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Candie, where are you?

Ohhh no. Candie from Broke and Not So Fabulous has deleted her Twitter account as well as her blog. :(

Another PFer is gone. I miss all of you that have left.

Volunteering during the Big Trip

I’m really enjoying the book The Rough Guide First-Time Around the World. It’s really informative and helpful – and it’s geared specifically to budget travellers. The book is confirming our plan that we can indeed do this trip for around $10k each, as long as we’re willing to compromise and go with the flow (easier said than done for me, but I know I can do it).

Originally I was kind of indifferent about doing volunteering while we were away (I definitely don’t want to work for money), but the more I think about it, the more I would really like to do a 1-3 month volunteer mission somewhere. We’ll have to research this a lot more, but BF is right – it’s something we should do while we’re away. I’d like to work with other people, teaching or something like that – rather than work with wildlife. And I’d like it to be in SE Asia – preferably China. Although I wouldn’t mind Cambodia or Laos or Vietnam either.

For example, I blogged about that 3-month volunteer teaching assignment in rural China a few days ago. That would be awesome. BF thinks that a lot of our friends/family might want to donate money to us to help pay for the approx. $1,000-1,500 cost for the 3-month volunteer assignment. I don’t know how I feel about that, but I guess it’s something we should consider. I just feel weird asking people to donate money essentially to fund our trip. Yes, it will be going towards a volunteering mission, but it just seems like if someone asked me to donate money to help them travel to Africa for volunteering (for example), I’d rather donate directly to the charity they’re working with, rather than fund their personal trip – which, yes is for volunteering purposes, but let’s face it, is also for pleasure travel too.

We really shouldn’t be working out in this heat

Yesterday we attempted to go rock climbing. It was SO hot and muggy (yesterday was officially the hottest day in Vancouver’s history – and the day before was the 2nd hottest). I think I only did 4 or 5 routes before we called it quits and headed home. I wouldn’t have minded staying longer, but some people were hogging the entire other half of the gym, and I could tell that BF was getting super grumpy because it was so hot. Plus, I had already sweated through my shirt. Gross, I know.

When we got home, we bought Vietnamese take-out. It came to $21, but BF gave me $15 so my cost was $6. :) We’ve been really good this week in making our dinners at home.

The rest of the evening was spent on the couch watching bad TV, with 2 fans blowing at us.

Today after work BF> is headed to meet some friends, and I’m going to the gym. Well, at least that’s my plan right now. It depends how hungry I am. :) I’m covering at the reception desk for the entire afternoon, so I won’t exactly get a chance to eat before my work-out. And if I eat right after work, I can’t work out right away. So if that’s the case, then I’ll have to scrap the plan and just head home. Which might be the best option anyway, since I haven’t even packed for our trip this weekend yet.

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