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Going to the doctor today

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. I need to get a BC prescription renewal, which is always an unpleasant thing to do. I can’t wait until I can go on BF’s medical plan. Then I won’t have to pay for BC, or the dentist, or massage therapy. I also think he is covered for orthodics, so it would be nice to get another pair for traveling – perhaps a full sport pair. Right now I have a hybrid pair, and it’s not that great for being really active. They’re better for everyday wear.

Also, the ski hill got 20 cm of snow overnight. I really really want to go skiing, so we’ll see what happens. BF said something about perhaps going snow shoeing after my appointment, but I think with that much new snow, as long as it doesn’t get warm up there, we should take advantage of it. But, so long as we do something active, I’m fine with it.

My ongoing love/hate relationship with Rogers Wireless

flirty*almost*30 asks:

what on earth kind of cell phone plan do you have where you only spend $32 a month?! i use mine bare bones (my phone is actually 7 years old, so it only calls and texts) although i do make some long distance calls on my10, but its still about $60 or $70 a month!! who’s your carrier?

I’m with Rogers Wireless, and I’m not gonna lie, I have a great cell phone plan (for a Canadian, that is – I know that in the USA you guys have suuuuper sweet rate plans that we just don’t get up here unless you want to fork over your entire pay cheque each month). I’m not sure what’s out there anymore, but I know I still pay less than any of my friends do. It all started when I came across that epic Rogers Wireless thread. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it. Some of those plans people are getting are so amazing that it’s absolutely ridiculous. I think they’re lying! Well, maybe.

Basically I saw that all these people were getting fantastic rate plans just by calling into customer service! I was a loyal Rogers customer (and I still think they’re the best Canadian wireless carrier in terms of pricing, quality of service, and reception – EVEN THOUGH I CAN’T GET AN IPHONE! Jerks!), so I wanted a great rate plan too!

I’m not naturally one to haggle (soooooo out of my comfort zone), so it was a lot of effort for me to call in. I got rejected twice, but on the third call, I got everything I wanted.

Normally my bills come out to about $35-36/month. Sometimes I round up and overpay during a month, which knocks the next months invoice down a bit. Always a nice surprise. :)

  • $18/month
  • 250 anytime minutes
  • + $5 Unlimited nights/weekends starting at 6pm
  • Enhanced voicemail
  • Billing by the second (!!!)
  • Corporate long distance rates to Canada & USA
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • + $6 125 text messages
  • + SAF and all other charges/taxes, etc.

That’s why I’m really debating whether or not I should cancel my cell phone when I go traveling. Sure, there could be way better carriers and rate plans by the time I get back – or I could be kicking myself for getting rid of such a sweet, sweet plan. The customer service rep said I could lower my plan down to $5/month while I’m gone, and there’s even talk about a possible service suspension for up to a year. I’ll have to look into it more.

Goodbye Gift Fund

I’ve decided to rename my Gift Fund. It is now just Savings.

I’ll still use it to save up for gifts, but I think by renaming it a Savings account, I feel like I can use it to save up for any sort of purchase I’m thinking of – field hockey fees, a new pair of hiking boots, concert tickets, etc. Anything, really.

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