you can.
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    • BeckyAnn says:

      @Laura: As an adult, here is what I got for $5,000. BEFORE braces: Teeth on bottom front were crooked. Otherwise, healthy, strong, could open beer bottles with them, no problem biting into apples, chips, you name it, only had to brush teeth twice a day–or more if felt like it, mouth sores rare, grinded teeth occasionally, had overbite but smile felt natural. AFTER braces: Straight. Otherwise, weak, teeth hurt sometimes after eating nuts or chips, haven’t tried biting into an apple yet, have to brush teeth at least 3 times a day, mouth sores common, teeth grinding has decreased, have to unnaturally bring teeth together to smile but looks good. Neutral, but it is up to each person to decide.

      • Susan says:

        I was warned that the teeth would feel weak for at least a year while the bone grew back around them. After all this time, do your teeth still feel weak?

  4. findingserenity2010 says:

    Hey, I got braces a year or so ago, and one of my profs did – in her 30s! So it's never too late, and you're right – if teeth issues are on the horizon, get it fixed now when you can afford it.

    From experience, I can tell you that Invisalign is great – I had them for a year and a half to correct some crowding and a bad overbite. They're super easy to care for, too, and the retainer is just the same kind of hard plastic trays that you only have to wear at night. I''d say they are cheaper than a regular set of braces, but yours were quoted about 2x the cost of mine! Geez – get a second opinion/quote on those!

    • gmbmfb says:

      That was actually my second quote on Invisalign braces. The last dentist I went to said the exact same price. :(

    • LuckyMe says:

      I got braces when I was about 50, and the experience was almost intolerable. I wonder, though. People categorize anyone over age 18 as an adult, of course. But, as you age, you can have all sorts of problems with your teeth and your body, such as high blood pressure, migraines, etc. I think it is a mistake for orthodontists to act like there are either teenagers or adults and anyone can get braces. I had a large bridge and several crowns in my mouth, plus had high blood pressure and suffered from migraines. There is no way I was close to even a 35 year old, with my risks. Yet, I was treated just like an 18 year old, and I don’t think any of my medical history was even taken into consideration. No wonder I had problems.

      • lovie says:

        Just came across your comment. I’m 47 and had braces placed a year ago. I agree with you. We are not teenagers and I think the orhtodontics should take a medical hx, share more info and tell us that there will be difference in treatment, progress etc., Our teeth are settled and the bones are not going to grow as quickly or at all for that matter. The orthodontists take a universal approach to treating everyone the same and there is a tremendous difference in placing braces on a child, teenage, 30 yrs, -vs- any older. I’m worse off than when I had them placed. One of the worst decisions ever in my life

        • Sanjay says:

          Thanks for the input!

        • miriam says:

          My case sounds just like yours. My teeth needs work and I have an infection. The dentist did xrays cancer test and came back that I need invisalign have health issures and 62 years old.TY for your story

        • Ang says:

          I got braces when I was about to turn 30 and now 31- it was the worst decision I ever made. I do feel like the orthodontist think our teeth are like kids and moved them fast. I had crowding & an overbite- my teeth weren’t that bad, but I feel moving them in 1 year was way too fast of treatment. Now I might be losing my teeth, I developed a severe case of TMD and it has destroyed my life. I would much rather have lived with my teeth before braces than this. I even went to a board certified orthodontist and did Damon braces. But really what I found out is Damon braces really don’t move your teeth faster than any other type, but I guess my orthodontist believed the advertisement. It’s horrible- adult teeth need to be moved slower

        • C Rocha says:

          I saw your comments on your braces. I am 44 and have had mine for 7 months. It was bad at first and there is still discomfort after adjustment but my orthodontist gave me suggestions of how to proceed. He asked if I took calcium, I said yes. He asked me to stop but make sure that my doctor was okay with it. I checked all was good so.I stopped. He said when you get braces when you are older you need to ease up on the extra calcium to make the teeth move easier. Once they are where you need them to be, closer to the end of treatment, you begin to take the calcium again. It will start to harden the bone within two weeks and you continue from there. You do have to treat older patients differently and mine does. Wish you all the best and a great smile!

