Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Waiting for my money!

Over the next week, I should be receiving…

  • $190.90 in expenses paid out-of-pocket in Las Vegas (just mileage to/from airport & cell phone charges)
  • $101.99 from extended health
  • $108.08 Google Adsense

The Vegas expenses will go back into my chequing account for normal expenses, and the extended health and Google Adsense money will go towards my MBP – which I will be picking up late next week!

Long weekend hiking plans

This (long) weekend, BF and I are going hiking!!! It will take 3 full days of hiking (1 in, 1 to summit, 1 out). I’m extremely excited because it is my first attempt at a 9,000+ ft. mountain. The tallest mountain I’ve climbed to date is Grimface Mountain at 8,645 ft. So my fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to do this. :)

We are again going with dehydrated meal packages instead of carrying in heavy fresh food. Last night we took BF’s new Jeep for a spin over to MEC, where we picked up 4 meals, 2 pairs of socks (quality hiking socks are so ridiculously expensive) and a canister of fuel for $47.50. I paid for everything, and BF will buy the rest of the food for the trip – trail mix, fruit, sausage, cheese, rye bread, etc.

I’m hoping that it won’t be crowded where we’re going. When we hiked the Juan de Fuca trail, it was pretty busy and I definitely prefer isolation when we’re hiking.

Do you have any plans for the long weekend?

Baby Snail

I found a baby snail in my fish tank! Just one. I’m not sure how the little guy got there since I have one adult snail in my tank and it hasn’t laid any eggs … and the one live plant that I have was inspected thoroughly before I put it in the tank. It’s super cute though. I’ve already named it, so I hope it lives.

Speaking of living, that’s not what my fish are doing right now. I killed them all with high ammonia levels. I tried emergency cycles and doing everything I could, but the damage was done. Stupid new tank syndrome. So right now I have zero fish. I know, epic fail. But I’ve gotten the ammonia levels back down to close to zero. I want to test the water again,¬†stabilize¬†for a week, and then buy a couple of fish.

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