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Vegas trip is booked

So the Vegas trip is officially booked for Nov 9-12th. I’m going with a very good friend, and there might be a chance that 2 other girls will be coming as well – so it’ll be a total girls trip. :) I’m excited for the full Vegas experience.

After taxes, fees, and any other expense, the flight and 3 nights of accommodation is costing me $339 US. That is so ridiculously cheap, and it includes the $20 travel cancellation fee.

We ended up booking our accommodation at Harrah’s Las Vegas, since it was a bit cheaper than the other hotels (Caesar’s Palace, Monte Carlo, Planet Hollywood) that we checked out … and it’s not like we’ll be spending much time in our room anyway! My friend’s stayed there twice and said that it’s pretty nice. Plus, it’s right on the strip, and that’s all that matters.

I’m really excited to ride the New York, New York roller coaster. Also, my sister has informed me about where she got her $1 margaritas, so I’m set. And my friend really wants to see Elton John at Caesar’s Palace, but tickets start at $100, not including all the Ticketbastard fees they add on top of the price … so I’ll have to think about that one. I’ve decided that I’m going to take out a set amount of money for gambling (maybe $50?), and once that’s done, I’m out.

Can’t wait for the 2010 Olympics!

I just got called about volunteering for the 2010 Olympics in the ice hockey venue. The interview took about 15 minutes, and I think it went fairly well. My fingers are crossed, because I really, really want this opportunity.

Not only would it look great on a resume, but damn … to get to be a part of the Olympic ice hockey experience? That’s like a dream come true.

Thanks for the fashion advice!

So I’m on the hunt for cute silver shoes to go with that pink dress for Wedding #2. I figure these are the best option because I have to buy silver shoes anyway for Wedding #1 in September. So that takes care of shoes for both weddings.

I found these cute J.Crew sandals (in silver, not gold) selling on Craigslist in Vancouver for $75 (originally $175 US). I think they were recommended by someone who commented on my blog. They were worn once, the seller said. Anyway, she’s out of town for a while, but when she gets back I’ll meet up and try them on. If I like them, I’ll offer $50. And even that’s more than I wanted to spend on shoes … but I really want to be comfortable in them if I’ll be standing around for long periods of time, on more than one occasion.

As for the wrap/pashmina, I’m still torn. I think once I get the dress, I’ll go shopping with a couple of girlfriends and bring it with me to see if I can find something that will go with it.

Kind of on the topic, has anyone tried Spanx before? Do they actually work?

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