  5. Francesca says:

    I paid about $7750 for my Invisilign (two years of treatment) with an orthodontist. I think they are worth it and I'd recommend visiting an orthodontist with a lot of experience with Invisilign (rather than a dentist) for braces treatment.

  6. Daisy says:

    Wow, that's a lot of money.
    I've been thinking of doing invisalign too, for my bottom teeth.. so expensive!
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    • Dick T. says:

      I wish there were more articles and blogs out there about the Pros AND Cons of adult brace wearing. I was about 45 when I got them and never had them before. I was not even remotely prepared for what to expect. I had no idea it would be that difficult or impactful on my life. On the internet, about 90% of the sites are controlled by the ortho. industry. I think if they were more realistic about it, I would have been better prepared. Not every one is going to be the ideal patient. I had discomfort from almost beginning to end.

      • Cindy says:

        Got braces and worst decision of life orthodontically correct not necessarily
        Correct for everyone especially after closing spaces. I ended up in terrible pain and crossbite from treatment. Unless bad get cosmetic work done will be better off in long rung!

        • john says:

          Correcting teeth always will displace your TMJ joints, which is painful, life threatening problem and requires reversing treatment by prosthodontist, which is not always successful.
          Orthodontists know, but they don’t tell you about that side effect before starting treatment.
          I think it is a crime, especially when they persuade you to correct your bite or align your teeth.

  7. Jenny says:

    I'm going through invisalign right now in Seattle. I think the total cost for me was $5600 – I paid half upfront and am making payments – interest free – on the balance. Right now I am 8 months in which for me is about halfway. I never thought I'd do soemthing like this even though I've had a few dentists tell me its a good idea. So far I'm very happy with my decision even though I haven't ben putting as much into my house fund as I used to.

  8. I had braces for two years starting in Grade 9. They were the metal type. My teeth were really messed up and they moved so quickly. A friend of mine had invisalign and her teeth are really nice now, you could barely tell that she had braces when she was wearing them.

    I would go for it. It's something I am soooo grateful my parents did for my brother and I (without insurance!!). Having a nice smile makes your teeth easier to care for and makes you smile more!! :)
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  9. Ella says:

    Yikes, that's a lot of money. I need something for my teeth too and I had no idea it would cost that much. I think I might bite the bullet and get it this year too.
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  10. S.T. says:

    Just personal opinion, but I just got my braces off a year and a half ago (when I was 27), and it was definately worth it. They were not Invisalign, because as I was told by my orthodontist, only certain types of people – those without serious jaw alignments issues – will benefit from them. I did get traditional braces, but the new types aren't all metal, like kids used to have back in jr, and sr high school. They are clear brackets on teh top, with no elastics, and the bottom ones are metal. Braces now days are smaller and les visible than the ones of 5-10 years ago. I recommend them even if invisalign isn't an option. If you do choose braces, abnd maintain good hygiene practices, you'll never lose your teeth. It also solves many more problems than your teeth looking nicer. I said go for it! I've never regreted it, even though my cost $6800.

  11. Elsa says:

    I wore braces as an adult too for a little over three years. I got the clear (ceramic) ones and it came up to about 5k.
    I was very pleased with the results – one of the best decisions I ever made!
    It wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought, not much of an inconvenience once you get used to.
    It's been about four years since, I still wear my retainers (occasionally at night) and still very pleased.
    If you can, do it!
    My orthodontist was awesome, he's on Main Street (email me if you want to check him out)
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  12. RLW says:

    I was in a similar situation as you. In my 20's and in need of braces and I had just neglected it over the years. Ultimately for the quickest treatment we used a treatment plan that had me in traditional braces for 9 months, then finish in invisalign for 9 months. I am now in the invisalign portion.

