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May Goals: My Review

Well, the good news is that I came under budget for May. The bad news is the only reason I came under budget is because I didn’t have to pay my $725 rent.


  • Cell phone – LD minutes and data usage from the car crash.
  • Medical/Health Care – 3 months worth of BC and 3 months of MSP.
  • Food – lots of eating on the go and fast food due to moving (no usable kitchen).
  • Household – bought a couch, rented a moving van, IKEA trip and Home Depot miscellaneous due to the move.
  • Entertainment – when BF’s brother’s family was in town
  • Clothing – what a debacle that turned out to be. I was doing so well too. Bought a necklace/bracelet the day my grandma passed away ($65). Bought a black top for the funeral ($25), a black purse ($28) b/c my mom said my brown purse was unacceptable, plus those Mountain Hardware pants that were on such a good sale that I couldn’t pass them up ($68 after shipping, taxes and exchange).
  • Transportation – this included a $87 ticket for the car crash, and extra gas because I was driving back-and-forth a ton when I was moving boxes.

May Goals:

  • Climb a mountain on the May long weekend. FAIL! We didn’t end up going on a trip at all.
  • Go rock climbing 5 times. FAIL! We went once. Too busy! :(
  • Half-heartedly try to find a PT job in the area that BF lives in. CHECK! I applied for 2 PT jobs, and have been checking the job boards every few days.
  • Lose 3 lbs. FAIL! I gained 1 or 2 lbs due to stress and not having enough time to work out on a regular basis. But on the plus side, I have started running in my new neighborhood.
  • Post and sell my stuff on the internet. FAIL! Nope. I suck.
  • $300 in my Retirement Portfolio. CHECK! I was able to deposit $525!
  • $250 into my Savings. CHECK! I deposited $300 – and that was even after I took out money to pay for J’s birthday present. So I’m really pleased with that.
  • Pay off Alaskan cruise. CHECK! I paid $1,339 for the final payment.
  • Only buy the essentials (fridge/couch/hallway coat-shoe rack). FAIL! I bought the couch, but had to pay for the moving van. Then I bought a few odds and ends at Home Depot and IKEA.
  • Make an extra $300. CHECK! I made an additional $322.30! That came from selling a digital camera ($100), my couch ($70), and the rest came from blog income.
  • Get my $362.50 damage deposit back from apartment landlord. CHECK! He said he’ll mail out my damage deposit within a week.
  • Do something social with someone I haven’t seen in at least 3 months. CHECK! I went for sushi with a friend, and hung out with my cousins a lot this month.

Taking the car to the island

Today after work we’re taking the ferry to the island. I almost always walk across, but this time we are going to drive. The cost difference is lame, but I don’t want to inconvenience anyone by having to ask to be picked up/dropped off, and it’s a lot faster to have a car than to take public transportation. 99% of the time I would opt to save money and just walk across, but this being a time for family, I didn’t feel like wasting time and stressing out by trying to catch a bus.

The cost round-trip for the both of us w/0 car = $54 + $20 (parking @ terminal) = $74
The cost round-trip for the both of us w/car = $144

So taking the car basically doubles the cost. I don’t even remember the last time we drove over, so it’s not like this is a normal expense and I don’t feel bad because of the reason why we’re going.

Also, we won’t have time to stop for dinner, so hopefully we can pick up something cheap at the terminal, because eating on the ferry is ridiculously expensive.

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Giving up the apartment keys today

Yesterday afternoon BF left work early and went to my old apartment to start putting things into the moving van. I didn’t do a good job of packing up my apartment. I basically packed up the essentials, and left everything else. Was not looking forward to a long evening of suck. So when I got to my apartment 2 hours later, I was very surprised to see that he had packed up my entire kitchen, and everything else was basically ready to go. He’s great. I wiped down the counters and cleaned the washroom while BF vacuumed. A few trips to the van, and to the garbage/recycling area, and we were done!

With all of BF’s hard work, plus the entire day of moving he did on Sunday when I went back home to see my Grandma (and the fact that he was able to borrow a huge van on 2 separate occasions for free), I treated him to a nice all-you-can-eat sushi dinner afterward. The total bill (after tax and tip) came to $50. :) A fraction of the price it would have cost to hire someone to do what he did.

Since BF has to work all weekend, I’ll spend that time going through the boxes and organizing everything. I’m going to drop off my apartment keys to my landlord on my lunch break today, and then we will officially be living together. My landlord said that he’ll mail me my damage deposit within a week. I’ll be splitting the money – half into my EF and half into Savings.

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