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I’m going to Vegas (again)!

Um, so guess what PF blogger is going to Vegas this summer!? That’s right, ME! I’ll be going for work conference along with a bunch of other co-workers, so my flight/accommodation & meals will be paid for. We even each get a room to ourselves in a fancy hotel. HEAVEN!

Of course, we’ll be working during the day. But it’s Vegas, baby!

So, this year I will be doing a lot of traveling:

  • Mexico (7 days, end of June-early July) – parents have paid for the entire trip at an all-inclusive resort. My budget will be around $300 for excursions & miscellaneous spending.
  • Las Vegas (5 days, mid-July) – flight/accommodation & meals paid for by the company. My budget will be around $200 in case we want to go to a show one evening, or other miscellaneous costs. The good thing is I’ve already been to Vegas twice, so I don’t need to spend $$$ to see all the touristy things again.
  • Toronto (July 31-Aug 2) – My budget will be around $900 for flight/hotel & spending money. I’m crossing my fingers that I can do this, and if I have to stay in a hostel, then so be it.
  • Hawaii (5 days, end of Sept-early Oct) – My budget will be around $1,200, which includes flight/hotel/rental car & spending money. But does not include a wedding gift. I’ll wait to see where they register.

So … yeah. Even with 2 of the trips paid for, it’s going to be an expensive year of traveling. But it’s totally going to be worth it and I am so freaking excited!!!

BUT that might mean our trip to Thailand might get postponed. Actually, it probably will get postponed. I know. It sucks. But with the savings goals I have to reach, it’s not responsible to go on a huge trip like that when travel costs are already going to be so high this year.

May 2010 Monthly Goals

May is a fresh start. I have a new job and new savings objectives. I’m very happy to be working and able to save again. My budget is just about normal for me. I added in $$$ for Travel (going back to the island to see a concert with my sister and BF and I will be going on a hike), as well as extra into Transportation. I need to fill up on gas every week because of my commute, and we’ll use at least a tank during our hiking trip.

May Goals:

  • $600 into Retirement Portfolio (RRSP & TFSA)
  • $300 into Future Home Fund (half of the amount would be from BF)
  • Make an extra $100
  • Read at least 1 book
  • Work out 3-4x/week

April 2010 Goals: My Review

Okay, so April was kind of a gong show. I clearly went over my budget by -$977.52. But, I also received a pay cheque AND my tax refund – which is the reason for my over spending. So even though I over spent on my budget, I still ended up cash positive for the month and actually ended up saving money.


  • Car Payments – I made an extra payment this month, but not on purpose. I just forgot that in the real world where people are employed, it was a 3 pay cheque month. :)
  • Medical & Health Care – Along with $57 for MSP I had to pay for a 3-month supply of BC.
  • Food – I only went out to eat like 2 times this month (which is pretty good for us), the rest was just groceries.
  • Clothing – I had budgeted $500 of my tax refund to spruce up my lacking work wardrobe. I didn’t think I’d be able to spend the entire $500 but I ended up buying a few really key pieces that I’ve been wanting for years – like a suit.
  • Travel – took a trip home to see my family for 5 days.
  • Personal Care – bought shampoo, body lotion and eye cream.

April Goals:

  • Workout 6x/week. FAIL! I worked out 21 of 30 days in April, which is pretty good, but not 6x/week.
  • Find a full-time job. CHECK! It sure didn’t feel like it at the time, but being let go was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It allowed me to see beyond what was right in front of me, and find a job with an organization that is the perfect fit. I now feel like I have the opportunity to reach my full potential.
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