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Top 10 Realest Personal Finance Bloggers

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working with Amber from Blonde and Balanced on a great idea. We see a lot of Top Blog Lists popping up everywhere around the blogosphere, and while we both think they’re great, we wanted to make a list of personal finance bloggers who share their stories and interact with the blogging community on a more personal level.

To us, being a great personal finance blogger doesn’t necessarily mean being able to generate the most income, report the news, have thousands of subscribers, or even a lot of fame – it’s the connection ¬†you can make with your readers and the stories you are willing to share with the world that make you approachable and real.

So Amber and I came up with this list (in no particular order):

The Top 10 Realest Personal Finance Bloggers!

  1. Fabulously Broke in the City – I’ve known FB for a long time. Her blog has evolved a lot since she began writing, and I think she does an amazing job coming up with unique content every day that combines life and personal finance. She really takes pride on making her blog great – editing photos and creating a story behind each post.
  2. Well-Heeled – I’ve been reading her blog since I started PF blogging. I think we have a lot in common – especially because we were both unemployed at the same time earlier this year and both got jobs around the same time too. I really like how thoughtful and relavent her posts are.
  3. Girl Red Balloon – Red is a 20-something blogger finishing up her college degree. I enjoy her posts on being frugal and saving money because it always reminds me that, even though I’m almost 4 years out of college, living and budgeting like a college student can still be done in a fun way – and save you tons of money.
  4. Punch Debt in the Face – I heart Debt Ninja. His posts are always hilarious and unexpected – between his stick figure drawings to his personal finance ninja rapping, he always comes up with surprising ways to entertain his readers.
  5. Budgets are Sexy – I remember when J$ first came on the blogging scene, I thought to myself: “this guy is crazy!” And I was right. He makes personal finance fun in a very unique and engaging way. He very recently got laid off, and is now trying his hand at becoming a full-time blogger! He has the drive and ambition to succeed so I’m excited to read about his freelancing journey.
  6. Enemy of Debt – This is a great blog, and it is inspiring to know that he came from over $25k worth of debt and was able to eliminate it all in 18 months.
  7. Stacking Pennies – SP is amazing! She is a running machine, goes on amazing hiking trips (maybe one day BF and I will get to go hiking with her!), and is great at budgeting and saving.
  8. Small Steps for Big Change – SSBC writes an amazing PF blog about getting out of debt, saving, living frugally, and life in general.
  9. Young and Thrifty – She is a fellow Vancouverite who has just bought her first house! She blogs about investing (which I need to learn a lot about), savings and personal finance tips. I also cannot wait to hear more about her new place! Maybe … some pictures? Hint, hint.
  10. Paying Myself – She is a lawyer from Ontario who has set up her own practice. Her goals include getting out of student loan debt, saving and living frugally. I love how she blogs about her real life issues and problems with money. It’s interesting and refreshing.

You can check out Amber’s post about this Top 10 list HERE!

Spending Recap: December 20-26, 2010

Monday 20th
$4.42 Starbucks

Tuesday 21st
$6.81 Subway (forgot my lunch. again.)

Wednesday 22nd
$7.50 deli
$8.85 dessert (for BF and I)
$16.69 groceries
$61.44 Christmas gifts

Thursday 23rd
$27.68 dinner & 2 drinks (10 year reunion dinner)
$11.00 pub (2 drinks)

Friday 24th
+ $60 sister (owed from her half of a couple Christmas gifts)
+ $199.52 freelance/side income
$8.53 breakfast (for BF and I)

Saturday 25th
No Spend Day!

Sunday 26th
$8.40 Starbucks (for sister and I)
$4.97 RW&Co. (leggings, on sale from $18)
$16.78 Calvin Klein (2 bras $7.49 each, on sale from $24.99 each)
+ $15 casino :)

TOTAL: + $91.45

Well, I offset a lot of my spending by being able to bring in extra income, making this week cash-positive. Plus it helped that I spent half of the week in my hometown over the holidays, which meant minimal spending.

My shopping ban is officially over for a week so I went Boxing Day shopping. As you can see, I went completely crazy and spent over $20! :) While there were a lot of great things on sale, there wasn’t anything I really needed. On Wednesday I’m going to go shopping across the border. I really want to make it my mission to find a great pair of boots (because I’ve wanted a pair for almost 10 years and because of my upcoming trip to Toronto in a few weeks). I also want to check out a few other things from my wish list.

If you haven’t entered my contest for an HTC smartphone & 3 months of service from Mobilicity, click here to get your entries in!

Also, please check out my brand new goals for 2011!

Happy Holidays!

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