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Traveling 4 of the 5 weekends in March

Well, March is going to destroy me a little bit.

March 1-2: hometown
March 14-16: Harrison Hot Springs
March 20-23: hometown (long weekend)
March 28-31: Calgary

So I’m going to break down a budget for these 4 weekends:

  • March 1-2: $50. This includes transportation to and from Vancouver. I’ll make about $50 working at the arena on the 1st, so the cost of this trip will basically get canceled out.
  • March 14-16: $500 $450. Ouch!!! My accommodation share will be $225 for 2 nights, and I have to pay half of my sister’s share (as her birthday present), which will be $112.50 = $337.50. I normally wouldn’t spend this much, but 1) it’s my sister’s 21st birthday, 2) her BF is leaving in April on an internship, and 3) it’d be nice to go on a little getaway with BF. These costs include buffet breakfast both mornings, a 4-course meal in their fancy restaurant on Saturday, and access to all 5 of their hot springs. I figure rounding it up to $500 $450 should keep me safe. The additional $162.50 $112.50 should be enough to cover my share of gas, dinner Friday night, lunch Saturday, and lunch on Sunday … plus maybe a massage at their spa. :) I had originally budgeted $200 for this trip (silly me), so I’ll need to come up with an additional $300 $250. I will have $90 coming in from PPP in March, plus 2 shifts at the arena (I have 3 shifts at the arena in March, but 1 shift will take care of my March 1-2 trip) = $190. And the additional $110 $60 I can just take from the Travel Fund. I don’t feel bad spending this much b/c that’s what the Travel Fund is for!!! :)
  • March 20-23: $100 $150. Honestly, I don’t anticipate doing anything that would really cost money. But it’s better to be safe, I guess. I need to get my hair cut, and it will cost $67. Plus, traveling home will be an additional $23.60. That will leave just under $60 for the rest of the weekend.
  • March 28-31: $150. BF and I are driving out to Calgary, and we’re going to watch the Calgary/Edmonton NHL game, which I’m super stoked about. I think we’ll be spending less than 48 hrs. actually in Calgary, as it’ll take quite a while to drive out there … but once again, it’s best to budget more than less.

I’ll be surprised if I have anything left in my Travel Fund after this month is over … but that’s okay, because I don’t plan on traveling again until I go down to Seattle for the Canada Day long weekend.

Also, I’ve been posting way too much the past week or so. Sorry. :)

I forgot to mention that for the March 28-31 Calgary trip, we scored free tickets from BF’s brother, and will be staying with him while we’re in town.

Just when I was about to pat myself on the back

ARGG! I was so good packing my lunch the past 2 weeks … but I forgot to bring tuna for my salad. I buy those mini-flavoured tuna tins because I don’t really like using salad dressing unless I have to (and I don’t even have any left in the fridge at work – I’m very particular when it comes to dressing) … so now I just have a big bowl of lettuce and spinach. You’re reading the blog of an idiot.

Good thing I have a drawer full of granola bars … and last week BF came by my work with a huge chocolate bar that I still have half of. But still. :(

February-March Lunch Challenge: Week 2

Well today marks the end of Week 2 of the February-March Lunch Challenge. Woo!!! For those of you who have started already, how did you do?

For those who are on the fence about joining, this is your last day to sign up! :)

  • krystalatwork – brought my lunch all 5 days. Except today I forgot to bring the tuna for my salad. So I just snacked on granola bars and fruit instead.
  • L – “It’s been an alright week. I slipped up on Wed. and bought dessert! Whoops.”
  • asgreen – “Did great! Helped that I was out Mon. and Tues. But brought my lunch on Wed. & Thurs and I have a lunch meeting with free lunch today.”
  • SJean – ” I brought lunch four days and had free work lunch one day!”
  • ntbeachnc – “I brought breakfast and lunch all five days, and turned down two offers to go to lunch.”
  • No More Debt – “I worked 16 hour days most days (2 jobs) and brought 2 lunches each day. I had one day where lunch just wasn’t enough and spent a few dollars at McD’s in between jobs (it was cheaper than going home).”
  • Grad School Girl – “I was home sick on Tues. and had someone buy my lunch on Thurs. so no money spent on lunches other than my grocery budget! Woo! I also brought leftovers on Wed.”
  • SavingDiva – “I was at home sick on Mon., Wed., and Thurs. However, on Tues. and Fri., I brought chicken noodle soup from home to work. No money spent on eating out for any meals.”
  • Vinelady – “I brought my breakfast and lunch all five days. This was made easier by making a couple of basic dishes on the weekend. It is amazing how many ways you can change up noodles.”
  • Little Miss Moneybags – “Mon. I forgot my granola bars and made a vending machine run. Tues. I forgot my LUNCH but remembered my granola bars (only spent $2.25 on soup, though). Thurs. I was taken to lunch via a standing lunch engagement (it’ll be my turn to pay sometime in March). Wed. and Fri. I got a gold star!”
  • Matt – “I’m over 2 weeks without spending a dime on lunch. I’ve turned down 2 requests for lunch outings. I drink coffee or water, and don’t snack, even though we have a cheap drink machine and plentiful Little Debbies.”
  • Michelle – “I spent a total of $0.29 this week. I had lunch at work everyday and lunch was provided at a meeting on Wed. Thurs., I went to Starbucks. I had a gift card but came up $0.29 short on my purchase. But hey, $0.29 is a lot better than spending $40, like I usually do.”
  • Kate – “I spent $1.00 this week on a can of soda. I had brought one with me to work, and left it in the fridge, but then my boss drank it by accident. She’s bringing me one next week, so it’ll all even out!”
  • Erika – “I did well, except Monday. I spent $15 (my turn to buy). But I’m shooting for 100% in March!”
  • Niki – “Thumbs up! I made it all week with a free lunch from work on Friday. Can’t complain about free.”
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