    There are definately pro's and cons about both. With braces you can eat what you want, but they are noticeable. With invisalign I have never had anyone at all say anything, but you cant just eat or even drink when you want. Also with invisalign you will most likely have these small pieces glued to your teeth to help give the invisalign “leverage”. When your invisalign is out these stand out.

    Have you considered driving across the border for quotes?

    • gmbmfb says:

      Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate it. I haven't considered driving across the border for quotes because of maintenance visits. I think it would be a huge hassle to have to drive across for check-ups and stuff like that. But I will do a bit of research into it before I make my final decision.

  13. LC says:

    I just ordered retainers because, 12 years after getting my braces off, my teeth are starting to shift a bit. The two will probably cost me a couple hundred bucks but it's definitely worth it. If you can make it work, I highly suggest getting them!

  14. Hey you can deduct taxes on it! Especially if it will cost $5000-$7000. Do you get any benefits from work that will pay for part of it?
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    • gmbmfb says:

      Yeah, at the very least, at least I can deduct taxes on it. Although I think last year when I deducted my LASIK eye surgery, I only ended up getting back $50 – ha! :) Nope, my benefits from work don't pay for orthodontics. Well, they do, but only for children under 18 or something like that. Not for adults.

  15. Kelly says:

    I got my Invisalign in Sept. '10. I wore traditional braces for 5 years from age 16-21 (I'm 44 now) and unfortunately they didn't have permanent retainers back then and hence, my teeth started to shift about 10 years ago. It wasn't bad at first but the dentist said that over time they would get worse so I decided to get them fixed again. I paid $6200 for them ($2000 is covered thru hubby's dental plan) and it's a short treatment for me. I have 13 trays and have to wear each for roughly 2 weeks and so about 7 months is my treatment plan. I've only had them for 4 months and can see a noticeable difference. In the long term you will be happy you did and may end up spending out less in dental care. I say just go for it (or wait a few months until bf has a new job and maybe he has some coverage) as you will be happy you did.

  16. MoneyMaus says:

    I am so glad I had braces when I was younger. I have amazing teeth now and love it! My Mom had regular braces for one year when she was in her 40s & HATED it…but it’s been great for her teeth. Her orthodontist said she couldn’t get Invisalign so metal it was for her. She is now so incredibly happy she did it and obviously you’re way younger, plus you have the option of Invisalign! I say go for it once you can figure out the logistics of paying for it. By the way…after those two years, you HAVE to wear your retainer diligently. I’ve had 3 friends who didn’t and their teeth reverted back to the original state a few years later. I actually still wear my retainer (didn’t get a permanent one put in for whatever reason) and it’s been over 10 years since I got my braces off. :)

    • InSight says:

      Sometimes I think there should be three categories for adult brace wearing: Adolescents, younger adults and older adults. Both adolescents and younger adults are likely to have fewer issues with their teeth and their health. I can see trad. braces working better on them. But, with older adults, even though some claim they can get braces too, with all of the teeth and/or health issues they may have, I just can’t see the industry knowing for sure how braces would affect them. Let’s say you have three crowns, two bridges and IBS and have high blood pressure. Has the industry really done enough studies to know for sure that these people will have no problem with their braces? I doubt it. Seems to me like most people I know who got braces over age 45 had a hard time with it. I only know a few, but still. Maybe Invisalign should be all older adults should do? Maybe the stress that metal or ceramic braces puts on your body is too much for older adults? I don’t know, but I don’t think the orthdontic industry knows for sure either.

      • JohnnyD says:

        I know this reply is late, but what the hell does IBS have to do with getting braces? That’s like saying someone can’t get botox because they have asthma. lmao The hell?

