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I’m trying not to worry

I haven’t gotten a SPOT message from BF since Tuesday. It’s Friday now, and I’m a little worried. He said that they would send a message out every day. BF’s mom wrote me a nice little e-mail though and told me that BF is experienced and knows what he’s doing, and not to worry. She thinks that the weather is probably bad up on the mountain or something, so maybe they just haven’t moved from their last spot yet. Hmm.

I had a great hike yesterday with my friend, and we’re going to try to get in an evening hike every week or so. We’re going again next Wednesday, and we’re going to try something a little more challenging – with more elevation. It should be another 5 hr. hike, so I’m stoked for that! After our hike last night, he took me around on a little tour of North Vancouver, since I haven’t spent much time there before. It was a good time indeed. :)

May Grocery Challenge – Week #4

Well it’s Week 4, so that means we’re done the May Grocery Challenge! Hoorah!

How did you do this week? Did you learn anything from this challenge?

I learned that without even trying very hard, I was able to shave my monthly grocery spending from around $150 down to under $125. $25/month may not seem like much, but over the course of a year, that’s $300 that I could be saving instead of (literally) flushing it down the toilet. :) So I’m going to keep on trying to spend $125/month on groceries from now on … but if one week I want to buy chicken, or something special, I know I’ll be able to afford it b/c I’m used to budgeting $150/month.

This is also the last call for participants in the June Dining Out Challenge! :)

This is just what I needed this afternoon

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