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First Time Home Buyer’s Plan

Since the market has been so destructive lately, and I plan on using my RRSPs for the First Time Home Buyer’s Plan in a few years, I’ve reduced my monthly contributions from $500/month down to $200/month. And of that $200, $100 is going into a Money Market fund, and the other $100 is going into T-Bills.

Once I max out my EF, I’m going to concentrate on putting the excess money into my Condo Down Payment Fund. That way, I know my money won’t whittle away down to nothing.

If I wasn’t going to use my RRSPs, I would be putting money into my retirement funds like nobody’s business … but I can’t afford to keep throwing money into a black hole when I’m going to need to use it in around 3 years. So, this is the route I’m going to have to take. Especially because I need to be aggressively saving for my trip around the world with BF.

Going home and getting inked

Last weekend when I was home, I made about $95 at the PT job. This weekend, I’m going home again, and I’ll probably make about $80. It’s not a lot, considering my travel costs, but making a little extra money is better than making none at all.

I’m also going into a tattoo studio with my sister to get a consultation for the artwork that I want. I’m excited, because I’ve wanted to get this tattoo done for a few years now, and it’s perfect b/c she’s buying it for me as my birthday present. :) I don’t think I’ll be able to get the tattoo done this weekend, but hopefully there’ll be an appointment available in 3 weeks when I go back home next. As for the pain, I’m pretty sure I can deal with it. I have a tattoo on my back that I got probably about 7 years ago … and it hurt, but it wasn’t as bad as everyone said it was going to be.

The picture is the exact tattoo I want to get, and the exact placement. Well, I think I want mine a smidge closer to my wrist. It kind of sucks that someone else in the world has the same tattoo/placement as me, but it’s not like the artwork is a big secret.

This morning …

I accidentally dropped my moisturizer container in the toilet. Gross. :(

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