  17. MoneyMaus says:

    I am so glad I had braces when I was younger. I have amazing teeth now and love it! My Mom had regular braces for one year when she was in her 40s & HATED it…but it’s been great for her teeth. Her orthodontist said she couldn’t get Invisalign so metal it was for her. She is now so incredibly happy she did it and obviously you’re way younger, plus you have the option of Invisalign! I say go for it once you can figure out the logistics of paying for it. By the way…after those two years, you HAVE to wear your retainer diligently. I’ve had 3 friends who didn’t and their teeth reverted back to the original state a few years later. I actually still wear my retainer (didn’t get a permanent one put in for whatever reason) and it’s been over 10 years since I got my braces off. :)

  18. Lulu says:

    Girl you do what you need to do for your health. You should look into the different payment plans or even the CareCredit Card. I am not sure if you can use it in Canada but I was offered that when I had my LASIK done and it is medical credit card that gives you two years interest free payments…so that makes it easier to pay the total amount. I also used it when I had my wisdom tooth removed and both times I paid the card off BEFORE the grace period ended but it really does help because it spreads the payments out so they don't wreck your budget.
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  19. inmyturret says:

    Reconsider the porcelain braces (not metal!), they are a lot faster. And you are forgetting an added bonus, discounts! With braces as an adult, I got student discounts, student admission at the movies, and children's meals, no questions asked! I was 22 at the time.

    Also ask about fees for fixing permanent retainers when you're done. I get hit with $90 each time the wire breaks (upper ones break a lot). Many orthodontists include that free.

    • gmbmfb says:

      I know that there are options for different kinds of traditional braces, and that they are faster, but it really isn't going to be an option for me. I am meeting people all the time through my professional life and I would feel a lot less confidence with braces. I know I should embrace them, but I know I won't. THanks for the tip about the permanent retainer! I'll make sure to ask about it.

  20. A Girl says:

    Definitely make sure you go to an Orthodontist who knows what he/she is doing. I got Invisalign and it was only supposed to be 9 months and $4,500 (which I paid off in payments) to correct a crossbite. Well, to make a VERY long story short, my treatment was never completed after three dentists, and here I am two years (or so) later with “buttons” on my teeth and no Invisalign.

    I was in the same boat as you, in that nobody would have ever known that I needed braces, but I knew. Also, it was to correct a problem that would have gotten worse over time.

    Get the right dentist, and enjoy your smile!

  21. Joann Campbell says:

    Re: regular braces. Adults, you have to think before you get braces for cosmetic reasons. There are hidden social-psychological aspects to braces re: adults. It will affect every aspect of your life from eating to sleeping. If you are in a constant state of discomfort, this will affect your attitude. If you have a job that involves a lot of speaking, there are going to be days you are lisping. And, your orthodo. will be in control of your mouth, not you. As an adult, how is it going to feel to not have control of your mouth? These are just a few of the issues you are going to be faced with, and all I was told by my clinic, was that after 3 months, I wouldn't even know they were there. This was not even close to reality. I'd rather have my old teeth back, then go thru what I went thru the last year. Plus, I have another 6 months of this, plus at least 2 more years with a retainer. I feel like I'm more married to my teeth and my ortho. than I am to my husband.
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    • Karen P. says:

      You’d be surprised how many orthodon. still make their adult patients rinse their own mouth out in a public sink, and think there is no problem with this, even though for $200 at a dental office, you get pampered to the max. For some reason orthodontists think for $5,000 you should be spitting in a public sink along with children–that way you can get all the latest viruses going around too besides feeling like a 12-year-old and wondering “what the heck did I get myself into.”

  22. Ms Jackson says:

    I'm 29 and I just recently got traditional metal braces. I was able to be financed through CareCredit and I make low monthly payments with no interest for 24 months! I was hesitant at first because every time I went to the orthodontist, I only saw teenagers. I felt embarrassed at first but the staff made me feel comfortable and all of them had braces before and when they were all in their adulthood. I realized it was the best choice. I have noticed that my teeth have moved and I notice a better smile already. I love my braces at 29! If you are thinking about braces, I say go for it!

