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June Dining Out Challenge: Week #4

That’s it, we’re done!

I went $10 over … which I’m happy about, but I also know that I could have hit my mark had I kept a little tighter watch on what I was spending.

On one last note, have you signed up for the July Transportation Challenge yet? This will be the last time I’ll host my monthly challenge. If anyone wants to take over and host the next one, please let me know. :)

How did you do this month with the June Dining Out Challenge?

It is too hot to be living

I literally walked 2 blocks this morning to go to the bridal store to get fitted for the bridesmaid dress … and by the time I got there, I was sweating. No joke. I kind of felt sorry for the woman who had to measure me.

And this is why I hate the summer. It’s just too hot. I can’t go anywhere without feeling disgusting and uncomfortable.

So I’m sitting here on my computer, all my windows and my door are wide open, a fan is blowing directly into my face, I’m downing a cold beer, and I’m still about to pass out from the heat.

Not cool, Mother Nature. Not cool at all.

Camping pictures

Wow, what an awesome hiking trip! We got back yesterday afternoon, and literally, all I could do was eat and rehydrate – it was disgustingly hot this weekend.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took from the trip!

The trip started with a 1 hr. paddle to Widgeon Slough.
Once we got to our campsite, we went exploring. A short 45 min. hike later, we were at Widgeon Falls. They weren’t so much ‘falls’ … more like big rapids … but pretty nonetheless!
The next morning, we were on our way to our final destination. 5 hrs. of hiking later, we reached Widgeon Lake – which, p.s. is probably the nicest place I’ve ever camped.
The campsite was perfect. There was a massive flat rock which we put our tent and all of our gear onto. At the base of the rock was a fire pit … which we didn’t use, but it would be nice I bet in the winter.
I had a ton of fun, and my new gear worked out perfectly. 
This is a view of our campsite from a distance (you can kind of see the tent poking out).
And you know, it wasn’t even cold. I was wearing my tank top for pretty much the entire time we were there – except for the late evening and early morning.
You had to be careful with the snow, so you didn’t punch through with your boot. I only punched through once, but it was kind of sketchy in places, what with the snow melting and everything.Anyway, I’m a little sad to be back, but we’ll go there again, and we’ll have a lot more camping and hiking to do this year. Besides, tomorrow is the big baseball game! We’re leaving quite early tomorrow morning (probably around 6am) to try to beat the rush to the border. 

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