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A few words I need to say

This post is in response to Fabulously Broke, who wrote this post, on one of her other blogs, Style on a String. On this blog, she posts pictures of some of her favourite outfits – and more than once, she has been insulted because of the way she looks – how she does her nails, how her body isn’t a certain way. It’s just downright rude.

I definitely think there has been some sort of switch that has been flipped. All of a sudden, bloggers everywhere are being attacked by commenters. Rude, vicious, vindictive commenters who, instead of giving constructive criticism, decide to personally attack the authour of whatever blog they are reading.

Whatever happened to the days when people were nice to others on the internet? To this day, I have never ever written a nasty comment on anybody’s blog. And I would never write something that I wouldn’t have the courage to say to their face.

Blogs are written by human beings with feelings. That is the appeal about them. Every day you can glimpse into their lives and how they think and see things through their eyes. Just because you can’t see them in real life, and just because you don’t have face-to-face interaction, doesn’t mean they should be treated like they are less than human.

If you are chatting with a friend about something you don’t agree with, or you don’t like what they are wearing, or you think they’re fat, or you think they’re doing something completely stupid … would you ever talk to them and use the same words on them, as you would when typing a comment on a blog? Probably not. Chances are, you would spent time thinking about the best, most constructive way, to give them advice. And you certainly wouldn’t attack who they are as a person, or their integrity as a human being. Because that would be mean.

Clearly this blog has had its fair share of nasty comments. People go out of their way to try and put me down – to make me feel like I’m less of a person, to tell me I’m stupid, to tell me that I’m wasting my money, my life, my time, etc. When I started this blog, and I received my first nasty comment, I nearly cried. Why would someone take the time to write such mean things to a stranger!? But supportive, kind, constructive comments always outweighed the nasty ones. And I built a thicker skin.

I have never put comment moderation on this blog because I encourage discussions. I like hearing opinions, and I enjoy constructive criticism. Obviously because I write this blog and it’s up on the internet for the world to read, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I understand that by having this blog, I have to be open to criticism and the occasional negative comment. If you don’t agree with me, of course I want to hear what you have to say! But there’s no need to attack me as a person. You don’t actually know who I am. You just know the snippets of my life that I’m choosing to share and make public. I make decisions and spend my money how I see fit – and if someone feels the need to spend the time personally attacking my integrity, my opinions, and my decisions in a vicious way, go right ahead. But life is short. Is your time really best spent on the internet, trying to insult someone you’ll never meet?

I’m not afraid of rude, ridiculously mean comments anymore. I don’t delete any of them either because I don’t care. I just think it’s pathetic.

Please remember that blogging is about supportive, healthy, and positive discussion. These blogs are written by human beings; most likely by people who have the courage to talk about topics in such a way that you wouldn’t dream of doing yourself. Put yourself in their shoes, and think about what it would feel like to be beaten down and criticized like that – especially when they are sharing so much with the world, and are vulnerable because of it.

So please leave your harsh criticisms and your judgment at the door. Thanks. :)

Quicken Essentials FOR MAC!!!

I just got my paws on something that I have been waiting for FOR YEARS: Quicken Essentials for Mac. I almost didn’t switch over to Mac because I hated the last version of Quicken for Mac. True story! That version was awful. So I ended up installing Parallels on my Mac just so I could run Quicken for PC (and Rollercoaster Tycoon – what!?). Well, Parallels broke for me a few years ago (can’t figure out how to fix it – I think I need a Windows XP disc), so I’ve been using an Excel spreadsheet. Which is all fine and good, but nothing beats Quicken IMO.

I’ve done the initial set-up and downloaded my transactions from my bank accounts … will do a full review once I’ve used it for a few weeks.

On a Quicken-related note, don’t forget to enter to win a copy of Quicken Cash Manager (for PC)!

Breaking up with Philosophy

After a week of using my Philosophy creams, it wanted to break up with me. Which was fine, because I wanted to break up with it too. It was a bad relationship all around. Philosophy deceived me into thinking it was such a fabulous catch. The first few days (the honeymoon phase) were amazing. I felt so much love. My skin felt good and radiant. But after about 4 or 5 days, its true colours came out. My skin became irritated, flaky, itchy and super super dry. I wanted to make it work, tried as hard as I could. But it just wasn’t meant to be. Deception! Total bait and switch.

So I went off to Sephora to break up with Philosophy for good, and to find me a new cream that would love me back.

I spoke to a saleswoman who didn’t seem too surprised that Philosophy hates me. She said that she has a sneaking suspicion that people with super dry skin can’t wear that brand – even their “dry sensitive skin” cream … because she got the same symptoms when she tried to use it too. And anytime anyone ever returned Philosophy creams (which is rare), they almost always had the same problems.

She recommended Korres (didn’t like the smell of any of the creams), but suggested that Ole Henriksen might be a better brand for me (felt great on my skin). I then asked about Skyn (remembering that Fabulously Broke had reviewed one of their creams, and they got really good reviews on the Sephora website). The saleswoman said that the Skyn Pure Cloud Cream was absolutely fabulous and THE BEST moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin in their natural products line.

So I broke up with Philosophy, and started a new relationship with Skyn Pure Cloud Cream ($75 US), Skyn Glacial Face Wash ($30 US), and the Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Pen ($20 US).

First impressions of Skyn?
I feel hesitant in singing praises for Skyn after I was so horribly wrong about Philosophy, but I feel like this relationship is going to work. Oh, and you know what is absolutely amazing? No more oily t-zone! It’s just … gone. That has never happened before for me.

The Pure Cloud Cream feels like heaven. The moment I first put the cream onto my face, I felt instantly hydrated. It felt like I had given my skin a huge drink of moisture. Face felt nice and soft, and way less itchy and tight. Flakes are gone for the most part. I have a tiny patch of ezcema above one of my eyebrows – it’s still a bit bothersome, but way less red, not flaky anymore and has definitely calmed down.

The Glacial Face Wash is to die for. It has the best consistancy and best feel of any face wash I’ve ever tried. Creamy and foamy. They say you only need a dime-sized amount, but I was using half that and it was more than enough. And it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry either.

The Icelandic Relief Eye Pen is pretty good. I don’t have dark circles, never have puffiness, and don’t have wrinkles. I use eye creams for preventative care. Not really sure how much I like the pen. Will probably buy the jar the next time around. Providing this brand works for me, that is.

The only bad thing about Skyn so far is that it’s expensive. I just got one cream to use for day/night, instead of separate creams. Although, the eye cream is cheaper than Philosophy as was the face wash – and will last longer. So, when I returned all of the Philosophy products, because I only bought one jar of cream and the face wash & eye cream were cheaper, I got a little refund over what I paid for the Philosophy stuff (< $10). Not bad, but still costly.

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