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September 2009 Goals: My Review

I was over budget this month, but I didn’t do too badly considering I purchased mountaineering boots for $495, we went on 2 unplanned weekend hiking/camping trips, AND I went on an impromptu day trip to Seattle. Oh, and I also donated $50 to a charity.

I also went kind of bonkers in the Personal Care category. This included a hair cut, plus a switch to Aveeno face care products, and then I stocked up on make-up at Target when I saw the prices were 50% cheaper in the states than in Canada.

Also you can see that I haven’t paid my rent yet for October. I get paid on Thursday night, so I will send over my rent money then (October 1st). I do it via PayPal, so it’s an instant transfer.

September Goals:

  • Go rock climbing 4 times. FAIL! It was an epic fail this month. We went a total of ZERO times. I know, we suck.
  • Go running 3x per week. FAIL! hahahahahahahaha. I didn’t go at all. But on the bright side, I did get in around 3 Wii workouts per week. Which isn’t the same, but it’s something. And usually I’d do double workouts.
  • Go to the PNE! FAIL! We just ran out of time. I was gone on the cruise, and then got sick. Too bad, we were both looking forward to it. Oh well, maybe next year!
  • Shed the 2 lbs. I gained while on the cruise CHECK! Woo! I am down to 132-133 lbs now.
  • Send invoice and receive payment from contract work ($300). CHECK! Yup, I got paid last week.
  • Get $295 rebate from Apple. CHECK!
  • $400 into Savings Fund. CHECK!
  • $350 into Retirement Portfolio. CHECK!
  • $100 into Emergency FundCHECK!
  • $1,000 into Travel Fund. FAIL! I put $1,000 in, but I took out $495 to pay for those boots that I bought.

October 2009 Monthly Goals

I can’t believe it’s October already! I’m excited for this month, but also this month is really going to set the course for the next 3 years of our lives … so it’s kind of nerve wracking.

Still, there are things to look forward to – a day trip to Seattle this Saturday, Canucks/Canadians game next week, our long weekend trip to Tofino, my birthday, and hopefully we’ll get some hiking in as well.

Here is my budget for the month.


  • $300 Clothing – this is quite high because I need to buy new running shoes, and I also want to look at VFFs. Ideally I would like to get a fall coat and those black flats I’ve been wanting, but I need to prioritize this month and stay on track.
  • $150 Travel – includes gas for our day trip to Seattle, as well as all costs associated with the Tofino trip. I also put a bit extra in there in case we decide to go hiking – then I’ll have some gas money.
  • $300 Rent – for October & November. That’s just how the pay cheques worked out b/c October is a 3-pay period month.

October Goals:

  • Work out at least 3x/week on my Wii.
  • Go for a hike. Whether it’s a day hike or whether we go off for a weekend, any sort of hiking would be good. I really want to start breaking in my new boots!
  • Go rock climbing 2-3 times. It seems that I am a much bigger fan of rock climbing than J. If I had it my way, I’d go 3x/week. It’s too bad I don’t know anyone else who climbs, and it’s equally too bad that climbing requires a partner.
  • Get down to 130 lbs. I’m sitting at 132-133 right now.
  • Plan Whistler ski weekend. My friend who is moving to Alberta – she and her BF want to come back to go skiing in Whistler with us. We need to book by mid-November to get the deal on passes and the hotel room, so we need to plan this.
  • Plan a weekend to go home. I don’t know when I’ll be home next, and my mom has been on my case to come visit. I’m hoping it will be in October, but it’s looking like November. I haven’t visited since the beginning of August.
  • $450 into Retirement Portfolio. $400 into RRSPs and $50 into TFSA.
  • $300 into Savings Fund. I already have more than enough to pay for a year of car insurance when it comes due in November, so I’m really happy about that.
  • $150 into Emergency Fund. Slowly creeping up there! I haven’t had any sort of emergency since the car crash back in April.
  • $200 into Travel Fund. For now I’m going to keep throwing money into it until I’ve figured out whether we’re going or not. And if we don’t end up going, then I need to figure out what I want to do with the money.

2009 Annual Goals: only 3 months left

The last time I reviewed my 2009 goals was back on May 22nd, so this is long overdue.

Personal Finance Goals:

  • $5,000 in Emergency Fund. I’m at $2,608 right now, but I’m okay with that. I went from paying $725 rent + utilities to $150/month total. So the amount that I have saved right now I’m comfortable with. That being said, I still do want to eventually get to $5k. If we don’t go traveling, I can fully fund the EF. But if we do end up going, then it won’t be fully funded until next summer.
  • $10,000 in Travel Fund. Well, this is in limbo right now. I’m not going to hit the $10k mark (but I’d probably get pretty close if I had kept on the pace I was saving), but I might not have to. We won’t know what’s happening until near the end of October.
  • $25,000 balance in RRSP Portfolio. CHECK! I have already surpassed the $25k mark, and am looking to reach a $30k portfolio by tax time next year.
  • Stay debt-free. So far so good. Besides the LASIK eye surgery debt, that is. It’s due in January, and I will have enough cash to pay it off before then.
  • Make an additional $5,000 above and beyond my regular FT job. So far I’ve made $3,585.95 through my PT job, this blog, selling some of my things, and design contracts. I’ve also earned over $300 in Amazon gift certificates, but I don’t think I should count that. I’m not sure if I’ll reach the $5k mark this year, but I’m going to keep trying.

Personal Goals

  • Lose 10 lbs. I’m on my way! I’m down to 132-133 lbs. Down from a 2009 high of 140 lbs. My ideal weight is 125 lbs. So I still have 7-8 lbs. to go.
  • Climb 5.11 routes. I’ve been working on 5.10a-c routes. But we haven’t been in a few weeks, so who knows how good I am anymore.
  • Climb 4 mountains. We’ve climbed 3, technically (Grimface Mtn, Stone City Mtn, Alouette Mtn). We also attempted to climb Joffree TWICE, but both times it didn’t happen. I’d still like to come another 2.
  • Go on a trip with my sister. CHECK! We went on a cruise to Alaska! :)

How are you doing with your 2009 goals?

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