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Getting back into a routine

Today on my lunch break I went out and purchased an exercise ball from London Drugs. It was $22.08 after tax. I know I could have found it somewhere cheaper if I had looked around or bought it online, but it was still cheap and mostly, it was convenient. I hate waiting for things to ship to me!

It was so depressing to step on the scale this morning. The 2 pounds I lost earlier this month have been erased thanks to all the delicious food on the cruise – and I even worked out 5 times while in vacation! I’m back calorie counting now, and will hopefully ramp up my exercise routine.

Oh, and I think that sometime this week after work, BF and I are going to the PNE! :)

Friend has bailed on camping…

I am irritated at one of my friends. As most of you know, I’m going camping with a few girlfriends this coming long weekend. We’ve had this planned since LAST YEAR, and we booked the campsite earlier this year. So we’ve all had plenty of notice.

Well, while I was gone on my cruise, she e-mailed me and said she was bailing because she is short on cash. Argg! I totally sympathize with her situation – but seriously. Camping is one of the cheapest things you can do to get away, and it’s only going to cost $20 for her camping for 3 nights, plus her share of the food (which came to about $25 per person last year).

This is not a last-minute get together. This has been planned forever. So it makes me wonder if it’s really a lack of planning on her part, or if she decided she’d rather do something else for the long weekend. Either way, I think it’s pretty lame.

September 2009 Monthly Goals

I’m just in time with my monthly goals for September. After a spendy summer, I’m back to a somewhat normal budget this month.

  • Medical & Health Care – higher than normal b/c I still haven’t paid my MSP bill. It hasn’t come in the mail yet.
  • Clothing – I want to buy some sort of wrap dress. Figured now they’d be on sale since summer is over.
  • Travel – BF and I are going back to the island one weekend b/c his parents will be in town.
  • Personal Care – I need to buy a new moisturizer for my face, as well as eye cream. Will be trying out the much cheaper (although still quite expensive) Aveeno brand, instead of my usual Avène.

September Goals:

  • Go rock climbing 4 times.
  • Go on an overnight hiking trip. I don’t know where we’d go, but I’m really hoping we can pull this off. We’ve both had busy summer schedules and have only gone hiking a few times since our last overnight trip.
  • Go running 3x per week.
  • Go to the PNE! We had a really good time last year, and I’d like to go again. But we’ll have to go one day after work and I don’t know if that will work out.
  • Shed the 2 lbs. I gained while on the cruise (I even worked out 5 of the 7 days – oops!), and continue in my goal of getting to 130 lbs.
  • Send invoice and receive payment from contract work ($300).
  • Get $295 rebate from Apple – if not, then call.
  • $400 into Savings Fund.
  • $350 into Retirement Portfolio.
  • $100 into Emergency Fund – getting closer to $3k!
  • $1,000 into Travel Fund. I’ll have over 50% saved by the time the month is over. :)
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