  23. Wished I Woulda says:

    Well, if it’s any help to you- I was told in my teens I should have braces to correct a crossbite. My teeth didn’t look bad but they didn’t go together ‘properly’. My parents didn’t think it was worth the money since they looked ok. At the time I didn’t care.

    I’m mid 40’s now and I suffer horribly from TMJ pain due to the years of wear on my jaw from the misaligned teeth. It can be quite agonizing and there is very little that helps at all. I have consulted a number of professionals and asked ‘What if I got the braces NOW?’ I would gladly pay the 6-7grand to rid myself of that pain or even reduce it significantly. The answer has been, ‘Probably wouldn’t help…’ So certainly I won’t spend the money for a maybe/probably not.

    It’s not for certain that had I had the issue corrected 20 years ago I’d be pain free now but if there’s ANY chance that a cross-bite or misalignment will cause future jaw pain then I would suggest that it could be worth every penny spent and your future self will THANK YOU!

    Best of luck!!

  24. jd says:

    Have you looked into 6 Month Smiles?
    They are braces that adjust only your front teeth and take signifacntly shorter and cost less. I just got mine on.

  25. P. Sams says:

    Here is the issue I have with being an older adult brace wearer: All of my life I have been able to eat what I want when I want, etc. Now, with the retainer, I am forced” to think twice every time I want to eat something. How ridiculous! If my retainer is in (and I had no choice when the braces were on), I have to either skip it, because I don’t want to take my retainer out, or I have to figure out how I am going to be able to sneak off somewhere to take my retainer off, especially the case at work. And, I am expected to do this off and on for years!? Get real. Braces/ retainers were not made for adults at all, in my opinion.

    • Krystal Yee says:

      Teenagers with braces/retainers face the exact same problems. It’s just a matter of choice – do you want to go through some inconvenience with braces/retainers in exchange for a better smile and healthier teeth? For me, the sacrifice has been worth it, and I still have my braces on.

  26. P. Sams says:

    I am glad you think it is worth it, Krystal. But, the difficulty issues are doubled when you are an adult. For ex., teenagers’ liveliehood isn’t connected to their working environment. As an adult you have to work to provide for your family and present a certain image at work, and here you are having to sneak out to brush or clean your teeth, or suddenly start lisping when speaking to a client. I don’t care how the braces look; what I care about is the stress they have added to my life that I was not prepared for at all. There is a well-known correlation between added stress and getting major dental work done. Personally, if I knew what I was in for, I would have choosen another option. Braces are a cosmetic, elective procedure for most adults. Their mom and dads are not forcing them to get it done. Plus, most adults pay for it all out of pocket. The orthodon. industry needs to start treating adults differently. Plus, as an adult, I don’t want to have to wear a retainer to bed. I have an adult life. I don’t want to have to take my retainer out just to lean over and kiss someone.

    • Krystal Yee says:

      The negatives that come along with braces shouldn´t have been a surprise to you. If you didn´t want to pay the price for the braces, and if you saw so many negatives, I´m wondering why you even bothered getting them done? Unless it was preventative, and not cosmetic.

      I work in a very client-based industry, and at first I was bothered by the idea of having braces too. But I´ve met clients, done TV and radio interviews, gone to conferences, and have had absolutely no issue with my braces. As a side note, I´m never bothered by my braces when I kiss my boyfriend, and I can only imagine a retainer would be much better since there´s not as much bulk on it. :)

      I´m very curious how you would want the ortho industry to treat adults differently?

