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Second Interview

Well today’s phone interview went very well, and they have scheduled me for an in-person interview for Tuesday! :) The organization and the job sound great.

Of course salary range was addressed – she asked what my salary range was. I said around $50-55k, but that I was definitely flexible, and she said that the position is in the mid-$40’s, but that I sounded like I had the right background and experiences, so salary would be negotiable and she didn’t think it would be a problem. They also offer great benefits, a flexible work schedule, and educational opportunities.

The only drawback to the job is that it’s quite the commute for me (about 32 km one way – and I’d have to drive – public transit says I would need 4-5 transfers and 2 hours to get there – no thanks). And in rush hour? Ugg. But then again, if I land a job in downtown Vancouver, the commute would probably be just as long. I miss my hometown, where the commute from the heart of downtown to just about anywhere is less than 15 minutes in rush hour.

March 2010 Goals: My Review

Well, March wasn’t as tragic as I thought it would be, what with me losing my job and all. I ended up going over my budget by about $10, which isn’t that terrible, but I had a lot of miscellaneous expenses. I did definitely tame my spending after I lost my job, and I’m looking for April to be a barebones month.

March Goals:

  • Workout 6x/week. FAIL! After I lost my job, I just slummed around for a few weeks. Near the end of the month I got back on track, but I couldn’t erase what was already done.
  • $150 into Savings Fund. FAIL! I actually ended up almost draining this account for a reason I’d rather not go into right now.
  • $100 into Emergency Fund. FAIL! I was only able to deposit $75 before I lost my job… :(
  • $550 into Retirement Portfolio (RRSP & TFSA). FAIL! I only deposited $300.
  • $50 into Car Fund. FAIL! I didn’t deposit anything.
  • $150 into Property Fund. CHECK!
  • $50 into Travel Fund. FAIL!
  • List at least 3 things on eBay. FAIL! I didn’t list anything, but I did list 14 books on
  • Make an extra $100 this month. CHECK! I’m getting about $125 US from my Google Adsense payment, and I made $25 US through Swagbucks.

Phone interview tomorrow

So I have a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow. It’s with a company I’ve worked with before when I was employed by the non-profit a few years ago. It seems like I would be doing the same marketing work I’ve been doing over the last few years (probably utilizing my skills a bit more than my last job), plus there’s a sales side to the job – generating reports & analysis, but not actual sales (which is good, because the last thing I want to do is become a salesperson).

It’s a good organization, so I’m excited to hear more about this position!

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