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See you on Canada Day!

Well, BF and I are hitting the road now! I’m very excited, and hopefully I’ll have lots to tell you about when I get back Wednesday night (plus, hopefully pictures!).

Have a great weekend and a great Canada Day.

Finally have my passport

Whew! Thankfully after all the hassle (getting the Letter of Authorization from Canada Post, calling 4 different times – and getting 4 different answers, getting the L0A notarized, and finally mailing it off to my mom so she could have the required original copy), I finally got my passport from Canada Post. Well, my mom has it. And my sister will bring it over with her when she comes to visit in a few weeks. Woo hoo!

Now my fingers are crossed that my BC Parks parking pass arrived in the mail today. :)

Reached a $30,000 net worth. Finally!

Hoorah! Today I finally crossed over the $30k net worth plateau that I’ve been struggling with for over a year.

If it wasn’t the market crashing, it was LASIK eye surgery, or the car crash (and the purchase of a car), or moving 3 times in 1.5 years, or starting up expensive hobbies, or the unfortunate passing of my grandma. One after the other, they kept forcing me back down. It’s certainly been a costly few years! And I feel a sense of accomplishment to finally get over the psychological barrier of “the $30,000 net worth.”

Now I hope with all the setbacks behind me, I can zoom ahead and hit $45k by this time next year!

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