  27. P. Sams says:

    The problem is, I was not aware of any of the negatives before I got my braces. I was not informed of them. All I was told was that I wouldn’t even know they were there after about 3 months. It seems like you fell into that category. I did not. I am not trying to deny you your positive experince. I’m just trying to say that it is not that way for everyone. I should add, I am an older adult. Sometimes I think that makes a difference (see LuckyMe’s comment above). Personally, I find my retainer more bulky than the braces. But, on to your final question. How I would want the ortho. industry to treat adults differently:
    1. Anyone in the clinic should treat an adult like an adult and an adoles. like an adoles. For example, don’t call me honey or scold me or give me cartoon literature clearly meant for adolescents on how to take care of my braces. This is not easy to do, working on 3-4 adoles. in a row and then having to work on a 45-year-old, for example. You have to change your mindset and be able to do this.
    2. Adults are going to expect to be treated like they are in their dentist’s office. This means the assistant flosses their teeth and rinses out their mouth for them, vs. making them go to the sink to do it along with the kids.
    3. Be more honest with adults. I can see with adoles. you may not want to give them the whole story, as kids’ imaginations can run wild. But, I can tell you from my own experiences that adults will get angry with you, and deservingly so, if you make it sound like it will be a walk in the park and it is not.
    4. With adults, the ortho. and orthodon. asst. need to have more of a 1:1 relationship, vs. an “I am in control and you will do as I say type relationship.” Sure, with adoles. you need to be the parent. With adults, you need to be more of an equal.
    5. Adults are paying for the procedure out-of-pocket and with large sums of money. Their parents are not making them do this. So, adults will have higher expectations. If you paid for $5,000 for a trip to Disneyland, for example, would you want to be treated like a kid when you went there and only go on the kiddie rides. No, of course you’d want to be treated like an adult and get your money’s worth.
    6. The office environment should appeal to both children and adults. Don’t have nothing but cartoon pictures up. Family pictures would be much better, and watch for what you put up. If you put up a sign with a big warning to not eat popcorn and showing someone with a big mouth sore because of it, adults will be turned off by this. No one wants to look at that just as they are about ready to undergone another adjustment.
    Anyway, these are just a few examples. . . . Take care, Krystal.

  28. Karen P. says:

    I keep hearing about orthodontists who won’t take their patients’ braces off until they pay up? Is this true? I would imagine a lot of these patients would be children, much less adults? Wouldn’t that be illegal? Braces are considered a medical procedure, aren’t they? Because they sure feel like it. An orthodontist not taking braces off due to non-payment would be no different than an orthopedist not taking braces off of someone’s leg due to non-payment. If not illegal, it would definitely be unethical. Isn’t the orthodontic industry regulated much?

  29. perfectsmile says:

    I’m 42 years old and had my metal braces for the past 6 months. No problems in carrying on with my life. I talk to clients and speak in public a lot. And I smile a lot too, so I flash my metallic smile all the time. :D It is not unusual in this day and age to wear braces either for health or cosmetic reasons. Some people choose to have Botox or fillers, nip & tuck… I choose having a Perfect Smile. Take care Krystal. It is definitely worth it!

    • silvina says:

      I am a 43 year old female just got metal braces in the bottom and invisalign for the top. I was hesitant for years to fix them but finally decided that something I always wanted and parents couldn’t afford as a child but I can budget monthly so am able to. first two days have been a bit of a challenge as I am a huge snacker , so I have to remove invisalign tray to eat or drink anything other then water and brush every time cause the pain and discomfort is pretty intense , I am not sure how the next 2 years will turn out but other then having my 3 daughters this is best experience of my life

  30. JenOnMyMind says:

    I think that is a good point. If you would not get a nip & tuck, anywhere, then braces probably are not for you; if they are just for cosmetic reasons. I would never think of getting a nip & tuck, but went ahead and got braces, and maybe my expectations were a little too high? They looked good, but it caused a lot of stress for me. I didn’t think it was worth it, but if appearances are that important to you, then it probably is worth it. Good point.

  31. BestAdvice says:

    Some people here had good experiences, some okay, and some bad. It’s interesting how they all argue that the way it happened to them is the way it is. In reality, I guess all this really shows is that experiences can vary for everyone. The only problem I see with braces, or at least with traditional, is that you won’t know how they affect you, until they are on. Hard to take them off after that. I think orthodontists should at least be informing people of this.

