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Ryan Adams in Seattle. You know I’m going.

He just announced another West Coast tour, and you know I have to go. This time it’s in Seattle on Jan 26th. I got 2 tickets in the 8th row, but I’m hoping to somehow get a better seat. Perhaps I sell my 2 tickets, and take that money to buy 1 ticket in a closer row. I’ll definitely get more than what I paid for them, since the concert was practically sold out hours after they started selling tickets this morning … and I have no issues going to a concert by myself. In fact, with RA especially, I prefer it. That way it’s easier and less awkward for him to ask me up into his tour bus, to tell me how much he’s missed me since our July 29th trip to 7-11 together.

Clearly since I’m not making much money right now, and I can’t miss this concert, I’m taking the $$ out of my Travel Fund. The tickets were $98 for the both of them (including Ticketmaster fees), and as for accommodation, if I end up going by myself, I’ll stay at the hostel in a cheap room for around $30. But if I go with someone, we can split the cost of a $80-100 hotel room.

Also, in case you’re wondering, when I was talking about my potential start date with the job in Edmonton, I told him that I would prefer not to start until late January/early February b/c of how the part-time job schedule at the arena has played out (plus, I’d have to train someone to take over my job) … and he seemed fine with it, and pretty flexible, so I would still be able to go to this concert. :)

I am going to see RYAN Adams, not Bryan Adams. :)

Trying to figure out what’s right for me

The past few days, I’ve been mulling over moving to Edmonton … and you guys are all right. Why shouldn’t I move? The job market is showing me no love here, and while Alberta is certainly getting very expensive, it’s still cheaper than living here or in Vancouver. Plus, I’m young and single … and I was going to move away from here eventually, I just didn’t think it was going to be that soon.

Plus, it’s not like I have to live in Edmonton forever. I’d come back sooner or later. A friend told me that staying in this city is “career suicide,” because unless you are established enough to have connections, chances are your growth will be stunted before it can really even develop.

It’s not even really my friends and family that have me concerned. I’ve lived away from them before, and yes I missed them all dearly, but it’s not like I’ll never see them again. I’m concerned about stupid things, like the cold wreaking havoc on my skin. Having to find an apartment. Not having a car. I’m concerned about the fact that I will have to give up hockey because they don’t have a league there.

I’m most concerned about not working at the PT job anymore. Sure, it’s just a PT job, but it’s truly my passion. I live for this job. I’m the only person to have ever had it, and it’s the only job like it in the city, and really on the entire island. I feel like it’s mine, and I should protect it, because I might never get a chance to have that opportunity again. And that’s my career goal … to work in this industry. It’s what makes me happy. Do I leave it behind, and hope that by gaining experience in a completely different industry, I can return to it down the road? It’s hard to get into this industry (ridiculously hard), and I was the lucky one to get this opportunity with a new organization (thanks to some networking and general good timing) … but now that I have my foot in the door, do I take it out and hope someone will be nice enough to open it again for me? Or is this my one and only chance?

I know that if the job is offered to me and it fits all my requirements, I should take this opportunity and run with it. I just have to get over all the things that are holding me back, and convince myself that it’s the right thing to do. Because it is. I think. Maybe.

Would I really leave the West Coast?

Well, I just had a second phone interview with the job in Edmonton. I was really apprehensive about it, and was thinking about calling to withdraw … but the guy who interviewed me (who would be my boss) was really cool. He’s originally from this city, and is coming down with his family next weekend … so he wants to arrange a face-to-face third interview. We also talked about when I could start, and he seemed really flexible with a start date. He said that he would be willing to wait for when was best for me, because he’s looking for the right candidate in a long-term role, and doesn’t want to rush anything. Especially since I would have to relocate. He also noted my salary range was definitely doable, and said he would do everything he could to bump me up to the higher end of what I want.

The job itself seems like a GREAT opportunity. He said he was looking to groom someone as if they were going to take over his position – a “work partnership,” is what he called it. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

I want to stay here on the west coast very much, but if I’m not getting any response from the positions I’ve been applying for, I can’t wait forever. I’ve been on the job hunt for almost 2 months now … time is ticking!

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