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A snag in the Las Vegas travel plans

So, originally BF was going to drive me and my friend to Bellingham to catch our plane to Las Vegas in November. As it turns out, he’s going kayaking for the weekend instead.

This little snag is going to be kind of a costly one. It will cost $70 to bring a car across each way (because I don’t have a car, my friend will have to bring hers), so $140 round trip. Plus gas and parking at the airport. This option will probably cost $115 for each of us.

The other option is to take a bus down to Bellingham – but then we would have to take a cab from my place to the bus station (public transportation doesn’t operate that early in the morning), and then take a cab from wherever it drops us off in Bellingham to the airport. And then do the same thing on the way back. This option will probably cost $100 for each of us.

I’ll have to think about it some more. Maybe there’s another option I’m not thinking of.

Leaving tomorrow for Toronto!

Well, I leave for Ontario tomorrow night. I’ll be seeing my best friend from high school (although I just saw her 2 weeks ago), and my very best friend from when I went to college. I haven’t seen him in 4 years, since my last visit out east.

And it’s at times like this, where I’m revisiting people from my past, that I take the time to reflect. Time is just flying by. This whole year has gone by so quickly, but the past few months especially. It’s weird seeing my friends grow up, get married, have babies, and settle into careers. In some ways, I still feel so young – like I’m not ready to do any of those things yet. But in more ways, I feel old – I get tired at 11pm, I rarely drink, crowds of people make me tired, I plan and organize, I always think before I act (whatever happened to the spontaneity of my youth?), and I’d take a Friday night watching movies than just about anything else I can think of. Perhaps it’s me becoming more mature, but I kind of feel like it’s me just being lame.

Anyway, I haven’t even started to pack. It’s hard when I’m already living out of boxes. I lent my sister my luggage this summer, and I haven’t gotten it back yet, so I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be taking with me, but I’d better figure that out soon.

Not moved in yet

Well, this weekend I was supposed to be moving into my new apartment, but the landlord called me Saturday evening to say that the woman who had already moved out didn’t meet him as planned to do the final inspection and hand over her keys. And when he tried to call her number, it was disconnected. So, unfortunately I probably won’t get to move until the end of this month, since legally she has paid until the end of the month.

It’s a bit annoying because all of my stuff is in boxes, BF had borrowed the van, and I was all set to go. Now I’ll be living out of boxes … AND, I’m going to Ontario on Wednesday, so I really won’t be able to move in until after the 5th.

Oh well, I guess things like this happen.

On the plus side, BF and I had a fun, lazy weekend. We watched movies mostly: Sex and the City (yes, he watched the entire thing!), The Forbidden Kingdom, The Promotion, and we tried to watch The Love Guru, but it was pretty much the worst movie we have ever rented, so we turned it off after about 20 minutes.

Then yesterday afternoon, we went rock climbing. It was really fun, and I did a 5.9+, which is the hardest I’ve ever done. But I keep improving each time we go, so it’s encouraging.

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