  32. Jane says:

    I am very into adulthood and realize I need braces! Bottom teeth have gotten so crooked that they are forcing one of my front teeth forward!

    But….the orthodontist told me I needed to get extensive dental work first—a few root canals, fix a few chips back there, fix a hole in one cap, etc. It will cost FAR more than the braces!!!

    I don’t care what’s going on with my back teeth!! They feel fine; I have no pain; I have very good dental hygiene. Cavities filled and cleaning, I can see fixing. The rest seems like overkill! I feel like he’s making me his teeth-perfection canvas, but it’s MY pocketbook.

    Did anyone here have to go through this kind of extensive work before braces??

    • Amy Lu says:

      Hello, Jane. Well, I’m not an orthodontist, but I am a recent adult brace wearer. You are wise to just not take what your orthodontist says 100%. One thing I want to warn you about is that orthodontists are used to dealing with adolescents, so sometimes they think they can tell you, an adult, what to do and you have to put up with it just like the kids. And, I can tell you from my own experiences, that the more dental work you have prior to getting your braces done, the more complicated braces will be. At least on me, they banded any crowns I had prior to putting my braces on. What does your dentist think? Personally, I think root canals, hole in one cap, etc. might be better served by a dentist. Fixing the chips does seem excessive to me, though.

    • Braces says:

      Get a second or a third opinion if necessary. Consultations are usually free. You should do this to get a comparison. Orthodontists’ techniques are different from each other, even though they use the same tools.

  33. Audrey says:

    I’m more than halfway through my treatment with InVu Cosmetic Braces. These are the reasons I decided to pursue treatment as an adult:

    A) Oral Hygiene: My teeth were so close together that flossing was difficult, making it hard to keep my gums healthy. I realized it was going to cost me more over time to address those health issues if I didn’t have ortho.

    B) My Bite: If you have a severe enough overbite, you can actually lose a good amount of tooth enamel. My orthodontist explained to me that my bottom teeth could be virtually non existent by my forties or fifties.

    Other than having to be obsessive about my oral hygiene after meals, I haven’t made any major changes. My orthodontist is amazing. I recommend checking out if you’re an adult considering treatment, it’s good to know your options.

  34. Robyn says:

    Hi Krystal, where do we find the pictures of your dental braces? How long have you been wearing them?

  35. Paul Thompson says:

    You did the right thing. I believe you deserve to have a beautiful set of teeth. Your teeth are looking a lot better now. I would really love to see the result after the treatment. I know it’s pretty hard to have this metal thing in your mouth, but it’s definitely going to be worth it in the end.

  36. james says:

    I’m 32 years old and have had my braces on for over a year now. Adults need to be aware that unlike children all the bones in our skull have fused together. Some corrections to your bite need to be done with surgery to break the fused bones (ex: SARPE). So adults need to keep in mind that they might not just be signing up to get there teeth straightened, but also to get other corrective surgeries (if needed). These surgeries can cost many times what your braces will cost!

  37. Fred says:

    Please don’t do any brace or invisalign treatment especially if you are over 25 and you don’t have apparent crooked teeth.
    It is dangerous treatment and may cause TMJ disorder, which changes your throat and TMJ structure. You may not notice for first time what is wrong going on with your joints. Later you will feel like something is wrong in your throat mouth and ear. You will have pains, may chock and develop sleep apnea. You will feel like you’re in dangerous situation.

    Some scam orthodontists may lie and say, that your bite needs correction or your teeth need alignment, but you always need to understand, that your TMJ joints have only one true connection, any changes will be wrong.

    I have all these problems after so called bite correction which started 6 years ago. It was a trap of a scam doctor. I went to that doctor for a advice for bridge work, but he started persuading me to do bite correction and then bridge will be done by his friend dentist. Before that I have seen many doctors, but nobody said, that I have any wrong tooth. Unfortunately I done big mistake and trusted him.

    Instead of 2 months it is already 6 years I’m suffering, visiting to all kind of doctors, but they can’t solve the TMJ problem.

    P.S. You always can see very reach people have crooked teeth. I think it is because they are protected from scam doctors

    • Ang says:

      Fred- I wish I would’ve saw your post in 2014 before I signed up for braces. B/c braces set me up for severe TMD and since the day they were removed I have been living in a life of hell – I’m only 31 too! I was lied to & deceived on the consent paperwork that they gave me on the day of putting braces on. SO they knew I had little time to think about the form and I even asked about TMJ that was on there. It had a very brief & vague description that doesn’t even mention what it really is. When I asked too they made it seem minimal & that my chances of getting it were low. I really wish I would’ve never listened to them, b/c all they really cared about was their money & not my best interest. My teeth weren’t even that bad before braces, I just wanted a few teeth straightened. Now I would give anything to have my teeth back & life.

  38. Great article. We never attempt to “sell” braces. Our goal is to give our patients what they desire. If you are strapped for cash and you do not have the $3000 or $4000 to spend on braces it is not always the case that braces are necessary. Remember that a number of insurance companies will cover some of the cost or braces and Invisalign treatment which is something to think about when looking at the overall cost of braces or invisible braces.

    Great resource Krystal and I love the conversation in the comments!

  39. Josh says:

    It is a shame that braces need regular check-ups otherwise like so many other treatments, you can get done abroad for a fraction of the price; especially if it is a country you are travelling to anyway. For example, my wife is Polish, so when we go to see her family I always get any dental work done that i can as it is as good if not better than what I get in the UK and about a quarter of the price.

  40. Natalie says:

    This is my second round of braces. I first got my braces when I was 14 until 19 years of age. I had upper/lower jaw surgery. Later on my teeth have shifted and my lower jaw has shifted as well. I have had problems eating and have been grinding really badly at night as well. I was referred to an orthodontist in south Surrey and was charged 9400 for braces. I also went to my oral surgeon and it’s going to cost 5000 for surgery. Once I get implant for baby tooth and all this jaw and orthodontic work done I am looking at close to 20,000. I can’t believe that . I have no coverage for orthodontics . I find it hard to eat my food and even speak at times to form words.
    Looking at me before braces my teeth were quite straight. A little bit of an overbite but nothing that anyone can notice . If it wasn’t for the screw poking out of my jaw or trouble eating I wouldn’t have bothered

  41. Natalie says:

    And I asked for Invisalign and because of my needing jaw surgery I didn’t have any other choice but to have metal braces. I’ve been seeing my dentist since I moved to south Surrey in 1991 . I trust her and her staff. This orthodontist was highly recommended. I like her as well. Though 9400 for traditional braces is crazy. But then again you get what you pay for. If you have complications like I have than I would highly recommend doing some research.

  42. Angela says:

    Hey, I was wondering if I could talk to you about braces? Thanks

  43. Ana says:

    I got my braces when I was 32 years old and had them off at 34. Best choice I ever made for straightening my teeth. Now I have that perfect smile!

  44. Barbara Val says:

    I am 46 years old; have had braces for a year. Totally regret it; worst decision I’ve ever made. Please beware, adult orthodontics is a huge trade-off. Caveat emptor! Just don’t do it!

  45. Barbara Val says:

    Just wanted to say:
    orthodontists do not tell you the whole truth – once you are braced, you are totally at their mercy…
    – as an adult in your 40s expect quite noticeable changes in your facial appearance that you may not like
    – gum recession
    – sensitivity
    – your teeth will be weakened
    and other things the ortho will NOT warn you about

  46. pelito says:

    where did you go? could you please give the name and address of your orthodontist?

  47. pelito says:

    Sorry, I was trying to reply to findingserenity2010

  48. Justin Marx says:

    Just telling you all, Straight out. Don’t do it. You have to wear them for 22 hours a day and take them out every time you eat and brush your teeth which is extremely painful. Huge waste of money. Don’t let those greedy b******* talk you into something you don’t need!

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